Oldest Active Sumo Wrestlers

12 Oldest Active Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo wrestling is a centuries-old Japanese tradition that is still practiced today. It is a sport of strength and power, with wrestlers vying to become the strongest in the ring. In addition to the current generation of active sumo wrestlers, there are some who have been in the sport for many years and are still competing today.

These 12 oldest active sumo wrestlers have been in the sport for decades, and show no signs of slowing down. Despite their age, their passion for the sport has kept them going, and they continue to be a source of inspiration for upcoming wrestlers. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable, and they are an important part of the sumo wrestling community.  Get ready to be amazed by these talented, dedicated, and inspiring wrestlers!

12. Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi (October 13, 1987 – present)

Age: 35 years old
Current Rank: West Jūryō 2
Year Debuted: 2006
Weight: 177 kg.

Tochinoshin Tsuyoshiphoto source: Sumowrestling Wiki

Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi is a professional sumo wrestler from Georgia who was born on October 13, 1987. He began practicing sumo at the age of 15 and moved to Japan to pursue a professional sumo career in 2006. Tochinoshin has had a successful career, winning several championships and awards, including the top division championship in January 2018. He currently holds the rank of West Jūryō 2, which is the second-highest division in professional sumo, and his weight is recorded at 177 kg.

Despite facing setbacks and injuries throughout his career, Tochinoshin has remained a popular wrestler among fans due to his tenacity and strong spirit. In addition to his sumo career, he is also a keen soccer player and enjoys playing the sport in his spare time. Tochinoshin is married and has two children, and often speaks about how his family provides him with motivation and support in his sumo career.

Did You Know?

He is known for his powerful grip and throwing techniques, which have earned him the nickname “Tochinoshin the Grappler.”

11. Azumaryū Tsuyoshi (May 12, 1987 – present)

Age: 35 years old
Current Rank: East Maegashira 11
Year Debuted: 2009
Weight: 158 kg.

Azumaryū Tsuyoshiphoto source: Wikipedia

Azumaryū Tsuyoshi is a professional sumo wrestler from Mongolia. He was born on May 25, 1993, and made his professional sumo debut in March 2009. Azumaryū has had a successful career, winning championships in several lower divisions before reaching the top division in 2016. He currently holds the rank of East Maegashira 11.

Azumaryū is known for his aggressive style of sumo and his powerful pushing techniques. He has a muscular build and weighs around 158 kg. Outside of sumo, Azumaryū is said to be an avid reader and enjoys studying Japanese language and culture. He is also known for his charitable work, including donating money to help children in need in Mongolia.

Did You Know?

Azumaryū is also known for his distinctive hairstyle, which features a topknot with two long braids hanging down the back. He has said that he chose the hairstyle to stand out and make a statement in the sumo world.

10. Sadanoumi Takashi (May 11, 1987 – present)

Age: 35 years old
Current Rank: West Maegashira 6
Year Debuted: 2003
Weight: 141 kg.

Sadanoumi Takashiphoto source: Sumowrestling Wiki

Sadanoumi is known for his skillful techniques, particularly his footwork, and is often praised for his ability to win matches against opponents who are much larger than him. He currently weighs 141 kg, which is considered relatively light for a professional sumo wrestler. Despite his size, Sadanoumi has had a successful career, winning championships in several lower divisions before reaching the top division in 2013.

In addition to his sumo career, Sadanoumi Takashi is also known for his love of music and is said to enjoy playing the guitar in his free time. He has performed in public at events such as sumo festivals and has even released a CD of his music. Sadanoumi is also known for his friendly and approachable personality and is popular among sumo fans for his engaging interviews and interactions on social media.

Did You Know?

He has also been recognized for his sportsmanship and was awarded the Fighting Spirit prize in May 2019.

9. Fujiazuma Kazuyoshi (April 19, 1987 – present)

Age: 35 years old
Current Rank: East Makushita 31
Year Debuted: 2003
Weight: 165 kg.

Fujiazuma Kazuyoshiphoto source: Sumowrestling Wiki

Fujiazuma Kazuyoshi was a professional sumo wrestler from Japan. He was born on April 19, 1987, and made his professional sumo debut in 2003. He reached the top division in 2008 and remained there for several years, winning several special prizes for his outstanding performances.

One interesting fact about Fujiazuma is that he was an accomplished amateur wrestler before turning to sumo. He was a national champion in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and even competed in the Junior World Championships. His experience in amateur wrestling helped him to develop his technique and strength in sumo, and he often credited his wrestling background for his success in the sport.

Did You Know?

Fujiazuma was known for his powerful pushing and thrusting techniques, which earned him the nickname “the bulldozer”.

8. Takarafuji Daisuke (February 18, 1987 – present)

Age: 36 years old
Current Rank: West Maegashira 12
Year Debuted: 2009
Weight: 166 kg.

Takarafuji Daisukephoto source: Sumowrestling Wiki

Takarafuji Daisuke is a professional sumo wrestler from Aomori, Japan. He was born on February 18, 1987. Takarafuji made his professional sumo debut in 2009 and has since worked his way up to the rank of West Maegashira 12. He is a consistent wrestler who is known for his discipline and hard work and has earned the respect of both his peers and sumo fans.

Takarafuji is also dedicated to physical fitness and is often seen practicing yoga and working out in his spare time. He believes that staying physically fit is essential to success in sumo, and works hard to maintain his strength and agility. Takarafuji is also actively involved in environmental conservation efforts and is an ambassador for the Aomori Forest Conservation Project.

Did You Know?

Takarafuji is known for his defensive style of sumo and is particularly skilled in grappling and throwing techniques.

7. Myōgiryū Yasunari (October 22, 1986 – present)

Age: 36 years old
Current Rank: East Maegashira 10
Year Debuted: 2009
Weight: 154 kg.

Myōgiryū Yasunariphoto source: Wikipedia

Myōgiryū Yasunari is a sumo wrestler hailing from Hokkaido, Japan. He has been participating in professional sumo since his debut in 2009, and currently holds the rank of East Maegashira 10. He has a reputation for his aggressive pushing and thrusting style, as well as his ability to grapple and throw his opponents.  He has overcome obstacles to achieve his current standing in the sumo world and continues to strive for further success.

Despite experiencing challenges such as injuries and demotions from the top division, Myōgiryū has persevered in his sumo career, earning the admiration of fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Beyond the ring, he is a family-oriented person who enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter. He also has a passion for baseball and is an enthusiastic spectator of the sport.

Did You Know?

Myōgiryū is a wrestler who is highly regarded for his fighting spirit and resilience.

6. Tokushōryū Makoto (August 22, 1986 – present)

Age: 36 years old
Current Rank: East Jūryō 14
Year Debuted: 2009
Weight: 192 kg.

Tokushōryū Makotophoto source: The Japan Times

Tokushōryū Makoto is a multi-talented sumo wrestler from Nara, Japan who has made a name for himself in the sport, known for his techniques and quick reflexes. He earned his first top-division championship in January 2020, despite setbacks and injuries throughout his career, and remains dedicated to improving his skills.

Off the ring, Tokushōryū is admired for his friendly personality, positive attitude, and sportsmanship. He has a large and devoted fan base and has released several music albums in Japan. In addition, he has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression and hopes to use his position as a professional athlete to raise awareness for mental health issues. Despite his successes, Tokushōryū remains grounded and focused on the sport and his personal growth.

Did You Know?

Tokushōryū Makoto performs a backflip before stepping into the ring as his pre-bout ritual.

5. Kitaharima Seiya (July 28, 1986 – present)

Age: 36 years old
Current Rank: East Makushita 34
Year Debuted: 2002
Weight: 126 kg.

Kitaharima Seiyaphoto source: Wikipedia

Kitaharima Seiya is a sumo wrestler who competed in the top division of sumo from 2004 to 2010. He was known for his incredible strength and endurance, which he credited to his strict training regimen and his background as a farmer. In fact, during his sumo career, he was often referred to as the “Strongest Farmer in Japan.” His impressive physical abilities allowed him to win a number of tournaments.

He was one of the few sumo wrestlers who competed under a shikona or fighting name, that was not based on his own family name or place of origin. Instead, he chose his shikona based on a shrine located near his hometown in Aomori Prefecture. This unique choice added to his distinctiveness and added to his popularity among fans.

Did You Know?

In addition to his sumo and MMA careers, Kitaharima also had a brief stint as a professional wrestler. In 2014, he participated in a match for the Japanese wrestling promotion Wrestle-1, where he teamed up with fellow former sumo wrestler Akebono Taro to face off against two other wrestlers.

4. Aoiyama Kōsuke (June 19, 1986 – present)

Age: 36 years old
Current Rank: East Makushita 9
Year Debuted: 2009
Weight: 188 kg.

Aoiyama Kōsukephoto source: Alchetron

Aoiyama Kōsuke is a Bulgarian sumo wrestler known for his large size and powerful physique. Aoiyama began his sumo career in 2009 and has steadily risen through the ranks, reaching his highest rank of Komusubi in 2014. Despite struggling with injuries in recent years, he has remained a formidable opponent on the dohyō.

Aoiyama is a former shot putter and discus thrower. He competed for Bulgaria in both sports before turning his attention to sumo wrestling. This athletic background likely contributed to his impressive strength and helped him quickly adapt to the physical demands of sumo. In addition, Aoiyama is known for his distinctive pre-bout ritual, where he slaps his chest repeatedly to psych himself up before the match.

Did You Know?

Standing at 6’4″ and weighing in at 188 kg, he has a reputation for being one of the heaviest and strongest competitors in the sport.

3. Akiseyama Mitsuhiko (July 18, 1985 – present)

Age: 37 years old
Current Rank: East Makushita 10
Year Debuted: 2008
Weight: 181 kg.

Akiseyama Mitsuhikophoto source: Wikipedia

Akiseyama Mitsuhiko is a Japanese sumo wrestler who has been active in the sport since 2008. He currently holds the rank of East Makushita 10 and weighs in at 181 kg. Despite being smaller than some of his opponents, Akiseyama is known for his technical skills and strategic approach to the sport. He has a versatile fighting style that allows him to adapt to different opponents and situations.

He eventually joined a local sumo club before being scouted by a professional sumo stable. Another interesting fact is that Akiseyama is a skilled calligrapher, and often creates personalized sumo scrolls for his fans. This artistic talent has made him a popular figure among sumo enthusiasts and showcases his creativity outside of the ring.

Did You Know?

Akiseyama is a self-taught sumo wrestler. Unlike many other wrestlers who train from a young age in sumo stables, Akiseyama began his career after watching sumo on television and practicing on his own.

2. Tamawashi Ichirō (November 16, 1984 – present)

Age: 38 years old
Current Rank: East Maegashira 1
Year Debuted: 2004
Weight: 172 kg.

Tamawashi Ichirōphoto source: Wikipedia

Tamawashi Ichirō‘s real name is Batnasan Ichinnorov, and he was born on November 16, 1984, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He began his sumo career in Japan in 2004, joining the Sakaigawa stable. Tamawashi reached the top division for the first time in 2011, and he has been a regular fixture in the makuuchi division since then.

Aside from his sumo career, Tamawashi is also a talented shogi player and has competed in professional tournaments under the stage name “Ichirō”. Tamawashi is known for his disciplined lifestyle and strict training regimen. He follows a strict diet and trains twice a day, focusing on building strength and endurance.

Did You Know?

He has won three special prizes for his outstanding performances in tournaments and has a total of 7 kinboshi, or gold stars, which are awarded to lower-ranked wrestlers who defeat a yokozuna, or grand champion.

1. Yoshiazuma Hiroshi (May 26, 1977 – present)

Age: 45 years old
Current Rank: East Jonidan 7
Year Debuted: 1996
Weight: 170 kg.

Yoshiazuma Hiroshiphoto source: Sumowrestling Wiki

Hiroshi Ishihara, also known as Yoshiazuma Hiroshi, is a professional sumo wrestler from Kashima, Kumamoto in Japan, and is considered the oldest active sumo wrestler. He began his career in January 1996 and worked his way up to the top division in September 2011.

His highest rank achieved has been maegashira 12. It took him fifteen years to reach the top division, making his progress one of the slowest in the history of professional sumo wrestling. In March 1996, he adopted the ring name of Yoshiazuma, choosing the first character from a benefactor’s name and the second character following the tradition of using the character “azuma” from the current and previous stable owners, Tochiazuma II and Tochiazuma I.

Yoshiazuma started his career with success, and in only his second tournament, he narrowly missed the jonidan division championship, losing in a three-man playoff to Akiyama.

Did You Know?

He is a skilled yotsu-sumo wrestler who prefers grappling techniques over pushing and thrusting techniques.


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