Oldest Steakhouse in Chicago

Oldest Steakhouse in Chicago

Chicago is well-known for many things: the Adler Planetarium, Millennium Park, the Chicago Bean, and its famous moniker, the Windy City. This city is also famous for its food, especially deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hotdogs, and steak. 

Steak is one of the most popular meals in North America, with thousands of steakhouses all across the country. Chicago is home to several old steakhouses, and in this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the oldest ones! Let’s dive right in.

4. Bavette’s Bar and Steakhouse

Year Opened: 2012
Owned by: Brendan Sodikoff
Location: 218 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Bavette’s Bar and SteakhousePhoto Source: Openverse

Bavette’s Bar and Steakhouse was opened in 2012, and has since been known for its fine food and relaxed atmosphere. Ever since this restaurant was opened, it has received critical acclaim for its food and cocktail menu. 

Many customers and reviewers have praised the restaurant for having a diverse menu that serves more than just steak; it serves fish and vegetarian dishes as well. In terms of steak, Bavette’s offers a long list. This list is broken down into cuts and the amount of time a piece of steak has been aged. 

Did you know? 

Bavette’s bakes its own sourdough bread and has a separate vegetarian menu.

3. Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse

Year Opened: 1989
Owned by: Hugo Ralli and Steve Lombardo
Location: 1028 N Rush St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Gibson’s Bar and SteakhousePhoto Source: Instagram

Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse was started in 1989 by Hugo Ralli and Steve Lombardo and has been an integral part of the food scene in Chicago ever since. One of the best things about this steakhouse is that it features classic flavors from America and Gibson’s Prime Angus beef. 

The beef that Gibson’s serves comes from cows that are grass-fed for 120 days. The raw beed is then aged for another 45 days before being cooked and served. Aside from steak, this restaurant also serves fresh fish and has an extensive wine and cocktail list. 

Did you know?

Since Gibson’s is known for its grass-fed beef, it works closely with meat packers and distributors to ensure its customers receive high-quality beef that is aged according to the restaurant’s standards.

2. Chicago Chop House

Year Opened: 1986
Owned by: Henry Norton
Location: 60 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Chicago Chop HousePhoto Source: Openverse

Chicago Chop House was first started by Henry Norton, who already had a successful career as a restauranteur, though he hadn’t ventured into the steakhouse business. After investing in Chicago Chop House’s brownstone building, he began to develop a menu for his newest enterprise. 

The restaurant’s first employee was Bill Farrahi, a chef with lots of experience preparing meats and various kinds of game, including buffalo, elk, moose, and even bear. The restaurant continued to grow and develop over the years, until it was purchased in 2017 by Chop Hospitality. 

Did you know? 

Although Chicago Chop House has been purchased by new owners, it still features some of Norton and Farrahi’s old dishes, like their version of a porterhouse steak.

1. Gene and Georgetti

Year Opened: 1941
Owned by: Michelle Durpetti and Collin Pierson
Location: 500 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Gene and GeorgettiPhoto Source: Openverse

Gene and Georgetti is the oldest steakhouse in Chicago. This family-run business was started way back in 1941 by Alfredo Federighi and Gene Michelotti. Gene immigrated to America when he was only 15, and worked a series of odd jobs. When working as a bartender, he met Alfredo, and they founded their business in 1941. 

Alfredo was the restaurant’s chef, and Gene tended the bar and worked the front of the house. Over the years, their restaurant became increasingly popular among celebrities, politicians, and many of Chicago’s residents. It has remained a family business ever since it was started as well. 

Did you know?

Various celebrities have patronized Gene and Georgetti, including Frank Sinatra, Will Ferrell, Lucille Ball, and Keanu Reeves.


In this article, we walked you through a list of the oldest steakhouses in Chicago. When putting this list together, we did our best to take you through a variety of restaurants, i.e., restaurants that offer both fine and casual dining experiences. Since these restaurants have stood the test of time, it’s safe to say that you should definitely check them out the next time you’re in Chicago! 

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