Oldest Rottweiler in the World

Oldest Rottweiler in the World

Rottweilers are known for being one of the most loyal and intelligent dog breeds in the world. Once used to hear livestock, they are the perfect guard dogs and police dogs today. Rottweiler is considered to be one of the oldest surviving dog breeds according to the FCI standards.

Rottweilers are commonly domesticated because of their strength and appearance. Hence, they are number 2 among the most aggressive dogs. But they have a sweet side as any other dog breeds. Their average lifespan usually ranges from 8 to 10 years. However, some super smart and healthy rottweilers have defied the odds and achieved unachievable longevity.  Their origins go back to Roman times. So on a funny note, let us look at some of these historical dogs. 

Here are the five known oldest-ever-lived rottweilers in the world. 

5. Brandy

Year: August 15, 1994
Lifespan: 18 years and 8 months

BrandyPhoto Source: A-Z Animals

Brandy the Rottweiler is, against its nature, a dog known for its affection. And like its nature, Brandy was very loyal and lived a happy, fulfilling life until the age of 18 years. Her humans have confirmed that she absolutely loved swimming and the simple joys of life. She was a calm and nurturing dog who took part in the joyful life of her human family.  Brandly passed away in April 2013.

4. Brutus

Year: August 27, 1994
Lifespan: 19 years and 3 months

BrutusPhoto Source: Wikipedia Commons

Brutus is often described as playful and energetic by the people who know him. He was a light-filled creature making everywhere he went brighter and happier. Born in 1994, he lived to the age of 19 and lived a happy, fun-filled, and eccentric life.  He had a youthfulness regardless of his age and was always active, and that makes him special. Brutus passed away in November 2013.

3. Gigi

Year: May 13, 1994
Lifespan: 19 Years and 10 months

GigiPhoto Source: Pawleaks

This grandma dog has made her mark in history by being the oldest living rottweiler, as per the Guinness World Records of 2012.  This beloved dog was born on May 13, 1994, and she enjoyed a long life of over 19 years. Gigi passed away in March of 2014.

2. Max

Year: March 2, 1993
Lifespan: 21 years and 3 months

MaxPhoto Source: Oldestly

Max was a very friendly and affectionate Rottweiler. He was born on March 2, 1993, and he resided in Germany. His Humans say that he brought joy to those around him for all the 21 years he was alive. He sadly passed away in June 2024 while the job he brought to those around him still lives in his memory.

1. Bella

Year: August 1, 1996
Lifespan: 22 Years and 5 months

BellaPhoto Source: Purdue

This lovely Rottweiler has lived longer than a human from birth to an adult time period.  Twenty-two years is a very long time for a dog to be alive.  If it was human, it would have crossed the hundreds. She held the title of the oldest living Rottweiler until she peacefully passed away in January 2019.  Maybe the secret to her incredibly long life is the love and care she received from her humans.


Rottweilers are incredible dog breeds. They are known for their exceptional qualities, for their loyalty, strength, and loving nature. Even though they are considered aggressive, Rottweilers get along with children very well and are great family dogs. They have a very protective nature toward their owners because they were guard dogs, starting from being herding dogs centuries ago. Being protective is in their nature. 

These old dogs are examples that if you give love and take care of them, they can defy the odds. These dogs have brought joy to many before their death after their long lives. 

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