Oldest Genshin Characters

9 Oldest Genshin Characters

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in September 2020, captivating players with its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and vast cast of characters. With each new update, the game introduces new characters, each with their unique personalities, stories, and abilities.

However, some of the characters have been with us since the very beginning, with a rich history that adds depth and meaning to the game’s world. In this blog post, we will be exploring the nine oldest Genshin characters that have been with us since the game’s release. So, join us as we take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the classic Genshin Impact characters that started it all.

9. Qiqi

Age: 100 years old
Model Type: Short Female
Constellation: Pristina Nola
Region: Liyue

Qiqiphoto source: Pro Game Guides

Qiqi is a 5-star Cryo (Ice) character in Genshin Impact. She is a zombie-like character who works as an apprentice and an herbalist at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Qiqi is a shy and reserved character who is often seen lost in her thoughts, but she is also very kind and caring towards those around her.

In battle, Qiqi serves as a supportive character, using her Cryo abilities to freeze enemies and heal her teammates. Qiqi’s backstory is tragic, as she was brought back to life as a zombie by an adepti and she has been searching for a way to become human again ever since. Despite this, she remains optimistic and determined, always looking for ways to help others.

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She can also imbue her attacks with Cryo energy, making her a valuable addition to any team.

8. Yae Miko

Age: At least 500 years old
Model Type: Tall Female
Constellation: Divina Vulpes
Region: Inazuma

Yae Mikophoto source: Pocket Tactics

Yae Miko, also known as Kamisato Ayaka, is the daughter of the Kamisato Clan, one of the most influential families in Inazuma, and is admired and respected by many of its citizens. Yae Miko is a graceful and elegant character with a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards her people. She possesses immense power, thanks to her Cryo abilities, which allow her to freeze her enemies and unleash devastating attacks.

In battle, Yae Miko is a versatile character who can deal massive damage, provide support to her teammates, and control the battlefield with her Cryo powers. She is a valuable addition to any team, especially those that require a Cryo character. Yae Miko’s backstory is closely tied to the Inazuma storyline, as she is a key figure in the resistance against the oppressive ruling Shogunate.

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Her story is one of sacrifice, duty, and honor as she strives to protect her people and restore peace to her homeland.

7. Dainsleif

Age: Over 500 years old
Model Type: Medium Male
Constellation: Snake Ring
Region: Khaenri’ah

Dainsleifphoto source: Pinterest

Dainsleif is a mysterious character introduced as a 5-star Sword user in the game’s main storyline. He is a member of the Fatui, a powerful organization that seeks to obtain knowledge and power from the world. Dainsleif is a reserved and stoic character with a cold demeanor and a deep knowledge of the game’s lore.

He possesses immense power, thanks to his Sword abilities, which allow him to deal devastating damage and manipulate the battlefield. Dainsleif’s backstory is shrouded in mystery, but it is clear that he possesses a deep understanding of the game’s lore and history. He is deeply involved in the events of the game’s main storyline, and his actions will have a significant impact on the game’s world.

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In battle, Dainsleif is a formidable opponent, using his Sword abilities to strike his enemies from a distance, and unleashing powerful elemental attacks.

6. The Traveler

Age: At least 500 years old
Model Type: Medium Male (Aether), Medium Female (Lumine)
Constellation: Viator, Viatrix
Region: Unknown

The Travelerphoto source: Pocket Gamer

As a character, The Traveler is unique in that they come from a different world than the game’s main setting of Teyvat. They are initially searching for their lost sibling and are drawn into the conflicts and mysteries of Teyvat as they explore its various regions. Throughout the game, The Traveler gains access to several elemental abilities, including Anemo (wind), Geo (earth), Pyro (fire), Hydro (water), Electro (lightning), and Cryo (ice).

These abilities are granted to The Traveler through interactions with the various elemental archons and their associated nations. The Traveler is also accompanied by a number of other characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. The relationships between The Traveler and these other characters are an important part of the game’s story and character development.

Did You Know?

As The Traveler progresses through the game’s story, they become involved in various quests and battles against the game’s antagonists, including the Abyss Order, the Fatui, and the game’s main villain, the unknown god.

5. Xiao

Age: 2000 years old
Model Type: Medium Male
Constellation: Alatus Nemeseos
Region: Liyue

Xiaophoto source: The Loadout

He is a five-star Anemo (wind) user and a member of Liyue’s Adepti, a group of powerful and immortal beings who protect the land and its people. Xiao is known for his calm and reserved demeanor but also for his fierce combat skills and his ability to transform into a demon-like creature.

In the game’s story, Xiao has a tragic backstory and is often seen grappling with his inner demons. Despite this, he remains committed to his duty as an Adeptus and to protecting Liyue and its people. He is a popular character among fans of the game for his unique combat style and intriguing personality.

Did You Know?

In his demon form, Xiao’s appearance changes drastically, with his hair turning white and his eyes glowing red. He also gains a pair of wings.

4. Raiden Shogun

Age: At least 2000 years old
Model Type: Tall Female
Constellation: Imperatrix Umbrosa
Region: Inazuma

Raiden Shogunphoto source: CyberPowerPC

Raiden Shogun is a five-star Electro (lightning) user and the current ruler of Inazuma, one of the seven nations in the game’s world of Teyvat. Her real name is “Baal”, but she is often referred to by her title as the “Raiden Shogun.”

In the game’s story, Raiden Shogun is a powerful and enigmatic figure who is revered as a god by the people of Inazuma. She is known for her strict adherence to the principles of eternity, unity, and eternity and her willingness to make difficult decisions in order to achieve her goals.

However, her rule has also been marked by conflict and oppression as she seeks to maintain her power and control over Inazuma. Raiden Shogun is a complex character who has been the subject of much speculation and discussion among fans of the game.

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She is a central figure in the game’s ongoing story, and her actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences for the world of Teyvat.

3. Venti

Age: Around 2600 years old
Model Type: Medium Male
Constellation: Carmen Dei
Region: Mondstadt

Ventiphoto source: Peakpx

Venti is a bard and a wielder of the Anemo element, which allows him to control the wind. He is known for his carefree and easygoing personality, and he enjoys singing and playing his lyre. He also has a mischievous side and likes to play pranks on his friends.

Venti initially appears as a traveling bard who helps the player character, known as the Traveler, in their quest to find their lost sibling. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Venti is actually the god Barbatos, who rules over the city of Mondstadt. He plays a crucial role in the game’s main storyline and is involved in several key events.

In terms of gameplay, Venti is a highly versatile character who can be used for both crowd control and support. His Elemental Burst ability creates a massive wind vortex that can lift enemies into the air and deal with Anemo damage, making him a valuable asset in battles.

Did You Know?

Venti is a beloved character among Genshin Impact fans for his charming personality, engaging storyline, and powerful abilities.

2. Ganyu

Age: Over 3000 years old
Model Type: Medium Female
Constellation: Sinae Unicornis
Region: Liyue

Ganyuphoto source: Pro Game Guides

Ganyu, a character in Genshin Impact, is a mix of human and adeptus – a race of divine beings within the game. She serves as an emissary and secretary for Liyue Qixing, the governing council of Liyue. As a Cryo user, she possesses the ability to manipulate ice and snow. Ganyu is portrayed as a composed and serious individual who prioritizes her duties, which include managing Liyue’s affairs, negotiating with other nations, and supervising trade.

Despite her formal demeanor, Ganyu is also recognized for her kind and helpful personality. In the game, Ganyu is a long-range fighter who specializes in Cryo damage. She can create an ice lotus with her Elemental Skill, which damages and draws in nearby enemies. Her Elemental Burst unleashes a barrage of icicles that inflict significant damage on foes in their path.

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Ganyu is also recognized for her exceptional aim and high critical hit rate, making her a preferred option for players who prefer bow and arrow characters.

1. Zhongli

Age: Around 6000 years old
Model Type: Tall Male
Constellation: Lapis Dei
Region: Liyue

Zhongliphoto source: ONE Esports

Zhongli is considered the oldest character in Genshin Impact because of his unique backstory and role in the game’s lore. He is one of the original seven archons who ruled over the seven regions of Teyvat before the rise of the current ruling bodies. As an archon, Zhongli is a god-like figure with immense power and influence over his region of Liyue. He has existed for thousands of years, and during this time, he witnessed the rise and fall of numerous civilizations and empires in Teyvat.

In addition to his ancient origins, Zhongli’s demeanor and personality further reinforce the perception that he is an elder statesman. He is known for his calm and collected nature, as well as his vast knowledge and experience.

Did You Know?

As a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, he is considered a reliable source of information on Liyue’s history and culture.


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