Oldest Firecracker Company in the World

Oldest Firecracker Company in the World

Fireworks have long been a captivating highlight of celebrations, mesmerizing audiences with their stunning light and color displays. Behind these awe-inspiring spectacles lie the efforts of the world’s oldest firecracker companies, which have played a significant role in the evolution of pyrotechnics. 

In this article, we will delve into the history of 7 of the oldest firecracker companies in the world, their origins, and their contributions to the fireworks industry.

7. Brothers Fireworks 

Year Established: 1995
Origin Country: China
Still in Operation: Yes

Brothers FireworksPhoto Source: Quality Fire Works

Founded in 1995, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Inc., under the leadership of Shri. K.A.A. Sankaralingam and others specialize in the research, development, and export of fireworks. 

The company owns and contracts with more than 60 fireworks factories, and it operates two warehousing centers.

From consumer fireworks to display fireworks, the company continues to illuminate the skies with captivating displays and stunning pyrotechnics.

Did you know?

Its extensive marketing network spans more than 50 countries, establishing Brothers Fireworks as a major importer of fireworks in Europe.

6. Lidu Fireworks 

Year Established: 1974
Origin Country: China
Still in Operation: Yes

Lidu FireworksPhoto Source: Overstock Central fireworks

Founded in 1974, Lidu Fireworks Group Co., Ltd. stands as one of the world’s largest 1.3g fireworks manufacturers, with an expansive facility in Lidu town, Jiangxi Province, China. Evolving over four decades, Lidu employs both manual and mechanical production methods for an array of products, exporting to more than 60 countries. 

Lidu Fireworks’ spectacular displays have graced international events, including the G20 Summit and the Summer Olympics.

Did you know?

Lidu Fireworks is proud of its dedication to ensuring quality and safety. It was one of the first fireworks manufacturers in China to obtain certifications like ISO9001-2008, ISO14001, ISO18001, and CE, essential for exporting into Europe.

5. Kimbolton Fireworks

Year Established: 1964
Origin Country: United Kingdom
Still in Operation: No (acquired by Celtic Fireworks)

Kimbolton FireworksPhoto Source: Fireworkscrazy

Kimbolton Fireworks, founded in 1964 by Reverend Ron Lancaster, boasts a distinguished history as a British manufacturer of display fireworks. Renowned for its exceptional firework displays, Kimbolton Fireworks holds the distinction of being the last remaining fireworks manufacturer in the UK.

The company’s contribution to grand events, including the Handover of Hong Kong and New Year’s Eve in London, showcases its expertise and artistry. 

Did you know?

In 2019, Kimbolton Fireworks’ retail brand was acquired by Celtic Fireworks, ensuring the continuation of its legacy.

4. Black Cat Fireworks

Year Established: 1952
Origin Country: China/United States
Still in Operation: Yes

Black Cat FireworksPhoto Source: Youtube 

Black Cat Fireworks, rooted in an ancient tradition dating back to 200 B.C. in China, has become an iconic part of celebrations worldwide. From historic events like Anne Boleyn’s coronation to modern-day Independence Day festivities in the United States, Black Cat has left a dazzling mark on the world of fireworks. 

Its legacy of excellence and innovation remains unmatched, earning the well-deserved title of “The Best You Can Get” in consumer fireworks.

Did you know?

Black Cat Fireworks holds the distinction of being the oldest registered consumer fireworks brand in the US.

3. Standard Fireworks

Year Established: 1942
Origin Country: India
Still in Operation: Yes

Standard FireworksPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Founded in 1942 in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India, by N.R.K. Rajarathnam, Standard Fireworks began as a matchstick manufacturer but later expanded into fireworks production.  Over the years, the company has experienced substantial growth, claiming a 45% market share in India and 5% of global exports.

Its success lies in offering a wide range of fireworks, from sparklers to firecrackers, winning accolades for quality and variety.

Did you know?

The company’s Sivakasi facilities cover a vast area of 3.7 kilometers and employ over 10,000 personnel, highlighting its significant scale of operations.

2. Zambelli Fireworks

Year Established: 1893
Origin Country: Italy/United States
Still in Operation: Yes

Zambelli FireworksPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Zambelli Fireworks’ legacy began in Naples, Italy, in 1893, when Antonio Zambelli founded the company. Upon immigrating to the United States, he founded the “Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Company” in Pennsylvania in 1960.

From iconic landmarks like Mount Rushmore to national celebrations, their displays have captivated audiences globally, while their commitment to safety and excellence remains unwavering.

Did you know?

Zambelli Fireworks holds a Guinness World Record for shooting fireworks from the highest 

altitude, an impressive feat that showcases their expertise in the pyrotechnics industry.

1. Liuyang Fireworks

Year Established: Ancient (Tang Dynasty)
Origin Country: China
Still in Operation: Yes

Liuyang FireworksPhoto Source: CNN

Liuyang is known to be the oldest firecracker company in the world that is still in operation. With its origins dating back to the Tang Dynasty, Liuyang Fireworks stands as a beacon of China’s pyrotechnic heritage. Known as the “hometown for firecrackers and fireworks,” Liuyang City, Hunan Province, preserves historical gunpowder research and development sites. 

Every year, Liuyang hosts the International Fireworks Festival, attracting pyrotechnic enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe to showcase their dazzling displays and compete for top honors. With widespread recognition of its “Liuyang Fireworks” branded products, the company continues to export its spectacular fireworks across China and the globe.

Did you know?

Liuyang’s expertise in fireworks production has earned the city the prestigious title of “National High-tech Industrial Base of Fireworks and Firecrackers,” highlighting its cutting-edge technology and innovation in the industry.

Final Thought

In conclusion, these oldest firecracker companies have left a lasting impact on the world of fireworks, enchanting audiences with their stunning displays for centuries. From ancient traditions in China to modern-day celebrations worldwide, these companies have continued to innovate and create spectacular pyrotechnics. 

Their commitment to quality, safety, and artistry has solidified their place as pioneers in the industry.

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