Oldest Roll-Royce Vehicles Ever Released

10 Oldest Roll-Royce Vehicles Ever Released

The Rolls-Royce name has been synonymous with luxury and class since the company’s founding in 1906. Throughout the years, the brand has released an impressive range of vehicles, ranging from sedans to convertibles, and even trucks. From the early days of the 10 hp to Rolls-Royce 25/30, each model has crafted a unique and timeless style that continues to set the standard for automotive excellence.

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 oldest Rolls-Royce vehicles ever released, from the earliest models up to the modern-day classics. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply appreciate the sophistication of a luxury car, this list is sure to provide you with a glimpse of the evolution of the iconic Rolls-Royce brand.

10. 25/30

Year Launched: 1936
Production Years: 1936 to 1938
Engine: 4257 cc
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd

25/30photo source: Pre War Car

The Rolls-Royce 25/30 was a luxurious car that was manufactured by Rolls-Royce Limited during the years 1936 to 1938. This vehicle was designed for the more sophisticated car buyer who was seeking a smaller Rolls-Royce that was practical for daily use. It was powered by a 4257 cc engine and was known for its smooth and quiet ride, spacious interior, and classic Rolls-Royce design.

The Rolls-Royce 25/30 was popular among business owners and professionals who appreciated the car’s reliability and practicality. It was considered a medium-sized car and was aimed at buyers who desired the quality and prestige of a Rolls-Royce, but in a more compact form. The car’s timeless design, combined with its rarity and prestige, make it a highly valued addition to any classic car collection.

Did You Know?

With a limited production run of only around 1,140 cars, the Rolls-Royce 25/30 has become a highly sought-after classic car among collectors and enthusiasts.

9. 20/25

Year Launched: 1929
Production Years: 1929 to 1936
Engine: 3669 cc
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd

20/25photo source: The Classic Motor Hub

The Rolls-Royce 20/25 was a well-regarded luxury car during its production years, known for its advanced features and spacious interior. The car was designed by the famous car designer, Henry Royce, who aimed to create a vehicle that was both practical and luxurious. The 20/25 was also notable for its luxurious interior, which was considered one of the most comfortable and well-appointed of its time.

The car was built with the finest materials available and was hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. This commitment to excellence helped establish the Rolls-Royce brand as a symbol of luxury and quality, setting a standard for all luxury cars that followed. (https://icnaconvention.org)

Did You Know?

The 20/25’s advanced suspension system and powerful engine made it a popular choice for both city and country driving.

8. Phantom II

Year Launched: 1929
Production Years: 1929 to 1935
Engine: 7668 cc I6
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd

Phantom IIphoto source: Wikipedia

The Rolls-Royce Phantom II was a luxury vehicle produced between 1929 and 1935, renowned for its power, elegance and exclusivity. The car was highly sought after by prominent figures such as royalty and politicians, including King Edward VIII, King George VI, and King Farouk of Egypt. The Phantom II’s timeless design and notable presence made it one of the most recognizable and prestigious cars of its era.

The Phantom II was engineered with innovation in mind, featuring a novel chassis design that allowed for a greater degree of customization in terms of body design. This design feature made the Phantom II a favored choice among coachbuilders, as they could craft bespoke bodies for their clients, resulting in a wide variety of unique and stylish designs.

Did You Know?

The car’s powerful engine, capable of delivering seamless acceleration, earned it a reputation for delivering both luxury and performance, making it the ideal vehicle for long-distance travel.

7. 40/50 Phantom

Year Launched: 1925
Production Years: 1925 to 1929
Engine: 7,668 cc (468 cu in) I6
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd (UK), Rolls-Royce of America (US)

40/50 Phantomphoto source: Wikipedia

The Rolls-Royce 40/50 Phantom, also referred to as the “New Phantom”, was a luxury vehicle manufactured between 1925 and 1929 by Rolls-Royce Limited and Rolls-Royce of America. Boasting a powerful 7,668 cc inline six-cylinder engine, it was a major player in the luxury car market, offering a smooth and comfortable ride to its high-end clientele, including royalty and politicians.

The 40/50 Phantom was also noted for its technological advancements, including the incorporation of an overhead camshaft engine and a longer, lower chassis design. These features, combined with the car’s quality materials and meticulous assembly, helped to establish the Rolls-Royce brand as a leader in the luxury car industry.

Did You Know?

In addition, the 40/50 Phantom served as the foundation for several other Rolls-Royce models, including the Phantom II and the Phantom III.

6. Twenty

Year Launched: 1922
Production Years: 1922 to 1929
Engine: 3,127 cc (3.1 L) I6
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd

Twentyphoto source: Wikimedia Commons

The Rolls-Royce Twenty was introduced in 1922 as a more accessible option for customers seeking the luxurious experience of a Rolls-Royce car. Despite its affordability compared to other models produced by the company, the Twenty still embodied the hallmark traits of the Rolls-Royce brand, including superior engineering, quality materials, and elegant design.

Powered by a 3,127 cc inline six-cylinder engine, the Twenty was capable of delivering smooth and effortless performance, making it a top choice for long-distance travel. The car’s customizable bodywork, created by renowned coachbuilders, resulted in a wide variety of bespoke designs, adding to the car’s allure and elegance.

Did You Know?

The Rolls-Royce Twenty was a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and style.

5. 40/50 Silver Ghost

Year Launched: 1906
Production Years: 1906 to 1925
Engine: Straight 6
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd (UK), Rolls-Royce of America (US)

photo source: Secret Classics

The Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost, produced between 1906 and 1925 by Rolls-Royce Limited in the United Kingdom and Rolls-Royce of America in the United States, was a seminal model in the brand’s history. Its reputation as “the best car in the world” was well earned, thanks to its powerful straight six engine, smooth and silent performance, and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Silver Ghost represented a significant leap forward in automotive technology for its time. Its straight six engine was a model of efficiency, delivering powerful and smooth performance, while its chassis was designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride, even on rough roads. The car’s advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques helped establish Rolls-Royce as a leader in the luxury car industry.

Did You Know?

In addition to its technological innovations, the Silver Ghost was also renowned for its elegant and stylish design.

4. 30 hp

Year Launched: 1905
Production Years: 1905 to 1907
Engine: 6000cc 6-cylinder.
Manufacturer: Royce Limited

photo source: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars PressClub

The Rolls-Royce 30 hp, introduced in 1905, was a luxury car that was produced for a limited time of only two years. This vehicle was a crucial player in establishing Rolls-Royce as a manufacturer of premium automobiles. It was equipped with a formidable 6000cc 6-cylinder engine.

The 30 hp was designed with the comfort and convenience of its passengers as a top priority. Its spacious cabin was fitted with top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience. The advanced suspension system of the car ensured a smooth and comfortable ride, even on challenging roads.

Did You Know?

Its 6-cylinder engine, one of the largest of its time, set the standard for luxury car engines.

3. V-8

Year Launched: 1905
Production Years: 1905 to 1906
Engine: 3535 cc V-8 bore x stroke: 82.5 by 82.5 millimeters
Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Ltd

V-8photo source: Wikipedia

The Rolls-Royce V-8 was a car launched by Rolls-Royce Ltd in 1905 and was in production until 1906. With a 3535 cc V-8 engine, the car was known for its smooth and powerful performance, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts of the time. The engine was designed with a bore x stroke of 82.5 by 82.5 millimeters, which helped to optimize the car’s performance and efficiency.

Despite its limited production run, the Rolls-Royce V-8 remains an important part of the company’s history, as it marked a significant milestone in the development of their engine technology. The car’s V-8 engine was innovative for its time and helped to establish Rolls-Royce as a manufacturer of high-performance, luxury vehicles.

Did You Know?

The Rolls-Royce V-8 was a limited production car and only a few examples were made, making it a highly sought after and rare collector’s item today.

2. 15 hp

Year Launched: 1905
Production Years: 1905
Engine: 3000 cc 3-cylinder.
Manufacturer: Royce Limited

15 hpphoto source: Wikipedia

The Rolls-Royce 15 hp was one of the first four models produced under the partnership between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, established on December 23, 1904. This iconic car was manufactured by Royce’s company, Royce Limited, at its Cooke Street facility in Hulme, Manchester. The 15 hp was a Rolls-Royce model, marketed and sold exclusively by the renowned motor dealership, C.S. Rolls & Co. for a considerable sum of GBP 500.

The Rolls-Royce 15 hp made its debut at the Paris Salon in December 1904, and it was showcased alongside the 10 hp, 20 hp and the engine for the 30 hp models. Although the three-cylinder engine was not ready at the time of its presentation, the incomplete chassis of the 15 hp was still on display, showcasing the promise of a luxurious and powerful car.

Did You Know?

This model was one of the first offerings from Rolls-Royce and helped establish the brand’s reputation for producing vehicles that were both elegant and reliable.

1. 10 hp

Year Launched: 1904
Production Years: 1904 to 1906
Engine: 1800 cc, later 1995 cc
Manufacturer: Royce Limited

10 hpphoto source: Science Museum Group Collection

The Rolls-Royce 10 hp is the oldest Rolls-Royce vehicle ever released under the agreement signed on December 23, 1904, between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. This model was officially branded as a Rolls-Royce vehicle and was manufactured by Royce Limited at its Cooke Street factory in Hulme, Manchester. This model was presented at the Paris Salon in December 1904, along with the 15 hp and 20 hp cars, as well as the engine for the 30 hp model.

The 10 hp was a significant moment in automotive history as it marked the beginning of the partnership between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, and the establishment of the Rolls-Royce brand. The 10 hp set the foundation for the renowned luxury car manufacturer that Rolls-Royce is today, known for its timeless elegance, precision engineering, and unparalleled performance.

Did You Know?

The 10 hp was only available for purchase through Charles Rolls’ exclusive motor dealership, C.S.Rolls & Co., and was priced at £395 in 1904.



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