Oldest Twitter Accounts

7 Oldest Twitter Accounts

Twitter has been a staple in the world of social media for over a decade now. It has become an integral part of our daily lives, with millions of users worldwide. But have you ever wondered who the earliest adopters of this platform were? In this article, we’ll look at the 7 oldest Twitter accounts that have stood the test of time.

From celebrities to politicians, these accounts have been active on Twitter since its early days and have amassed a significant following. Join us as we delve into the history of Twitter and discover the accounts that have been a part of it from the very beginning.

7. @Adam

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 18
Name: Adam
Followers: Unspecified (Account Suspended)

@Adamphoto source: PiunikaWeb

Adam is a Twitter user who joined the platform in March 2006, just a few months after its official launch. With a user ID of 18, he was among the earliest adopters of Twitter and a pioneer in developing the platform.

However, his account has been suspended, and his number of followers is unspecified. It’s unclear why his account was suspended or what content he may have posted. Nevertheless, his early presence on Twitter highlights the importance of early adopters in shaping the platform’s development.

6. @tonystubblebine

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 17
Name: Tony Stubblebine
Followers: 25.2K

@tonystubblebinephoto source: Twitter

@tonystubblebine is a Twitter user who has also been on the platform since March 2006, making him one of the earliest adopters of Twitter. He goes by the name Tony Stubblebine. Over the years, he has accumulated a significant following of 25.2K followers, suggesting that he is an active and engaged member of the Twitter community.

Tony Stubblebine is known for his work in the tech industry, having co-founded the productivity app Lift, which was later acquired by Coach.me. He also founded the online learning platform, Cerego and is an advisor and investor in several other tech companies.

With his expertise and experience, Tony likely uses Twitter to share insights into the tech industry, engage with other professionals in the field, and connect with his followers.

5. @jeremy

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 16
Name: Jeremy
Followers: 11.6K

@jeremyphoto source: Twitter

@jeremy is a Twitter user who joined the platform in March 2006, shortly after its official launch. Identified by a user ID of 16, @jeremy was among the first to join Twitter, demonstrating a strong interest in social media during its early stages. He has garnered a considerable following of 11.6K on the platform, where he goes by Jeremy.

He is probably an active member of the Twitter community, using the platform to connect with others, share his ideas, and engage in discussions. However, his tweets are private and can only be accessed by those approved as his followers.

4. @crystal

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 15
Name: Crystal
Followers: 35K

@crystalphoto source: Twitter

Similar to other early users, @crystal joined the platform in March 2006. Being an early adopter of the platform, her user ID is 15. She has amassed 35K followers, which indicates that she has a considerable following on the platform. Other than that, no further information relevant to her is known.

3. @noah

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 14
Name: Noah Glass
Followers: 48.1K

@noahphoto source: CNBC

Noah Glass is a technology entrepreneur and software developer who co-founded Twitter with Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. He is widely considered one of the key figures in the platform’s early development. However, he left Twitter in 2006 before it became today’s global phenomenon. Despite leaving Twitter, Noah Glass has remained active in the tech industry.

He has co-founded or held senior positions in several other companies, including Odeo, the precursor to Twitter, and the mobile payments startup, Olo.  Noah Glass goes by the screen name @noah on the platform, and he has 48.1K followers, which indicates that he has a sizable following on the platform.

2. @biz

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 13
Name: Biz Stone
Followers: 2.6M

@bizphoto source: Thinking Heads

Biz Stone goes by the username @biz on the platform, and he has an impressive 2.6 million followers, indicating a significant following on the platform. Biz Stone is a technology entrepreneur and co-founder of Twitter, along with Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams. He played a crucial role in developing the platform, helping to create Twitter’s iconic features such as the “retweet” and hashtags.

After leaving Twitter in 2011, Stone founded and co-founded several other companies, including Jelly Industries, a Q&A platform, and Super, an AI-powered social network. In addition to his work in the tech industry, Stone is also an author and has written several books, including “Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind,” a memoir about his experiences in the tech industry.

1. @jack

Date Joined: March 2006
User ID: 12 (https://twitter.com/jack)
Name: Jack Dorsey
Followers: 6.5M

@jackphoto source: BBC

 The oldest Twitter account ever belongs to co-founder Jack Dorsey, who joined the platform using the screen name @jack on Twitter. He joined the platform in March 2006 with an assigned user ID of 12.

Jack Dorsey is a technology entrepreneur and software developer who is widely known as the co-founder of Twitter. He also served as the CEO of Twitter twice, from 2007 to 2008 and again from 2015 to 2021.

Dorsey has been involved in several other companies in the tech industry, including Square, a mobile payments company he co-founded in 2009. In addition to his work in technology, Dorsey is known for his interest in political and social causes. He has donated millions of dollars to various charities and has been a vocal advocate for universal basic income and cryptocurrency issues.


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