3 Harry Styles’ Siblings Ranked Oldest To Youngest

Harry Style became famous all over the world in 2010 after becoming an official member of the renowned boy band One Direction. For the following five years, he toured the whole world with this band before deciding to pursue a solo career. Since then, he has published a total of three studio albums Harry Styles, which came out in 2017, Fine Line, which was released two years later, and Harry’s House, which became available to the public in May 2022.

Harry was born in 1994 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, to Anne Twist and Desmond “Des” Styles. His mother is a landlady, while his father works in finance. The two divorced when Harry was only seven and his mom remarried business partner John Cox. Unfortunately, also this wedding didn’t end well and, in 2013, Anne married a third time to Robin Twist. Unfortunately, Robin died a few years later, in 2017, due to cancer. Robin Twist already had two kids, Mike and Amy, which legally became Harry Styles’ step siblings.

Would you like to know more about this family? We have the perfect article for you! In this blog, we decided to create a list of all Harry Styles’ siblings ranked oldest to youngest.

3. Amy Twist

Age: Unknown
Profession: Unknown
Parents: Anne Cox and Robin Twist

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find much information about Harry’s step-sibling, Amy. However, we do know she is married to a man called Noel and has a kid named Archie.

Did You Know?

Amy’s father died when she was only 57 years old.

2. Mike Twist (October 10, 1985 – present)

Age: 36 Years Old
Profession: Unknown
Parents: Anne Cox and Robin Twist

Mike Twist was born in 1985 and is currently 36 years old. Similar to his sister Amy, Mike is a very private person and for this reason, we don’t have much information about his life.

Did You Know?

Mike was born in early October and is a Libras.

1. Gemma Styles (December 3, 1990 – present)

Age: 31 Years Old
Profession: Blogger
Parents: Anne Twist and Desmond Styles


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Gemma Styles is Harry Styles’ youngest sibling, as she was born in 1990 and is currently 31 years old.

Gemma works as a journalist and writer and is the founder of gemmastyle.com, a website on which she sells a line of sunglasses she personally designed. This young entrepreneur describes her glasses as having a ‘timeless shape designed to outlast seasonal trends.’ The prices range from $60 to $80 per pair.

Gemma is also the author of a podcast called The Good Influence and has a blog in which she discusses topics ranging from mental health, social media, and social movements. In one of her blogs, titled Instagram Does Not Equal Achievement, Gemma outlined her opinion on this popular platform saying that users should never forget that Instagram isn’t a faithful representation of the real world. “Constantly seeing the top drawer moments that people choose to share can easily give us a distorted sense of other people’s achievements,” wrote Gemma.

Gemma has an Instagram profile with almost 9 million followers in which she describes herself as “your palest friend, outfit repeater, meat-free eater”. This popular influencer loves her younger brother Harry and remembers him as a loud kid.

Did You Know?

In an essay written in 2016, Gemma declared that Harry really missed her when she left the house in her teenage years even though she only released this years later: “It was only after I’d left home that I realized he would actually miss me. Mum said he slept in my bedroom for about a week after I left. I don’t think it was just because I had the bigger room.”



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