Oldest Motorcycle Clubs in the World

10 Oldest Motorcycle Clubs in the World

Motorcycle clubs have been around for more than a century, with some of the oldest clubs still thriving today. Since the early days of motorcycling, riders have been getting together to form clubs to connect with like-minded riders and to share the joys of motorcycling. Over the years, these clubs have grown in size and popularity, and some of the oldest clubs have been in operation for more than a century.

In this article, we will explore 10 of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the world and how they have shaped and influenced the culture of motorcycling. From the first Motor Maids to clubs that are still going strong today, these clubs have been a source of inspiration and a gathering place for riders for generations. So, let’s take a journey through time and explore the 10 oldest motorcycle clubs in the world!

10. Rainbow Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1971
Founders: Ron Johnson, Mario Pirami, Paul Denino
Founded in: San Francisco, California
Website: https://rainbow-motorcycle.club/

Rainbow Motorcycle Clubphoto source: Wikipedia

The Rainbow Motorcycle Club is an international motorcycle club that was established in 1971 by a group of gay bikers in San Francisco. The club’s main mission is to promote a positive image of gay motorcycle riders while fostering camaraderie and support among its members. The club’s name is a reference to the LGBT pride flag, which features a rainbow as its symbol.

Over the years, the Rainbow Motorcycle Club has expanded to include chapters in cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The club is open to anyone who shares its values and is interested in motorcycles, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Members of the club participate in a variety of events and activities, including group rides, social gatherings, and charity fundraisers.

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The club’s annual ride, the Rainbow Ride, is a highly anticipated event that brings together members from all over the world to ride together and celebrate their shared passion for motorcycles and the LGBT community.

9. Mongols Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1968
Founders: Latino group interested in riding motorcycles and forming a brotherhood
Founded in: Montebello, California
Website: http://mongolsmc.com/

Mongols Motorcycle Clubphoto source: NBC News

The Mongols Motorcycle Club was founded in 1969 in Montebello, California by a group of primarily Latino men who were interested in riding motorcycles and forming a brotherhood. The club’s logo features a caricature of a Mongol warrior wearing sunglasses and a bandana, and the club’s colors are black and white.

The club has been involved in various controversies and criminal activities, including drug trafficking, racketeering, and violent clashes with other motorcycle clubs. In 2008, federal authorities launched a major operation against the Mongols, resulting in the arrest and conviction of many of its members. Despite these challenges, the club remains active and continues to be one of the most prominent and recognizable outlaw motorcycle clubs in the world.

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The club’s original name was the “Hispanic Bike Club,” but it was later changed to the “Mongols” to reflect the members’ admiration for the Mongol Empire and their desire to project a tough image.

8. 59 Club

Year Founded: 1962
Founders: John Oates
Founded in: London, England
Website: http://www.the59club.co.uk/

59 Clubphoto source: Wikimedia Commons

The 59 Club is a motorcycle club that was founded by John Oates in London, England in 1962. The club is known for its affiliation with the Ton-Up boys, a subculture of motorcyclists who favored fast, customized bikes and were often associated with leather jackets and rock and roll music. The club’s name is a reference to the target speed of 100 miles per hour, or 160 kilometers per hour, which was considered a significant achievement for motorcycles of the time.

The 59 Club quickly gained a reputation for its work with disadvantaged youth, offering them a safe space to gather and providing mentoring, education, and guidance. The club’s activities included motorcycle rides, music events, and other social activities, and it became a popular fixture of the London motorcycle scene. Over the years, the club has expanded to include chapters throughout the United Kingdom and in other countries around the world.

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Today, the 59 Club continues to serve as a community organization and motorcycle club, and it remains committed to promoting positive values and supporting young people.

7. Cycle Queens of America

Year Founded: 1958
Founders: Margaret Bonham
Founded in: Philadelphia
Website: None

Cycle Queens of Americaphoto source: RevZilla

Cycle Queens of America is an all-female motorcycle club that was established in 1958 by Margaret Bonham in Philadelphia. The organization was founded as a way to provide women with the opportunity to ride motorcycles and participate in the male-dominated motorcycle culture. Cycle Queens of America was groundbreaking at the time because it challenged the gender stereotypes of the era and paved the way for women’s participation in the sport of motorcycling.

Cycle Queens of America focus on safety and responsible riding. The club placed a strong emphasis on proper training and education, and it worked to promote good riding habits and practices among its members. This commitment to safety helped to build a positive image of the club within the motorcycle community and helped to promote greater respect and recognition for women riders.

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The club welcomed women of all races, backgrounds, and ages, and it provided a sense of community and support for its members. The organization helped to break down barriers and promote greater understanding and acceptance between different groups of people.

6. Satyrs Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1957
Founders: Chapin Smith, Clint Olsen, Roy Whitney, Dub Keith, Randy Kinney, Raoul Vasquez, Don Gath
Founded in: Los Angeles, California
Website: https://www.satyrsmc.org/

Satyrs Motorcycle Clubphoto source: Back2Stonewall

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club, founded in 1957 in Los Angeles, California, was established by a group of seven men who shared a passion for motorcycles, riding, and the brotherhood that comes with it. The founding members of the club, including Chapin Smith, Clint Olsen, Roy Whitney, Dub Keith, Randy Kinney, Raoul Vasquez, and Don Gath, wanted to create a space where like-minded individuals could come together and enjoy their shared interests.

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club quickly gained a reputation as a respected and influential club that helped shape modern motorcycle club culture. The club has been active in advocating for the rights and freedoms of motorcyclists and has participated in many events and activities, including charity rides, social events, and motorcycle rallies.

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Satyrs Motorcycle Club is known as one of the oldest continuously operating gay motorcycle clubs in the United States.

5. Antique Motorcycle Club of America

Year Founded: 1954
Founders: A group of individuals who share a passion for antique bicycles
Founded in: New England, USA
Website: https://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/

Antique Motorcycle Club of Americaphoto source: Wikipedia

The Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) is a non-profit organization established in 1954 with the mission of preserving and promoting the history, restoration, and collection of antique motorcycles. The club’s members include collectors, enthusiasts, restorers, and historians who share a passion for vintage motorcycles and want to ensure that their legacy is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Additionally, the AMCA has local chapters across the United States and a museum located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, which showcases antique motorcycles from different eras. The AMCA has played a significant role in preserving the history of motorcycle culture and promoting the appreciation of vintage motorcycles, which have become an important part of American cultural heritage.

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The organization also publishes a bimonthly magazine called The Antique Motorcycle, which contains articles about antique motorcycle history, restoration tips, and information about upcoming events.

4. Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1949
Founders: Group of who owned Triumph motorcycles
Founded in: South London, England
Website: https://www.tomcc.org/

Triumph Owners Motorcycle Clubphoto source: Wikipedia

The Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club (TOMCC) is a worldwide organization founded in 1949 with the primary objective of promoting the enjoyment, preservation, and riding of Triumph motorcycles. The club welcomes anyone who owns, rides, or has an interest in Triumph motorcycles, from classic vintage models to the latest modern motorcycles.

The TOMCC facilitates local and regional events, such as bike shows, rallies, and rides, for members to participate in, network, and socialize with fellow Triumph enthusiasts. Additionally, members have access to a wealth of resources, including historical information, maintenance and repair tips, parts, and services. The club also organizes an annual international rally that brings Triumph enthusiasts from around the world for a week of motorcycle-related activities and camaraderie.

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With over 28,000 members worldwide, the club serves as a platform for Triumph enthusiasts to connect, share their experiences, and learn from one another.

3. Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Year Founded: 1946
Founders: Charles Edmund ‘Titch’ Allen
Founded in: Surrey, England
Website: http://www.vmcc.net/

photo source: Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) was founded in Surrey, England in 1946 by Charles Edmund ‘Titch’ Allen. The club’s main focus is on the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of vintage and classic motorcycles that were built before 1931. With over 16,000 members from all over the world, the VMCC provides a platform for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts to connect, socialize, and participate in various events.

The VMCC is involved in charitable work, advocacy, and preservation of vintage motorcycle heritage. The club has raised significant funds for various causes, including cancer research and children’s charities. The club’s annual ‘Banbury Run’ is a vintage motorcycle rally that attracts hundreds of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world.

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The club’s comprehensive library and archive is a valuable resource for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, containing an extensive collection of vintage motorcycle literature, photographs, and technical information.

2. Boozefighters

Year Founded: 1946
Founders: William Clyde Forkner Jr.
Founded in: Los Angeles, California
Website: http://www.bfmc101.net/history.html

Boozefightersphoto source: Wikipedia

The Boozefighters is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the United States. It was founded in 1946 in California by a group of World War II veterans who had a shared love for motorcycles and a desire to form a brotherhood. The club’s name comes from an incident at a motorcycle race in Hollister, California in 1947, where a group of Boozefighters members were alleged to have caused a disturbance. The event inspired the 1947 film “The Wild One,” which starred Marlon Brando and depicted a fictionalized account of the incident.

The Boozefighters MC is known for their involvement in motorcycle racing, particularly in the early days of the club. They were one of the first motorcycle clubs to start a racing team, and many of their members were accomplished racers. The club’s colors, which feature a skull and crossbones, were also inspired by their racing history.

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Today, the Boozefighters MC is an international organization with chapters in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

1. Motor Maids

Year Founded: 1940
Founders: Linda Dugeau and Dot Robinson
Founded in: Columbus, Ohio
Website: https://www.motormaidsinc.org/

photo source: Chicks and Machines

Motor Maids is the oldest motorcycle club in the world. It is an organization that was established in 1940 with the purpose of providing a platform for women who share an interest in motorcycling to come together, socialize, and promote safe riding. The organization has members from all over the United States and Canada and hosts an annual convention that provides an opportunity for members to participate in educational workshops and group rides.

In addition to providing a community for women who love motorcycling, the Motor Maids also work to raise awareness of women’s contributions to the sport and to promote motorcycling among women more generally. Members of the organization participate in events such as parades, rallies, and shows to showcase their motorcycles and to encourage other women to get involved in the sport.

Did You Know?

Over the years, many notable women have been members of the Motor Maids, including Gloria Tramontin-Struck, who rode cross-country on a Harley-Davidson at the age of 89, and Dot Robinson, who was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame for her contributions to the sport.



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