Youngest Apex Legend

8 Youngest Characters in Apex Legend

Apex Legends is the latest from Respawn Entertainment and EA in the free-to-play, battle-royale-styled gaming hysteria that swept up all kinds of gaming enthusiasts, young and old. However, unlike so many throwaway shooters that try to position themselves as the next Fortnite, Apex Legends has a recipe that appeals to the palette of the general audience and an after-taste that leaves us coming back for seconds! As of 2021, Apex Legends has a player base of over 100 million people, making it one of the most played video games of all time.

Apex rivals Fortnite for its layered, intricate gameplay, stylized landscapes, graphics, and an understanding of how narrative-driven action can enhance the repetitive run-and-gun style that most games bring. Thanks to nine unique characters with nuanced backstories and different skill specializations, Apex Legends is so much more than a shoot em’ up.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting characters that turned a standard shooter into something that will endure against the sea of free-to-play games clamoring to become the new king of the hill.

8. Bloodhound

Age: Unknown
Legend Type: Recon
Home World: Talos
Voice Actor: Allegra Clark

Bloodhoundphoto source:

Bloodhound is classified as a technological tracker. Bloodhound’s age and gender are a mystery, but it’s speculated that the character is somewhere in their late-30s. Out of an abundance of caution, we’ll put Bloodhound at number nine until we learn more about this enigmatic soldier.

Bloodhound is known for pushing enemies back within their base,  tracking enemy movement, and revealing hidden traps, making Bloodhound an essential component to any squad that wants to take themselves seriously and secure the win.

Did You Know?

Bloodhound’s tactical ability is called Beast of the Hunt. This grants enhanced speed while highlighting enemies, making it easier for teammates to seek and destroy.

7. Revenant

Age: 313
Legend Type: Offensive
Home World: Solace
Voice Actor: Darin De Paul

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Revenant’s real name is Kaleb Kross. He is an offensive legend who can shift the tides of battle with his expert tactical abilities. He’s known for his aggression and ambush attacks. Judging by his lanky frame, it’s clear that his agility serves him well. What he lacks in brute strength, he makes up for in speed.

Players discovered Revenant’s age during the Pathfinder’s Quest. He was the greatest hitman in the Mercenary Syndicate.

Did You Know?

Revenant spent 44 years as a human before his masters resurrected him as a simulacrum, programmed to do their bidding as a trained killer. When his programming went haywire, he became self-aware once more. Now, he seeks revenge against the ones who created him.

6. Pathfinder

Age: 76
Legend Type: Recon
Home World: Psamathe
Voice Actor: Chris Edgerly

photo source:

Pathfinder is also known as MRVN. He’s a robotic legend with duties similar to Bloodhound, but he’s a forward scout in the Recon class. His skills shine when on the move and focusing on rotation. His signature grappling hook allows him to travel to places not as readily accessible to enemies, and he can do so quickly. In a game where time is of the essence, Pathfinder is a character you want on your side.

Pathfinder was booted up decades ago in an abandoned warehouse, but he doesn’t know who flipped the switch and for what reason. He joined the Apex Games to uncover the mysteries of his past.

Did You Know?

According to game lore, Pathfinder was assembled and activated by a scientist of Project Iris in the year 2658.

5. Fuse

Age: 54
Legend Type: Offensive
Home World: Salvo
Voice Actor: Ben Prendergast

Fusephoto source:

Fuse, or Walter Fitzroy Jr., has a taste for destruction. That makes him a valuable asset to any squad looking to overwhelm the competition. He’s even classified as an explosives enthusiast. As far as video games go, what’s not to love about that?

Fuse worked as a gun for hire mercenary alongside his childhood friend, Maggie. Fuse loves the thrill of combat. There’s no tragic backstory or a tale of a man out for vengeance. Fuse simply seeks a new challenge worthy of his abilities, which led him to the Apex Games. 

Did You Know?

Fuse has a tactical ability called Knuckle Cluster. This allows him to shoot a cluster bomb that sticks to surfaces that slows and damages any enemy near it. It’s very useful for anyone on their heels and needs to slow the pace down.

4. Caustic

Age: 49
Legend Type: Defensive
Home World: Gaea
Voice Actor: JB Blanc

photo source:

Dr. Alexander Nox was a brilliant scientist working at Humbert Labs, focused on developing a pesticide to defend Outlands crops. You might say his methods were a bit questionable or dangerous, and once the head of the laboratory learned of his ethically questionable experiments, which consisted of experimenting on living subjects, Dr. Nox burned the lab to its foundation and left nothing but ashes.

He’s a defensive legend with gas-based abilities who goes by the alias Dr. Milkhail Caustic.

Did You Know?

Caustic’s ultimate ability is his Nox Gas Grenade. This allows him to throw a grenade that emits his toxic gas in a large area, dealing continuous damage to multiple opponents.

3. Bangalore

Age: 38
Legend Type: Offensive
Home World: Gridiron
Voice Actor: Erica Luttrell

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Bangalore is also known as Anita Williams. She’s a strategic offensive legend. Born into a military family, she was born to fight. She served with the IMC for several years until her brother Jackson sacrificed his life to save her when her ship was attacked.

She crashed on the planet we now know as the home of the Apex Games, and she hopes to raise enough money to find a pilot that will take her home.

Did You Know?

Anita’s tactical ability is her Smoke Launcher, which deploys a smokescreen to reduce visibility, allowing her teammates and herself to conduct more covert operations.

2. Horizon

Age: 37
Legend Type: Offensive
Home World: Psamathe
Voice Actor: Elle Newlands

photo source:

Horizon is also known as Dr. Mary Somers. She’s an offensive legend and gravitational manipulator. She was hired to solve Outland’s energy crisis just under a century ago. In collaboration with her apprentice, Dr. Reid, Somers discovered Branthium on the event horizon of a black hole.

If Star Wars has taught us anything, it’s to never trust your apprentice. In Apex Legends, it’s no different. Dr. Somers was betrayed by Reid and cast out into the black hole’s orbit for 88 years. Her new mission is to fund research to solve the riddle of time travel, allowing her to go back in time and be with her son.

Did You Know?

Horizon’s tactical ability is Gravity Lift. When deployed, it lifts any friend or foe into the air.

1. Rampart

Age: 21
Legend Type: Defensive
Home World: Gaea
Voice Actor: Anjali Bhimani

photo source:

Rampart is the youngest Apex Legend at 21-years-old!

Rampart’s real name is Ramya Parekh. In addition to being the youngest, this character introduced in Season 6 is also one of the most popular. She’s a defensive legend with a knack for securing an area through brute force, courtesy of her heavy-duty firepower. She’s a clever modifications expert who opened her shop on her homeworld, Gaea. Her business savvy saw her rise through the ranks of the underground world.

After her shop was burned down by thugs, she entered the Apex Games. She’s thirsty for revenge and enough capital to get her financially back on her feet.

Did You Know?

Her tactical ability is Amped Cover. It places a rectangular wall on a surface, blocking some incoming fire from enemies while enhancing the strength of bullets fired from the other direction by her and her friendlies.

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