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8 Youngest Soccer Players To Play in a Big League

Soccer is one of the most followed sports in the world. The game has an intense following, with an estimated 3.5 billion fans around the world.

Because of this widespread interest, once a soccer player steals the spotlight, it is almost guaranteed that their career will skyrocket. Legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have already heavily influenced the game with their experience and skill; however, it’s not just skill that makes or breaks an athlete in the world of soccer. Sometimes, fame comes with age – or young age.

That said, we’re about to explore the eight youngest soccer players to have ever played in the history of soccer. Let’s get started!

8. Kennedy Izuka, Northern Mariana Islands

Born: 27th March 1998
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 242 days
Position: Defender
Place of birth: Garapan, Northern Mariana Islands

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Kennedy Izuka is one of the youngest soccer players ever. He was only 14 years old when he played his first game. Even though Kennedy is not known as one of the best players in the game, he is certainly known for being one of the youngest players ever to appear on a soccer field.

As a defender for the MP United football club, Izuka has not been in the spotlight much. His career started in 2014, and has gradually gained traction; however, the young player still has a long way to go before he can become one of the top players of all time.

Did You Know?

Kennedy has played in the EAF East Asian Cup in 2015, AFC U-19 Qualifiers in 2016, and the EEAF E-1 Football Championship in 2017.

7. MacDonald Taylor Jr.

Born: 22nd March 1992
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 193 days
Position: Midfielder
Place of birth: St. Croix, U.S Virgin Islands

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MacDonald Taylor Jr. is an international soccer player who plays as a midfielder for Skills Football Club and Seton Hill University. He is one of the youngest soccer players to emerge on the green field.

Taylor made his international debut in 2006 for the United States Virgin Islands. He also competed in the 2014 Caribbean Club Qualification in the Blakes Estate Stadium, Montserrat.

Starting at the very young age of 14 years old, Taylor had much to learn from his peers, despite his natural athletic abilities and having a professional soccer player as a father. Unfortunately, his career has not yet achieved the international boom that would be necessary to launch Taylor’s career.

Did You Know?

MacDonald Taylor Jr. is the son of famous professional international player, MacDonald Taylor Sr., who plays for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

6. Christopher Louisy

Born: 6th April 2005
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 187 days
Position: Midfielder
Place of birth: Turks and Caicos Islands

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Christopher Louisy plays for the Turks and Caicos National Football Team. At just 16 years old, he participated in the games for the 2019 senior year, and has achieved massive success in his games throughout his career.

Louisy was able to contribute significantly in a match against the Saint Maarten National Football Team, which his team won handily in 2019 with a final score of 5-2.

He participated in the CONCACAF National League C, where he assisted greatly in his team’s success. Though Louisy is still very young, experts believe that he will continue to be an asset to his team in the future.

Did You Know?

Louisy was one of the youngest male international footballers of all time, but his current soccer club is unknown. There is a possibility that he is just not as active as an international soccer player anymore.

5. Joel Fruit

Born: 31st May 1998
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 177 days
Position: Midfielder
Place of birth: Northern Mariana Islands

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Joel Fruit, the fifth youngest soccer player ever, plays for the Paire football team. Fruit has been playing since 2012, and has been active continuously through 2018. He hails from South Korea.

Fruit is a consistent player, but has not gained much recognition in his career. Experts believe that Fruit needs to increase his commitment level and consistency in the game. Being an international player, he has the potential to gain recognition and good PR through some efforts and training.

Since he hasn’t had any major success in his soccer career, not much is documented about Fruit’s soccer journey.

Did You Know?

The South Korean soccer player has not scored a single goal in the numerous games he has played over a span of six years.

4. Moussa Latoundji

Born: 13th August 1978
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 157 days
Position: Central Midfielder
Place of birth: Porto Novo, Benin

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Former soccer player and now-retired Moussa Latoundji is the manager of the Gabonese Side Cercle Mbéri Sportif. He started playing soccer professionally at the age of 14, and worked his way to an impressive career. He is the fourth youngest soccer player to have played internationally for the game.

Latoundji realized after several years of playing that his true passion lay with coaching and team management. He now manages his own team, and has gained some recognition in the field among athletes and coaches alike.

The Beninese football player has participated in numerous leagues. However, his team has only been able to find major success in domestic leagues (rather than international ones).

Did You Know?

Moussa Latoundji is one of the few major soccer players who realized early on that playing the game was not his true calling, and that his gifts could be better utilized as a team manager or coach.

3. Aung Kyaw Tun

Born: 5th August 1986
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 93 days
Position: Midfielder
Place of birth: Myanmar, Burma

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Aung Kyaw Tun is a former football player who played as a midfielder, and competed between 2003 and 2005. He also participated in numerous football championships and competitions, and found considerable success in most of these games.

The now-retired player held a record of scoring against Thailand in the 2000 cup for ten years until it was finally broken. He gained quite a following during and even after that time. This ten-year record was established after his debut in 2000.

Aung Kyaw Tun has been a very consistent and hardworking player throughout his career, and has proved to be an asset to his team.

Did You Know?

Aung Kyaw Tun holds a unique record. He scored against Thailand at a very young age, making him the youngest ever international male goal scorer. His record still stands to this day.

2. Lucas Knecht, Northern Mariana Islands

Born: 30th March 1993
Age at which he started playing: 14 years, 2 days
Position: Defender
Place of birth: Northern Mariana Islands

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Starting his career in 2012, Lucas Knecht was considered one of the youngest international soccer players of all time to play in a men’s international soccer match. In fact, he is the second youngest soccer player to have played for any international team.

Knecht completed his education from the Georgia Southwestern State University, and played soccer while continuing with his studies. His international career started when he began playing college soccer leagues on all different levels.

Lucas Knecht tried out for the Northern Mariana Islands, and made the team at a very young age. He has been working hard to prove his skill on the international level, as well as to attract a loyal fan base of his own.

Did You Know?

Lucas Knecht still holds the record for being the youngest player ever to appear in a men’s international soccer match.

1. Alex Kei

Born: 30th December 2007
Age at which he started playing: 13 years
Position: Defender
Place of birth: United States of America

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Alex Kei, at the age of 13, is the world’s youngest ever soccer player to play in a big league for the USA. He appeared in the USL championship alongside Real Monarchs in their game against the Colorado Springs Switchbacks.

While Kei didn’t end up making history by scoring a goal, he did manage to turn some heads when people discovered that he was only 13 years old! Though he is young, Kei’s age actually contributes to energy and eagerness to learn and excel in soccer. He has consistently shown very good progress in his soccer skills, both on the field and in training.

Did You Know?

Alex Kei is the youngest professional soccer player to ever appear on the international stage to date!

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