Bateman Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Gabriel Bateman’s 7 Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Gabriel Bateman made his acting debut in 2012 with the film George Biddle, CPA, in 2014. Since then, he’s seen a steady climb in quality roles and notoriety as a blooming star. Nearly a decade later, he’s poised to take the next step into stardom as one of Hollywood’s great actors when many young actors tend to get stuck in the trap known as the typecast.

Thankfully for Gabriel, that hasn’t been the case, as he’s done a great job amassing a pretty diverse portfolio to showcase his true range as a performer in this competitive industry.

Gabriel isn’t the only one who has talent in the Bateman household. He’s got seven other siblings, most of whom are looking to break into the industry in a big way and share the same gifts as their brother Gabriel.

Join us and learn a little more about the multi-talented family looking to take the next step in their young careers while we rank the Bateman family from oldest to youngest!

8. Justin Bateman (July 27, 1988 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 33
Born: Alameda County, California
Occupation: Actor
Notable Film: I (Almost) Got Away With It (show)

Justin Bateman is the oldest among the Bateman siblings.

Information on him is limited, but he is an actor primarily known for the show I (Almost) Got Away with It, where he is featured in an episode as James Wiley (2012), a man convicted of killing his step-mother and three younger brothers. 

Did You Know?

I (Almost) Got Away with It aired from 2010 to 2016 and featured dramatic interpretations of the real-world stories of bank robbers, jail escapees, drug dealers, murderers, and other criminals doing their best to try and stay out of prison.  

7. Hannah Bateman (March 12, 1993 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 29
Born: California
Occupation: Actress
Notable Film: George Biddle, CPA

Hannah Bateman is the oldest daughter in the Bateman family at just 22-years-old. Her resume isn’t very extensive, but according to IMDb, her most recent role came in 2021 in The J Team as a P-Pac Dancer. This comes nearly a decade after she last appeared in front of the cameras for George Biddle, CPA, as the Machinist’s daughter in 2012.

Hannah was born to Tim and Jonelle Bateman.

Did You Know?

After her role in George Biddle, CPA, she took a hiatus from acting to achieve her EMT license.

6. Leah Bateman (May 9, 1995 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 26
Born: Stanislaus County, California
Occupation: Actress, Writer, Composer
Notable Film: George Biddle, CPA


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Leah Bateman has a resume fit for a future Hollywood star, and she’s only 26! Judging by her roles in hit television shows like Rizzoli & Isles, CSI, and Ray Donovan, Leah is slowly proving that she might have what it takes as a lead in a future project.

In 2015, she was cast in the NBC series Aquarius as her character Janet, which starred David Duchovny — best known from his days on X-Files. She appeared back on screen as recently as 2019, playing Danica Williams in Adventures of Daily & Spanky.

According to IMDb, she’s currently in production on a film titled Where Were You as a producer, writer, and composer! Apparently, she can do it all!

Did You Know?

You can find Leah on Instagram, flaunting over 22,000 followers.

5. Judah Bateman (March 9, 1999 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 23
Born: Turlock, California
Occupation: Actor
Notable Film: The Convergence

Judah Bateman is a 23-year-old actor known for his role alongside other members of his family in George Biddle, CPA. He’s also appeared in Pals (2016) and The Divergence (2017), which is about a troubled young man who races to free prisoners from a desert prison in the future before time runs out. He plays the role of Puck.

He’s the son of Tim and Jonelle Bateman.

Did You Know?

Judah Bateman’s most recent role was in 2020, where he played Turner in My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To.

4. Noah Bateman (March 29, 2000 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 22
Born: Turlock, California
Occupation: Actor
Notable Film: Walk

Noah Bateman is a 22-year-old sibling and actor in the Bateman crew. However, information on his career and life is very limited.

He’s the son of Tim and Jonelle Bateman.

Did You Know?

Noah Bateman’s resume leaves much to the imagination, but aside from appearing in George Biddle, CPA, he played a lead role in the short film titled Walk (2020), starring Noah Bateman, Liam Langley, and Domenic Scriva.

3. Talitha Bateman (September 4, 2001 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 20
Born: Turlock, California
Occupation: Actress
Notable Film: The Middle (show)

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Talitha Bateman is only 20-years-old and already cultivating an impressive catalog in the entertainment industry. She first appeared on television in the ABC sitcom The Middle (2013). Since then, she’s appeared in some more recognizable projects like the blockbuster disaster flick Geostorm, Annabelle: Creation, and Robert the Bruce.

In 2018, she played Nora Spier in the romantic comedy-drama Love, Simon, which also starred Jennifer Garner.

Did You Know?

Talitha was nominated for a 2018 MTV Movie & TV Award for Most Frightening Performance in Annabelle: Creation. She played the main antagonist, Janice, who becomes possessed and turns into the demonic Annabelle Higgins.

2. Aleq Bateman (April 26, 2003 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 19
Born: Turlock, California
Occupation: Actress
Notable Film: N/A

Information on Aleq Bateman is very limited online.

She is currently 19-years-old and the daughter of Tim Bateman and Jonelle Hassell.

Did You Know?

There isn’t much to talk about as far as a resume is concerned, but this 19-year-old has her entire career ahead of her. If the success of her younger brother is any indication, she has a promising career as an aspiring actress.

1. Gabriel Bateman (September 10, 2004 – Present)

Age (as of July 8, 2022): 17
Born: Turlock, California
Occupation: Actor
Notable Film: Annabelle


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Gabriel Bateman is the youngest sibling in the Bateman family at 17-years-old!

It just so happens that the youngest on our list also happens to be the most successful among this talented theatrical family, at least for now!

Gabriel is a child actor who has starred in several popular horror franchise films like Annabelle (2014), Lights Out (2016), and Child’s Play (2019). Based on his performances, Gabriel has a prefers the grotesque and bone-chilling.

He starred alongside Aubrey Plaza in Child’s Play as a mother-son duo, fighting for their lives after he (Andy Barclay) was gifted our favorite demonically possessed doll. Gabriel has also fought the constant threat of typecasting, showcasing his versatile range starring in family films Think Like a Dog, Benji, and the historical war film Robert the Bruce.

Did You Know?

The stars continue to align for the youngest Bateman sibling, but it looks like that has as much to do with skill and dedication as it does with a little luck. In perhaps the most career-boosting film of his career thus far, Gabriel Bateman is set to fulfill any actor’s dream, appearing in a Steven Spielberg picture called The Fabelmans.

It stars Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, and Paul Dano in a semi-autobiographical account of Spielberg’s childhood while growing up in a post-war Arizona between the formative years of seven to eighteen. The film is set to release on November 23, 2022, and we can’t wait to see what great performance Gabriel turns out next!


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