Oldest Living Persons in the World

Age is often considered just a number, but for some, it becomes a mark and, in some cases, an achievement of their remarkable human journey. In a world where the average life expectancy hovers around 72.8 years, a few exceptional individuals defy these norms, living well beyond the expected. 

Let’s delve into the lives and deaths of the 8 oldest persons to live in the world, each a living embodiment of the passage of time and the resilience of the human body and spirit. They all have one thing in common. A good life.

8. María Branyas Morera – A Remarkable 116 Years

Birth Date: March 4, 1907
Country: Spain
Status: Alive

María Branyas MoreraPhoto Source: Daily mail

María Branyas Morera, a beacon of longevity, was born on March 4, 1907, making her a 116 years old human. Residing in Spain, she holds the title of the oldest living person as of May 2023.

María Branyas Morera’s journey began in San Francisco, USA. But when she was young, her family moved to a place called Catalonia in Spain in the year 1914. They settled down in a city called Barcelona. Later in life, she got married to Dr Joan Moret and had 3 kids. They were married for 40 years.

In the year 2000, María decided to move to a place called Residència Santa María del Tura nursing home in Olot, Catalonia. This is where she lives now.  So, from moving across the world to raising a family and finding a new home in a nursing home, María Branyas Morera has had quite an interesting journey in her long life.

Did you know?

Despite her age, Morera has embraced technology. She manages her own Twitter account, allowing her to share her unique perspective with a global audience.

7. Lucile Randon – A Life of 118 Years

Birth Date: February 11, 1904
Country: France
Status: Passed away on January 17, 2023

Lucile RandonPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Lucile Randon, also known as Sister André, had quite an amazing journey. She was born way back on February 11, 1904, in France. Imagine that! She held the title of the oldest person in the world until she passed away on January 17, 2023, at the grand age of 118.

Sister André spent a lot of her life as a nun, which is like a special job where you’re really close to your faith. She joined a group of nuns in 1944. She lived in a nice place called the Sainte Catherine Laboure care home in Toulon, southern France, where they took good care of her.

Did you know? 

When the COVID-19 virus was around, she got it too. But guess what? She beat it! She showed everyone how strong she was.

6. Kane Tanaka – An Extraordinary 119 Years

Birth Date: January 2, 1903
Country: Fukuoka, Japan
Status: Passed away on April 19, 2022

Kane TanakaPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Kane Tanaka was a remarkable woman known for her longevity and vibrant spirit. She was born on January 2, 1903, in Fukuoka, Japan. Kane’s life journey was extraordinary, and she had the honour of becoming one of the oldest people in the world.

Did you know? 

Kane had a fondness for playing board games, with shogi (Japanese chess) being one of her favourites. Her sharp mind and strategic thinking were evident even in her later years.

5. Chiyo Miyako – A Life of 117 Years

Birth Date: May 2, 1901
Country: Japan
Status: Passed away on July 22, 2018

Chiyo MiyakoPhoto Source: Daily Mail

Chiyo Miyako, born on May 2, 1901, in Japan, had a remarkable and long life that left a lasting impact. Chiyo lived to be an impressive 117 years old. Her age was a testament to her resilience and the rich experiences she gathered over her lifetime. 

With her husband working for Japanese National Railways, Chiyo had the opportunity to explore different places, adding a touch of adventure to her long life. Fondly referred to as “the goddess” by her family, Chiyo’s chatty and kind nature brought happiness to everyone she met.

Did you know? 

Chiyo’s lifelong passion for calligraphy began in her childhood and continued until her later years, showcasing her dedication to this traditional art form.

4. Nabi Tajima – A Century and Beyond

Birth Date: August 4, 1900
Country: Japan
Status: Passed away on April 21, 2018, at the age of 117

Nabi TajimaPhoto Source: Kyodo News

Nabi Tajima was born on August 4, 1900, in Wan Village, which is now known as Kikai Town, Kagoshima, Japan. Her journey through life extended for an impressive 117 years and 260 days, making her one of the longest-lived individuals in the world.

Tajima proudly carried the title of the oldest living person in Japan from September 27, 2015, until her passing on April 21, 2018. Her longevity captured the attention and admiration of people across the nation.

Did you know? 

Not just in Japan, but Nabi Tajima was also the oldest person in the whole world for 7 months. People all over the world recognised her age!

3. Violet Brown – A Jamaican Legacy

Birth Date: March 10, 1900
Country: Jamaica
Status: Passed away on September 15, 2017, at the age of 117

Violet BrownPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Violet Brown held the title of the oldest verified living person in the world for an impressive five months. She took over this prestigious title in April 2017 and held it until her own death in September of the same year.

Born on March 10, 1900, in Duanvale, Trelawny, British Jamaica, Violet Brown’s life spanned an era that saw significant historical changes, including her birth during the time when Jamaica was a part of the British Empire.

Did you know? 

Violet Brown’s longevity made her the last known living subject who had experienced the reign of Queen Victoria. Her life provided a unique connection to a bygone era.

2. Jiroemon Kimura – The Oldest Man Ever

Birth Date: April 19, 1897
Country: Japan
Status: Passed away on June 12, 2013, at the age of 116

Jiroemon KimuraPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Jiroemon Kimura held the title of the oldest verified living man in recorded history. He lived to be an astounding 116 years old, setting an example of exceptional longevity that inspired many.

Kimura’s approach to life was marked by his simple philosophy: “Eat light to live long.” He continued to engage in agricultural work until the age of 90, demonstrating his commitment to an active lifestyle.

Did you know? 

Jiroemon Kimura was a member of the Lost Generation, a term used to describe those who grew up during the aftermath of World War I.

1. Jeanne Calment – A Legacy of 122 Years

Birth Date: February 21, 1875
Country: France
Status: Passed away on August 4, 1997, at the age of 122

Jeanne CalmentPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Jeanne Calment lived for a crazy long time—122 years and 164 days! No one else has lived that long, for sure. Jeanne Calmet was one of the oldest living people in the world. Calment was known for her unique habits. She reportedly enjoyed indulging in almost a kilogram of chocolate each week and was a smoker from the age of 21 until she quit at the age of 117.

Did you know? 

Jeanne Calment claimed to have met the renowned artist Vincent van Gogh in her hometown of Arles. She even mentioned selling coloured pencils and canvas to him.


These oldest living people in the world are an example that longevity can be achieved if we want to. Nobody knows the actual reason why they have such a long life span. However, a good and healthy life is the common factor for them all. These incredible individuals are like living history books, reminding us that life can be filled with stories. From María Branyas Morera’s journey around the world to Jeanne Calment’s fondness for chocolate, they teach us to cherish every moment. 

Their stories are like chapters from history books, illuminating the incredible journey of life with its twists and turns, living for over a century and learning to see the world from multiple perspectives.

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