Oldest Ferraris Ever Made

10 Oldest Ferraris Ever Made

Luxury cars have become a symbol of success for many people. They represent the journey to success and status. The high price tag represents the ambition of owning some of these cars, which is why they’re sought after by many people.

Ferrari has built its reputation on being the world’s most iconic and revered sports car marque. Its history has seen many changes over time—from Enzo Ferrari himself, but ultimately, they remain a company that champions innovation and excellence in every aspect of their business, from design to development to manufacturing.

Anyone who is in the auto industry will tell you that Ferrari is the gold standard of performance, style, and luxury. To help differentiate between all of the most popular models throughout the company’s history, here are some facts about the oldest Ferrari models ever made.

10. 275S Sport

Year Introduced: 1964
Engine: Lampredi V12
Power: 199 kW at 7200 rpm
Top Speed: 240 km/h

275S Sportphoto source: wikipedia.org

The huge new Lampredi engine made its debut in the 275 S sports vehicle. Only two versions were created with Touring barchetta bodywork and competed in the 1950 Mille Miglia. Due to the extremely powerful engine they were equipped with, they both experienced transmission issues during the race.

They both, however, fell into gearbox issues throughout the race because of the extremely strong engine they were fitted with.

Did You Know?

For the Mille Miglia, which officially began on April 23, Ferrari fielded two red 275 Sports.

9. 195 Inter Gran Turismo

Year Introduced: October 1950
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 96 kW at 6000 rpm
Top Speed: 180 km/hr

195 Inter Gran Turismophoto source: autoevolution.com

The Ferrari 195 Inter Gran Turismo is a rare car that was produced in limited numbers. The Inter Gran Turismo features a 2.4 liter V8 engine, which is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission for maximum power and acceleration. The car’s exterior design features sleek lines and curves, with an aerodynamic exterior that gives it an aggressive look.

Did You Know?

At the Paris Motor Show, the 195 Inter Gran Turismo made its debut.

8. 195 S Sport

Year Introduced: April 1950
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 125 kW at 7000 rpm
Top Speed: 209km/hr

195 S Sportphoto source: supercarnostalgia.com

The Ferrari 195 S has a narrow body, which is made from lightweight materials and was built to be fast, but also very comfortable. This car has a 2.3 -liter V12 engine with two valves per cylinder and a single overhead camshaft. The engine develops 125kW at 7000 rpm, which gives it a top speed of about 209 km per hour.

The Colombo V12 engine from the 166 MM race vehicle was upgraded for the Ferrari 195 S to a 2.3-liter displacement.

Did You Know?

The 195 S category only included Ferraris that were modified from the 166 MM line.

7. 340 America

Year Introduced: August 1950
Engine: Lampredi V12
Power: 162 kW at 6000 rpm
Top Speed: 240 km/hr

340 Americaphoto source: Wikimedia Commons

The 340 was made in Maranello, Italy between 1950 and 1952. The first two Americas were modified to become the 275 S, which could produce 220 PS (162 kW; 217 hp) using the new Lampredi V12 designed for Formula One racing. Luigi Villoresi’s 340 America Vignale Berlinetta won the Mille Miglia event in 1951. The 340 America was then replaced by the larger-engined 375 America.

Did You Know?

Initially, there were only 23 manufactured 340 America when it was first released.

6. 166 Inter Sport

Year Introduced: December 1948
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 96 kW at 6500 rpm
Top Speed: 215 km/hr

166 Inter Sportphoto source: supercars.net

The Ferrari 166 is a line of vehicles powered by the Type 166 three liter V12 engine. The 166 Inter Sport is a race version of the 166.

It features detachable fenders and headlights, unlike the 166MM Barchetta, another 166 racing variation, which allowed it to adapt to different requirements of international motorsport championships.

Did You Know?

The K1 Speed Car Pack in Forza Motorsport 7 introduced the 1948 Ferrari 166 Inter Sport, a RWD classic race car from Ferrari.

5. 166 S Sport

Year Introduced: November 1948
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 81 kW at 6000 rpm
Top Speed: 170 km/hr

166 S Sportphoto source: wikipedia.org

There were just 12 Ferrari 166 S models made, and nine of them had bike fenders similar to the Spyder Corsa.

Did You Know?

The Ferrari 166 Sport’s lights and mudguards may be mounted and removed. The company became a strong contender in the racing sector due to its early triumphs in the Targa Florio, Mille Miglia, and other international competitions.

4. 166 Inter Gran Turismo

Year Introduced: October 1948
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 99 kW at 5600 rpm
Top Speed: 150 km/hr

166 Inter Gran Turismophoto source:  cartype.com

The 166 Inter models were the road counterparts of the 166 sports racing cars, such as the 166 MM Barchetta. As a result, they had chassis numbers that fell into the odd series range.

Although Stabilimenti Farina made three examples of the vehicle in cabriolet form, and Bertone also created a single cabriolet body, they often had coupé bodywork. With their own unique visions of how a Ferrari should be dressed, various coachbuilders’ bodywork was applied to the series.

3. 166MM Sport

Year Introduced: September 1948
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 103 kWat 6000 rpm
Top Speed: 220 km/hr

166MM Sportphoto source: collierautomedia.com

Ferrari improved their popular 166 Sport and created a line of automobiles known as the 166 MM to celebrate their first significant victory in the renowned 1948 Mille Miglia. Ferrari outsourced the production of the bodies for their new series to Touring of Milan, who created 25 roadsters using their patented Superleggera technique.

These vehicles made more of a contribution than any other previous type, contributing to many of Ferrari’s first international victories and establishing the company as a serious sports car manufacturer. It directly fastened aluminum alloy panels to a lightweight, strong tubular space frame.

Did You Know?

The Mile Miglia, which was won in May by Biondetti and Navone, is referenced in the car’s name by the MM.

2. 159S

Year Introduced: August 1947
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 92 kW at 6500 rpm
Top Speed: 180 km/hr

159Sphoto source:  supercars.net

The 159 S was the second Ferrari ever made. It was created as the 125 S’s replacement and sports a larger engine and other body revisions. Only two of these extremely rare cars were ever produced. The 159 S was a development from the 125 S and the 166 S, both of which Ferrari produced in respectable quantities.

Did You Know?

A Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa was made from one of the two 159S models, which were the only ones produced.

1. 125 Sport

Year Introduced: May 1947
Engine: Colombo V12
Power: 87kW at 6800 rpm
Top Speed: 210 km/hr

125 Sportphoto source:  supercars.net

Developed in May 1947, the Ferrari 125 Sport is the oldest Ferrari ever. The 125 S had a distinctive design and a naturally aspirated V-12 engine. It was created over the course of two years, from scratch. Ferrari produced only two vehicles. The 1947 racing season saw the usage of Chassis 01C, popularly known as the Piacenza roadster, which had a typical sports car body. Cycle fenders and varied bodywork might be seen on the second model, chassis 02C. In comparison to the other models, the 01C is perhaps the most well-known.

Did You Know?

The engine of the 125 S was designed by Gioacchino Colombo, who dubbed it the “Colombo engine.”

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