Oldest Living Dogs

In the heartwarming world of dogs as companions, there are stories of really old dogs that show how strong the connection is between people and their furry pals. We’re about to explore some amazing stories of dogs that have lived much longer than expected. 

Dogs are known for their unwavering loyalty and boundless love, but some remarkable canines have also shown an astonishing ability to defy the passage of time. 

Let’s take a trip to the lives of these 10 oldest living dogs ever, learn what helped them live so long, and understand the big effect they’ve had on the world.

10. Pebbles

Birth Year: 28 March 2000
Place: United States
Breed: Toy Fox Terrier
Status: Deceased (22 years, 189 days)

PebblesPhoto Source: India Today

Pebbles, the Toy Fox Terrier from the United States, left a mark of 22 years and 189 days, proving that terriers possess both boundless energy and enduring loyalty. Born on March 28, 2000, Pebbles’ journey embodies the spirit of tenacity that defines her breed.

Did you know?

Pebbles gave birth to 32 puppies in her long doggy life.

9. TobyKeith

Birth Year: 9 January 2001
Place: United States
Breed: Chihuahua
Status: Living (22 years, 223 days)

TobyKeithPhoto Source: USA Today

TobyKeith, a Chihuahua from the United States, embarks on his 22nd year, proving that even the smallest dogs can demonstrate remarkable resilience and companionship. Born on January 9, 2001, Toby Keith’s journey is a testament to the power of love and care.

Did you know?

TobyKeith’s owner has two other dogs and 2 parrots as well, with whom he was friends.

8. Gino Hammerstrike Gilgamesh Wolf

Birth Year: 24 September 2000
Place: United States
Breed: Chihuahua/American Eskimo Dog Mix
Status: Living (22 years, 330 days)

Gino Hammerstrike Gilgamesh WolfPhoto Source: MSN

In the United States, Gino, a Chihuahua/American Eskimo Dog mix, embodies the strength of crossbreeds with an impressive 22 years and 330 days of life. His unique heritage and resilience highlight the diversity that enriches the world of dogs.

Did you know?

Gino’s owner and long-term best friend Alex confirm that Gino is fond of car rides, sleeping next to the fireplace, and some good back scratches.

7. Spike

Birth Year: 30 November 1999
Place: United States
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Status: Living (23 years, 263 days)

SpikePhoto Source: NYPost

From the United States emerged Spike, a Chihuahua mix who embraced 23 years and 263 days of life. Despite his small stature, Spike’s journey reflected the enduring spirit that defines the breed, reminding us that size is no barrier to remarkable longevity.

Did you know?

Spike was rescued from the parking lot of a Camden, Ohio, USA, Grocery store became the owner’s best friend for over 23 years now.

6. Bramble

Birth Year: 1978
Place: United Kingdom
Breed: Border Collie
Status: Deceased (Lived for 24-25 years)

BramblePhoto Source: Fresh Woof

Bramble, a Border Collie from the United Kingdom, born in 1978, enjoyed a vibrant life that spanned 24 to 25 years. Her remarkable journey celebrated the breed’s agility, intelligence, and ability to form lasting connections.

Did you know?

Bramble followed a vegan diet for most of her life, and his owners suspect that probably is the reason though many factors affect longevity.

5. Buksi

Birth Year: 1990
Place: Hungary
Breed: Mongrel
Status: Deceased (Lived for 26-27 years)

BuksiPhoto Source: Hungary Today

Hungary gave us Buksi, a mongrel who melted hearts with his remarkable lifespan of 26 to 27 years. Born in 1990, Buksi’s story reflects the charm of his surroundings, revealing that even amidst modest beginnings, enduring connections can be established.

Did you know?

ELTE University conducted a study on Buksi due to his extended lifespan, and one can easily find videos of this procedure on the internet.

4. Adjutant

Birth Year: 1936
Place: United Kingdom
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Status: Deceased (Lived for 27 years, 98 days)

AdjutantPhoto Source: Pinterest

Meet Adjutant, a faithful Labrador Retriever born on August 14, 1936, who embodied the unwavering loyalty characteristic of the breed. With an impressive lifespan of 27 years and 98 days, he illustrated the deep bond shared between dogs and their human partners, underscoring the extraordinary connections that can evolve over time. Adjutant is still one of the oldest dogs ever to live

Did you know?

The average lifespan of a Labrador retriever is only 10 – 12 years, meaning shorter than most other dogs. Hence, all things considered, Adjutant’s life was impressive.

3. Taffy

Birth Year: 1975
Place: United Kingdom
Breed: Welsh Sheepdog
Status: Deceased (Lived for 27 years, 211 days)

TaffyPhoto Source: AZ Animals

In the United Kingdom, the enduring legacy of Taffy, a Welsh Sheepdog, shines as a tribute to a companionship that stretched across 27 years and 211 days. Born on September 1, 1975, Taffy’s remarkable journey reverberated through the picturesque landscapes of Wales, illustrating the profound connection that intertwines humans and their canine companions.

Did you know?

Taffy was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records in the year 1998.

2. Bluey

Birth Year: 1910
Place: Rochester, Victoria, Australia
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Status: Deceased (Lived to 29 years, 160 days)

BlueyPhoto Source: Xtreme Dog Fence

Originating from Rochester, Victoria, Australia, Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog, grabbed the spotlight with an impressive life span of 29 years and 160 days. Les and Esma Hall were her devoted owners, and her record as the oldest verified dog stood tall until Bobi claimed the title. 

Bluey’s exceptional longevity highlighted the breed’s resilience and underscored the significance of steadfast care.

Did you know?

There was a study conducted n behalf of the longevity of Bluey and concluded that Australian Cattle dogs live a bit longer than other breeds. However, the characteristics of Bluey’s longevity are exceptional.

1. Bobi

Birth Year: 11 May 1992
Place: Portugal
Breed: Rafeiro do Alentejo
Status: Living (31 years, 101 days)

BobiPhoto Source: US Today

Originating from a remote Portuguese village, Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, has engraved his name into history. Born on May 11, 1992, Bobi boasts an impressive 31 years and 101 days of life, captivating hearts worldwide and becoming the oldest verified dog ever.

Did you know?

Bobi was one of the four brothers born in the wood-storing outbuilding of the Costa family.


A dog is often regarded as a man’s best friend. However, they do not live as long as we do, sometimes not even a quarter of our lives. The owners of the above-mentioned 10 oldest living dogs ever were fortunate enough to spend sometimes half their life span with the dogs. 

These are all exceptional cases and cannot be predicted in advance. Bobi is over 31 years old, and who knows, maybe one day they’ll live as long as us. I truly believe that it will be the day heaven meets Earth. 

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