All You Need To Know About Chris Brown and His Sister, Lytrell Bundy

All You Need To Know About Chris Brown and His Sister, Lytrell Bundy

Chris Brown is a famous rapper and songwriter known for songs such as Under The Influence, Loyal, and Call Me Every Day.

He was born in May 1989 in the town of Tappahannock, located in Virginia. His parents are Joyce Hawkins, a daycare center director, and Clinton Brown, a corrections officer. Unfortunately, the two ended up divorcing, and Chris’ mother soon found a new man that often subjected her to domestic violence. In later interviews, Chris openly said he was terrified by the man.

Chris has always been interested in music. In particular, he used to listen to a lot of souls before getting into hip-hop. When he was young, his main source of inspiration was Micheal Jackson, thanks to whom he learned how to dance and sing.

Chris grew up together with his older sister, Lytell. If you would like to know more about these two siblings, keep reading. Below you will find all the information you need about Chris Brown and his sister Lytrell Bundy.

2. Lytrell Bundy (November 26, 1981 – present)

Age: 41 Years Old
Birthplace: Tappahannock, Virginia USA
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Lytrell Bundy is Chris Brown’s oldest sister, as she was born in 1981 and is now 41 years old.

Lytrell enrolled at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, after which she attended James Madison University. Here, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science.

Lytrell now works as a banker and Chief Financial Officer at CBE LLC, in Virginia. But this is not all. She also worked as a Medical laboratory scientist and transfusion medicine practitioner.

Unfortunately, unlike her younger brother, Lytrell leads a very private life. In fact, she doesn’t seem to like media attention. This is why we couldn’t find too much information about her.

Did You Know?

Lytrell was born at the end of November and her zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

1. Chris Brown (March 5, 1989 – present)

Age: 33 Years Old
Birthplace: Tappahannock, Virginia USA
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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Chris Brown, often called the King of R&B, is a famous singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. His career started in 2004 when he signed his first contract with Jive Records. He then released his self-titled debut album, of which the single, Run It! soon reached the number one position on the Billboard hot 100.

Chris published his second album, Exclusive, in 2007. This was also incredibly successful and earned him a second Billboard 100 first position, with the single Kiss Kiss. In 2009, Chris released his third album, Graffiti, which, however, did not reach the same type of success. This could be because, in the same year, Chris pled guilty to felony assault on his girlfriend, Rhianna. Since then, Chris has released seven albums, the last one of which, Breezy, came out in 2022.

Throughout his lifetime, Chris received several accolades, including a Grammy Award, four Billboard Music Awards, and fourteen Soul Train Music awards. Chris also took part in several movies. Some of these include, This Christmas, Battle of the Year, and Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life.

Chris is a deeply religious man and in an interview, he said he prays daily, “I pray everyday, I think we pray unconsciously too. Personally I don’t pray for success. I pray for knowledge, understanding and peace of mind. I really try to pray for that because it’s a big world, and you can get wrapped up in it trying to please every city. So I just try to get a peace of mind and me understanding that being at peace with my flaws and my talents. I’m cool with that.”

Did You Know?

Chris Brown’s full name is Chris Maurice Brown.


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