Oldest Cats Ever in the World

7 Oldest Cats Ever in the World

People often say that cat’s have nine lives and this seems to be the case for all the cats on the following list. All seven of the cats on this list lived to be over 30 years old, which is about twice as long as the average lifespan for a domesticated cat. Sadly, most of the cats on list have passed, but all lived long and wonderful lives with caring owners. 

7. Scooter (1986 – 2016)  

Oldest Age Reached:  31 Years, 13 Days
 Breed:  Siamese
Owner:  Gail Floyd
Country of Origin:  Mansfield, Texas
Still Alive: No

Scooterimage credit: Guinness World Records  

In 2016, Scooter, who was owned by Gail Floyd of Mansfield, Texas, was declared the world’s oldest living cat by Guinness World Records. Unfortunately, Scooter died just a few days after Guinness confirmed his new title.

Upon receiving his entry into the Guinness World Records, Scooter replaced Corduroy, who had just earned the title in 2015 at the age of 26 years and 13 days. Prior to his death, Scooter’s owner attributed his longevity to staying active even in his old age.  

6. Missan (1985 – Present)

Oldest Age Reached: 32 Years Old
 Breed:  Unknown
Owner:  Asa Wickberg
Country of Origin:  Karlskoga, Sweden
Still Alive: Yes

Missanimage credit: The Telegraph  

In 2015, Missan’s owner, Asa Wickberg, told The Telegraph in 2015 that she thought that her cat was older than the one she had seen in another article. Wickberg found Missan in 1985 and quickly adopted and says that she did not realize that Missan’s age was impressive until she read about the other cat.

At the time the article was written, Wickberg was looking into submitting Missan to the Guinness World Records as the oldest living cat. However, Wickberg needs to show documents proving Missan’s age to qualify for the title.  

5. Miez Maz (1979 – 2012)  

Oldest Age Reached: 33 Years  
 Breed:  Unknown
Owner:   None
Country of Origin:  Tagerwilen, Switzerland
Still Alive: No

Miez Mazimage credit: metro.co.uk  

While not much is known about Miez Maz, he made headlines in 2012 after a Swiss vet mistakenly put the cat down. According to reports from Miez Maz’s home town, the cat was not exactly a stray and was living at the local train station where employees were feeding him and taking care of him.

The news of the elderly cats passing at the hands of the vet caused outrage amongst the town’s locals and the train station’s staff.  

4. Sarah (1982 – 2015)  

Oldest Age Reached:  33 Years, 6 Months  
 Breed:  Unknown
Owner:   Fleur Ford
Country of Origin:  New Zealand
Still Alive: No

Sarahimage credit: atthevets.co.nz 

Sarah the cat made headlines for being the oldest cat living in New Zealand prior to her death. Her owner, Fluer Ford, had Sarah for about 13 years after receiving her when Sarah was 20 years old from neighbors who moved away. 

A few days before Sarah had to be put down, her vet, Heather Remnant, had finally received the paperwork to have Sarah declared the Guinness World Records’ oldest living cat.  

3. Granpa Rexs Allen (1964 – 1998)  

Oldest Age Reached:  34 Years, 2 Months  
 Breed:  Sphynx and Devon Rex
Owner:  Jake Perry
Country of Origin: Austin, Texas, USA
Still Alive: No

Granpa Rexs Allenimage credit: Atlas Obscura 

Granpa Rexs Allen, who was also owned by the Jake Perry (mentioned in the previous entry on this list), and was a Sphynx and Devon Rex. Before Creme Puff took the title in 2010, Granpa Rexs Allen, was the oldest cat according to Guinness World Records – he received the honor in 1998. Granpa’s owner is well-known for raising long lived cats and in an interview, Perry said that he loves his cats so much that he remembers all of their birthdays.

Perry even sent an invitation to President Bill Clinton for Granpa’s 34th birthday; Clinton could not attend and sent a card with his regrets. 

You can read our article on the Oldest Domesticated Animal in the world.

2.Creme Puff (1967 – 2005)   

Oldest Age Reached: 38 Years, 3 Days
 Breed:  Tabby Mix
Owner:  Jake Perry
Country of Origin: Austin, Texas, USA
Still Alive: No

Creme Puffimage credit: Atlas Obscura  

Creme Puff is best known for being the oldest cat ever recorded, according to the 2010 Guinness World Records.

The tabby mix’s owner, Jake Perry, also owned the previous record-setting cat named Granpa Rexs Allen. Since the 1980s, Perry has been adopting and re-homing hundreds of cats and he says that about a third of his cats live to be at least 30 years old.  

1. Lucy (1972 – 2011)   

Oldest Age Reached:  39 Years     
 Breed:  Tabby
Owner:  Bill Thomas
Country of Origin: Llanelli, South Wales
Still Alive: No

Lucyimage credit: metro.co.uk 

A few months before passing away, Bill Thomas, Lucy’s owner, realized that she was the oldest cat in the world at the time. Thomas made the realization after his elderly aunt came to visit and told Thomas that she remembered Lucy as a kitten “scampering around Maria’s [Thomas’ Godmother] fish and chip shop when she was a kitten back in 1972.”

While a vet could not confirm Lucy’s exact age, the doctor was impressed by how old the cat was and estimated her to be around 172 in human years.


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