Sean Stewart Siblings’ Ranked Oldest To Youngest

Sean Stewart’s 7 Siblings Ranked Oldest To Youngest

Sean Stewart is one of Rod Stewart’s sons. His mother, Alana Stewart, married Rod in 1979 but divorced five years later. Since the breakup, Rod Stewart has dated other women, namely Rachel Hunter, from whom he had two children, and Penny Lancaster, who he married in 2007.

Sean was born in Holmby Hills and, similarly to his parents, he works in the entertainment industry. His many brothers and sisters have similar careers and are leading successful lives.

If you want to know more about this famous family, keep reading. Below you will find Sean Stewart’s siblings’ ranked oldest to youngest.

8. Sarah Streeter (November 6, 1963 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 59 years, 2 months, 14 days
Parents: Susannah Hourde and Rod Stewart

Sarah Streeter is Sean’s oldest sibling. She was born in 1963.

Sarah is the daughter of Susannah Hourde and Rod Stewart, who was only a teenager when he started to date Sarah’s mother. As soon as Susannah got pregnant, Rod proposed to put the baby up for adoption. She initially refused, but being unable to raise the kid alone, she eventually agreed.

Sarah spent her next years in foster care and at various children’s facilities before being adopted at five. She then got the chance to meet her real parents at the age of 18. However, since then she only saw Rod a couple of times during the 80s.

Everything changed a few years ago when Sarah’s adoptive mother passed away. “Rod has actually come into my life in a big way since mother’s gone, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Now we’re at the start of a new chapter, and that’s wonderful,” said Sarah.

7. Ashley Hamilton (September 30, 1974 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 48 years, 3 months, 21 days
Parents: George Hamilton and Alana Collins 
Profession: Actor, singer, and songwriter


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Ashley Hamilton was born in Los Angeles to parents George Hamilton and Alana Collins. He became Rod Stewart’s official stepson in 1979 when Alana married this famous singer.

Ashley got the first media attention at 19 when he married Shannen Doherty two weeks after meeting her for the first time. Not surprisingly, things didn’t work out well, and Ashley and Shannen divorced five months later.

In 1993, Ashley appeared on the famous show Saturday Night Live and also starred in the film Beethoven’s 2nd. Since then, he has taken part in several movies ranging from Sunset Beach to Lost in Africa, and Oz.

Besides his acting career, Ashley is also a successful singer and songwriter. He served as the leading singer of the Los Angeles-based group Fine for a few years and published his own singles. In particular, the song ‘Wimmin’ reached 27th place on the UK Singles Chart and was co-wrote by Robbie Williams.

Did You Know?

Ashley took part in the nine-season of Dancing with the Stars but was eliminated on the first episode.

6. Kimberly Stewart (August 20, 1979 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 43 years, 5 months 
Parents: Rod and Alana Stewart
Profession: Actor


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Kimberly Stewart came into the world in 1979. She was born in California to Rod and Alana Stewart.

Kimberly attended Buckley School in Sherman Oaks but has always dreamt of becoming an actor. This is why she took acting classes with Janet Alhanti and Ivana Chubbuck from a very early age.

Kimberly later moved to London, where she kept working on her acting and singing skills. Some of her coaches at the time include Barbara Houseman, Penny Dyer, and Mark Meylan, who works at the Royal National Theater.

Following her studies, Kimberly was chosen as the leading actress for Going to California, an American series directed by Ted Demme. She also appeared in the movie Black and White and took part in one episode of Undeclared.

Besides her acting career, Kimberly has worked with several fashion companies, such as Tommy Hilfiger.

Did You Know?

Kimberly has a daughter together with her partner Benicio del Toro. They decided to name her Delilah Genoveva Stewart.

5. Sean Stewart (September 1, 1980 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 42 years, 4 months, 19 days
Parents: Rod and Alana Stewart
Profession: Musician, songwriter, and model 


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Sean Stewart was born in Holmby Hills to Rod and Alana Stewart. He works as a songwriter, musician, and model.

He co-wrote the song In Crowd, which was used in the tv series Sons of Hollywood, of which Sean is a producer. Concerning his modeling career, he has worked in runway shows for labels such as Nico & Adrian and Rock & Republic.

Did You Know?

Sean Stewart made the news in 2019 with his famous father after pleading guilty to battery. The incident occurred on December 31, 2019, when both attacked a guard at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

4. Ruby Stewart (June 17, 1987 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 35 years, 7 months, 3 days
Parents: Rod Stewart and Kelly Emberg
Profession: Model and singer 

Ruby Stewartphoto source:

Ruby Stewart was born in 1987 to Rod Stewart and Kelly Emberg. She grew up in California and followed in her mother’s footsteps deciding to pursue a career in the modeling world. She worked for Nous Management in LA and Select Model Management in London.

Ruby also participated in the 2005 London Fashion Week, during which she did runways for Karen Walker. Two years later, Ruby also served as the model for Ultimo, a Glasgow designer lingerie brand.

Later in her career, Ruby decided to try and follow in his father’s footsteps too. She, therefore, formed the Revoltaire, a band based in LA with guitarist Jason Yates and drummer Chris Cano. Together they published an album titled Painted HourGlass. However, the band did not last long and disbanded in 2012.

Did You Know?

In 2012, Ruby sang the song Whatever Lola Wants for a commercial for Pepsi featuring Sofia Vergara.

3. Renee Stewart (June 1, 1992 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 30 years, 7 months, 19 days
Parents: Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter
Profession: Dancer and yoga teacher 


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Renee Stewart was born in England in 1992 to Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter. Similarly to most of her family members, she now works in the entertainment industry. In 2013, she attended the London Contemporary Dance School, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Honor Degree.

After graduation, she started working as a freelance dancer with photographers and choreographers worldwide.

She then got interested in yoga and attended a 500-hour yoga teacher training at Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India. Renee is now working as a yoga teacher.

Did You Know?

Renee has a part in a small production titled Rebirth and In The Clouds by Fabio D’Andrea.

2. Liam Stewart (September 5, 1994 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 28 years, 4 months, 15 days
Parents: Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter
Profession: Professional hockey player 


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Liam Stewart was born in 1994. He is the more athletic member of the family as he works as a professional ice hockey player.

His father, Rod Stewart, is one of his biggest fans and attends most of his games. Liam is in a relationship with Nicole Artukovich, an experienced events coordinator. Apart from this, not much is known about his private life.

1. Alastair Wallace Stewart (November 27, 2005 – present)

Current Age (as of January 2023): 17 years, 1 month, 24 days
Parents: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster
Profession: Model


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Alastair Wallace Stewart is Sean Stewart’s youngest sibling, as he was born in 2005. Alastair is the son of Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster.

The two started to date in 1999 after Rod split up with his wife, Rachel Hunter. Lancaster was studying at the university back in the day and was challenged by one of her friends to ask for Rod’s autograph, which she did without hesitation.

Rod invited her to one of his concerts and let her take photographs of the event. He also managed to get her phone number, but due to his recent breakup, he decided to give it to one of the band members.

Nonetheless, six months later, he decided to call her, and the two started to date. Rod and Penny tied the knot in Italy in 2007 in La Cervara.

Alastair was their first son. For his career, he decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a model. However, he is still very young, so it’s impossible to say whether this will be his career for the rest of his life. He has already worked for an Italian fashion brand and has over 13,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Did You Know?

Alastair loves swimming and has won several competitions.


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