Oldest Bernese Mountain Dog Varieties

8 Oldest Bernese Mountain Dog Varieties

The Bernese Mountain Dog, known for its striking tri-color coat and gentle temperament, has a rich history that spans centuries. In this article, we will delve into the origins of this beloved breed and explore the 8 oldest varieties of Bernese Mountain Dogs, highlighting their unique characteristics, historical significance, and intriguing facts.

8. The Japanese Bernese

The Japanese BernesePhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Born in: 1970
Country: Japan

In the 1970s, the Bernese Mountain Dog captivated hearts in Japan, leading to the emergence of the Japanese Bernese variety. Japanese breeders emphasized the breed’s gentle and affectionate nature, making it a cherished companion in households across Japan.

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The Japanese Bernese variety contributed to the breed’s reputation as a loving and loyal family dog, transcending cultural boundaries.

7. The Australian Bernese

Born in: 1960 
Country: Australia

The Bernese Mountain Dog journeyed to Australia in the 1960s, resulting in the development of the Australian Bernese variety. Australian breeders focused on preserving the breed’s health and vitality, adapting it to the Australian climate.

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The Australian Bernese variety brought attention to the breed’s adaptability, showcasing its ability to thrive in diverse geographical locations.

6. The French Bernese

Born in: 1950
Country: France

The French BernesePhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The 1950s witnessed the introduction of the Bernese Mountain Dog to France, where a unique variety, known as the French Bernese, began to emerge. French breeders contributed to the breed’s refinement, emphasizing its elegance and grace.

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The French Bernese variety highlighted the breed’s aesthetic qualities, further solidifying its status as a show dog and companion.

5. The Canadian Bernese

Born in: 1940s 
Country: Canada

The Canadian BernesePhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the 1940s, the Bernese Mountain Dog found its way to Canada, giving rise to the Canadian Bernese variety. Canadian breeders emphasized the breed’s adaptability to colder climates and its suitability as a working dog in various capacities.

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The Canadian Bernese variety showcased the breed’s resilience in different environmental conditions, expanding its global appeal.

4. The American Bernese

Born in: 1930s 
Country: United States

The Bernese Mountain Dog officially arrived in the United States in the 1930s, leading to the development of the American Bernese variety. American breeders focused on maintaining the breed’s distinctive features while adapting it to the American lifestyle.

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The American Bernese variety played a crucial role in popularizing the breed in the United States, leading to its recognition by the American Kennel Club.

3. The British Bernese

Born in: 1920s 
Country: United Kingdom

The British BernesePhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the 1920s, the Bernese Mountain Dog made its way to the United Kingdom, where a unique variety, now known as the British Bernese, started to gain popularity. These dogs were appreciated for their amiable nature and became sought-after companions.

Did You Know? 

The British Bernese contributed to the breed’s popularity beyond its Swiss homeland, establishing the Bernese Mountain Dog as an international favorite.

2. The Dürrbachler

Born in: 1800s 
Country: Switzerland

The DürrbachlerPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Dürrbachler variety of Bernese Mountain Dogs emerged in the 1800s, and it played a crucial role in shaping the breed we recognize today. These dogs were known for their strength and were commonly used as draft animals for pulling carts and other farm-related tasks.

Did You Know? 

The Dürrbachler variety laid the foundation for the breed’s working abilities, making them indispensable on Swiss farms.

1. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Born in: 1700
Country: Switzerland

The Greater Swiss Mountain DogPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the oldest varieties of Bernese Mountain Dogs is believed to have originated in the 1700s in Switzerland. These dogs were initially bred as farm dogs and were closely associated with the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Over time, the Bernese Mountain Dog evolved into a distinct breed with its own set of characteristics.

Did You Know? 

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the Bernese Mountain Dog share a common ancestry, contributing to the Bernese’s robust build and working abilities.


The Bernese Mountain Dog’s journey through time and across borders has resulted in a diverse array of varieties, each with its own unique characteristics and contributions to the breed’s overall development. 

From its humble origins as a working dog in the Swiss Alps to its widespread popularity as a beloved family companion, the Bernese Mountain Dog continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide.

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