Oldest Prime Minister in the world

Oldest Prime Minister in the world

Every Commonwealth country has a prime minister. They help keep the country running smoothly, and contribute to the parliamentary system of government. It’s safe to say that without a prime minister, a country would not run properly. 

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at some of the world’s oldest prime ministers, so without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

7. Eugene Koffi Adoboli

Current age: 89
Date of birth: 3 October 1934
Country: Togo 
Number of years as Prime Minister: 21 May 1999 – 31 August 2000

Eugene Koffi AdoboliPhoto Source

Eugene Koffi Adoboli served as Prime Minister of Togo for less than two years, from May 1999 to August 2000. Before becoming Prime Minster, Adoboli worked as an international civil servant at a United Nations conference in Geneva. He also worked as a civil servant for over 40 years at the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit. 

Did you know? 

Eugene Koffi Adoboli was arrested for embezzlement and sentenced to jail for 5 years. He was also widely criticized in Togo for failing to improve the economy.

6. Fernando José de França Dias Van-Dúnem

Current age: 89
Date of birth: 24 August 1934
Country: Angola
Number of years as Prime Minister: 3 June 1996 – 29 January 1999

Fernando José de França Dias Van-DúnemPhoto Source

Fernando José de França Dias Van-Dúnem was the Prime Minister of Angola for around 3 years in the late 90s. Before he got into politics, Van-Dúnem worked in academia as a research assistant. He later worked as a lecturer and taught at the University of Burundi, teaching students Public International Law, Constitutional Law, and Administrative Law. 

Did you know? 

Before Fernando José de França Dias Van-Dúnem became Prime Minister, he was a member of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, and still is part of this movement today.

5. Édith Cresson

Current age: 89
Date of birth: 27 January 1934
Country: France
Number of years as Prime Minister: 15 May 1991 – 2 April 1992

Édith CressonPhoto Source

Édith Cresson belongs to the Socialist Party and is currently a politician. She served as Prime Minister of France for a year between 1991 and 1992, making her the first woman to do until Élisabeth Borne was appointed in 2022. 

Unfortunately, due to sexism and her strong views, Cresson was forced to leave office because the Socialists did not vote for her in the 1992 elections. 

Did you know?

Cresson’s tenure as Prime Minister is widely known for being one of shortest terms served in France.

4. Paul Biya

Current age: 90
Date of birth: 13 February 1933
Country: Cameroon
Number of years as Prime Minister: 30 June 1975 – 6 November 1982

Paul BiyaPhoto Source

Paul Biya is currently the oldest President in the world, making him the oldest head of state in the world but before that, he served as the Prime Minister of Cameroon for over 5 years. 

In terms of his political career, Biya worked his way up under President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s rule. His various positions included being the minister of national education Cabinet director and the president’s civil cabinet director as well. 

Did you know?

Paul Biya has foreign relations with Israel, France, China, and Nigeria.

3. Suchinda Kraprayoon

Current age: 90
Date of birth: 6 August 1933
Country: Thailand
Number of years as Prime Minister: 7 April 1992 – 24 May 1992

Suchinda KraprayoonPhoto Source

Suchinda Kraprayoon is now a retired politician and former army general. His career as a politician began after a coup d’état took place in 1991. Before being appointed Prime Minster, Kraprayoon served as a leader of the National Peacekeeping Council (NPKC). It was this council that caused the coup d’état to get rid of Chatichai Choonhavan, who was Prime Minister of Thailand at the time. 

Later on, in 1992, Kraprayoon was appointed Prime Minister, but this decision was hugely unpopular, and he resigned two months later. 

Did you know? 

After resigning from his post as Prime Minister, Kraprayoon became the chairman of Telecom Holdings.

2. Thanin Kraivichien

Current age: 96
Date of birth: 5 April 1927
Country: Thailand
Number of years as Prime Minister: 8 October 1976 – 19 October 1977

Thanin KraivichienPhoto Source

Thanin Kraivichien began his career as an associate judge and worked at the Ministry of Justice. His judicial career was highly successful, and he quickly became the Supreme Court of Thailand’s president.

Kraivichien served as the Prime Minister of Thailand from 1976 to 1977 and, later on, was appointed to the Privy Council. He is Thailand’s oldest Prime Minister. 

Did you know? 

Thanin Kraivichien was famously an anti-communist. He even hosted a television show and attacked communism on it, and was a member of Nawaphon, an anti-communist group.

1. Mahathir Mohamad

Current age: 98
Date of birth: 10 July 1925
Country: Malaysia
Number of years as Prime Minister: 10 May 2018 – 24 February 2020

Mahathir MohamadPhoto Source

Mahathir Mohamad has had an extensive career in Malaysian politics. He is one of the oldest Prime Ministers in the world and has served for 24 years as Prime Minister! This makes him the longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia and one of the longest-serving Prime Ministers in the world.

His career as a politician has seen him achieve many great things, such as removing legal immunity for the royal family and undermining judicial independence. 

Did you know? 

Mahathir Mohamad is actually a doctor by trade. He studied medicine and established a practice in his hometown. He was also the first Malay doctor in his hometown.


In this article, we walked you through a list of the oldest prime ministers in the world. While most of them have since retired, they all played an important role in their respective country’s politics. We hope this list helps you! 

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