Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s 5 Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is probably one of the most beloved first ladies in the history of the US. Largely known for her restoration of the White House, she was considered an international fashion icon.

Jacqueline studied French literature at George Washington University and graduated in 1951. Soon after graduation, she worked as a photographer at the Washington Times-Herald. During this period, she met John F. Kennedy at a dinner party and soon fell in love. The wedding was set on the 12th of September 1953 in Newport, Rhode Island.

When Kennedy was elected the 35th president of the US in 1961, Jacqueline automatically became the third-youngest first lady in the history of the US at the age of 31. She maintained this position for two years until her husband’s assassination.

This popular first lady was raised in a well-educated family. Her father, John Vernou Bouvier III, worked as a Wall Street stockbroker, while her mother, Janet Norton Lee, was an American Socialite.

Jacqueline’s mother separated from Mr. Bouvier in 1963 and married Hugh Dudley Auchincloss Jr., an attorney who already had three kids with two other women. The couple had a total of two kids bringing the total number of Jacqueline’s siblings to six.

But who were Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ siblings?

6. Hugh Dudley Auchincloss III (16 September, 1927 – 13 June, 2015)

Died At The Age Of: 87 Years Old
Born In: Manhattan
Parents: Maya de Chrapovitsky, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss

Hugh Dudley Auchincloss III was the oldest sibling of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. He was born in 1927 and died a few years ago in 2015.

Hugh was Jacqueline’s stepbrother but the two did not share the same blood.

In fact, he’s the son of Maya de Chrapovitsky and Hugh Dudley Auchincloss. Hugh and Jacqueline became related when his dad married Jacqueline’s mom, becoming her second husband.

In 1958, Hugh married Alice Lyon and together they had at least two kids, a boy, and a girl. He then moved to NYC and lived here for about four years.

Hugh died in Rhode Island in 2015. His body is buried in Island Cemetery, Newport.

Did You Know?

When Hugh was born his dad was 30 years old and his mom was 27.

To see picture of Hugh Dudley Auchincloss III, click here

5. Caroline Lee Radziwill (March 3, 1933 – February 15, 2019)

Died At The Age Of: 85 Years Old
Born In: Manhattan
Parents: Janet Lee Bouvier, John Vernou Bouvier III

Caroline Lee pictured in green dress

photo source: Wikimedia Commons 

Caroline Lee Radziwill was the only sibling who shared the same mother and father as Jacqueline. She was known by her middle name, Lee, and no one really used her first name.

Lee attended Chapin School in NYC, Potomac School in Washington D.C., and Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut. She then also graduated from Sarah Lawrence College obtaining her undergraduate degree. After her studies, she tried to pursue a career in acting.

Unfortunately, she soon had to give up this dream. Lee took part in two plays as well as a movie but her interpretations were always heavily criticized.

Following this, Lee decided to work as a relationship executive and interior designer. Her interest in interior design started when she asked the famous Italian interior designer Lorenzo Mongiardino to help her decorate her London townhouse and manor. Fascinated by his work, Lee decided to pursue a similar career and decorated several houses for wealthy families.

Unlike her acting career, this time Lee was extremely successful. Her London townhouse and manor were photographed by Oscar-winner Cecil Beaton and by Horst P. Horst, a famous German-American fashion photographer. In addition, her Manhattan and Paris apartments were featured in the April 2009 Elle Décor magazine.

Lee also went on tour with the Rolling Stones in their 1972 Tour of North America. She followed the band all over the US together with the famous writer Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffany.

Lee also particularly liked fashion. In fact, in 1996, she was named to the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed Hall of Fame. But this is not all. In March 2013, the Guardian listed Lee among the fifty best-dressed people over 50.

Did You Know?

Lee married three different men but it always ended in divorce.

4. Thomas Gore Auchincloss (1937 – present)

Died At The Age Of: Still Alive
Born In: Washington
Parents: Nina S. Gore, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss,

Thomas Gore Auchincloss was Jacquine’s third oldest sibling. The two did not have any parents in common. Just like Hugh Dudley Auchincloss III, Thomas’ father married Jacquines’ mom and became Jacquine’s official step-brother.

Unfortunately, we do not know much about this person except for the fact that he was born in 1937.

Did You Know?

Thomas is currently 85 years old.

3. Nina Auchincloss Straight (January 10, 1937 – present)

Died At The Age Of: Still Alive
Born In: Washington
Parents: Nina S. Gore, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss

Nina Auchincloss Straight was the sister of Thomas Gore Auchincloss. Just like him, she was not related to Jacqueline by blood but the two became relatives when her dad married Janet Lee Bouvier. Unlike her brother, we do have plenty more info about Nina.

She made her formal debut in society in 1955 at a ball organized by her dad and stepmom. A total of 700 people attended the event.

When she was just 20 years old, Nina inherited a crazy sum amounting to $225,000. This was the equivalent of $2,171,000 in 2021.

Nina attended the Potomac School in Washington D.C. and Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut. Later on, she also graduated from Bryn Mawr College and got a Master’s in journalism from Columbia University.

In 1981, Nina wrote her first novel, Ariabella: The First, which was published by Random House. In this period, she was attending evening law school at American University while working on a biography of her maternal grandfather, Oklahoma Sen. Thomas Pryor Gore.

Nina married twice. Her first wedding was with Newton Ivan Steers Jr, a US congressman who from 1977 to 1979 represented Maryland’s 8th congressional district. Together they had two children. Unfortunately, the marriage was not a happy one and the couple divorced in 1972.

Nina then remarried Michael Whitney Straight. He was a magazine publisher, a novelist, and confessed spy for the KGB, one of the main security agencies for the Soviet Union.

Did You Know?

Nina also has a Master Master degree in history from Columbia University.

2. Janet Jennings Auchincloss Rutherfurd (June 13, 1945 – March 13, 1985)

Died At The Age Of: 39 Years Old
Born In: NYC
Parents: Janet Lee Bouvier, Hugh D. Auchincloss

Janet Jennings Auchincloss Rutherfurd was born in 1945 and was one of Jacqueline’s stepsisters. In fact, they shared the same mother even though they had a different father as she was the daughter of Janet Lee Bouvier and Hugh D. Auchincloss.

Janet was named after her mom and her second name was an homage to her paternal grandmother, Emma Jennings. She was officially presented to society in 1963 through a ball held in Hammersmith Farm. Janet attended the Potomac School in McLean, Virginia, and Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut.

She then moved forward to study history of music at Sarah Lawrence College, however, she left school in 1966 to get married.

Before meeting her husband, she also dated John Jerry, who served as Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017, for a while. After this love story, Janet married Lewis Polk Rutherford and together they had three kids: Lewis Stuyvesant Rutherfurd, Andrew Hugh Auchincloss Rutherfurd, and Alexandra Rutherfurd.

Lewis was a graduate of Princeton University and came from an important family. In fact, he was the great-grandson of Levi P. Morton who served as Vice President of the US under Benjamin Harrison.

Right after the wedding, the couple decided to move to Hong Kong. Here Janet taught French at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for a few years. She also worked as a stockholder and adviser for Inter-Asia Venture Management, a venture capital firm founded by her husband.

Did You Know?

Unfortunately, Janet died young at the age of only 39 years old. In fact, in 1984, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The disease soon spread to both her brain and pancreas causing her death.

To see a picture of Janet Jennings Auchincloss Rutherfurd, click here.

1. James Lee Auchincloss (1946 – present)

Died At The Age Of: Still Alive
Born In: Unknown
Parents: Janet Lee Bouvier, Hugh D. Auchincloss

James Lee Auchincloss is Jacqueline’s youngest sibling as he was born in 1946. He was Janet Jennings Auchincloss Rutherfurd’s brother.

Unfortunately, we do not have much information about him. What little is known is that James appears to be the black sheep of the family and was estranged from his siblings. James has only ever been in the news for committing serious crimes

Did You Know?

James Lee Auchincloss is currently 75 years old.


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