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8 Youngest Pro Golfers in History

Golf is a classical game that has many followers around the world. Among the countries that play this sport include the United States of America, China, the Philippines, Hawaii, and some countries in Europe.

Golf is generally considered a game for old, sophisticated professionals. However, the pretence that only older people are interested in this game is false. Many young people worldwide also play golf and achieve pro status at astonishingly young ages.

Listed here are the top 8 youngest pro golfers in the world. Since there is more than one definition of a pro golfer, the criteria for inclusion in this list consists of either a direct qualification for major professional events (like the PGA Tour) or acquiring the PGA Tour member card.

8. Kevin Na

Age: September 15, 1983
Turned Pro: 17 years
Nationality: Korean American
Current Age: 38 years

Kevin Naphoto source:

Kevin Na is currently the eighth youngest international pro golfer. Kevin left his high school at 17 to direct all of his focus into professional golf.

While Kevin Na’s professional golf career is decorated with exceptional brilliance, he has had his fair share of encounters with close calls. Na received his PGA Tour card in 2004, where he finished third and fourth at the Southern Farm Bureau Classic and the Honda Classic, respectively.

Na finished second in the FBR Open and Chrysler Classic of Tucson in 2005. Eventually, in 2006, Kevin Na won the Mark Christopher Charity Classic and ended his streak of close calls on his return from an injury.

Did You Know?

Kevin Na secured his first-ever PGA Tour victory on his 211th attempt in 2011. He spent almost eight years playing on the PGA Tour.

7. Si Woo Kim

Age: June 28, 1995
Turned Pro: 17 years, 5 months, 6 days
Nationality: South Korean
Current Age: 26 years

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Si Woo Kim is a Korean professional golfer. He was only 17 years, 5 months, and 6 days old when he graduated from the PGA Tour’s qualifying school, and was the youngest ever to do so. However, he could not become a regular member of the PGA Tour until he turned 18.

In 2013, Kim missed the cut in seven PGA tour events, and withdrew from the eighth. He also played seven Tour events in the same year, making the cut in four events. The following year, Kim managed to make the cut in 15 out of 19 Tour events.

His first win came in 2015, in the Stonebrae Classic event – the youngest ever to do so after Jason Day. The very next year, Kim managed to grab his first PGA Tour win at the Wyndham Championship. Overall, Si Woo Kim has secured four professional wins in his career.

Did You Know?

In 2017, Kim won the 2017 Players Championship. At just 21, he became the youngest ever player to achieve the honors.

6. Ty Tryon

Age: June 2, 1984
Turned Pro: 16 years, 9 months, 7 days
Nationality: American
Current Age: 37 years

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Ty Tyron is an American professional golfer. He is currently the sixth youngest pro golfer globally, having turned pro at the age of 16 years, 9 months, and 7 days.

While Ty is one of the youngest pro golfers in the world, he has struggled to keep up with the expectations of receiving the pro status at such a young age. Ty made his first PGA Tour cut at the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic event in 2001.

Tyron’s first full Tour season in 2002 was nothing short of a difficult time for him, as he was battling mononucleosis at the time. As expected, Ty failed to make the cut in six out of seven events at the Tour. He spent the next year on a medical exemption on the PGA Tour. He could only make the cut in 3 events at the PGA Tour in that year. After 2003, Ty Tyler would not reappear in any PGA Tour events until 2010.

Did You Know?

Ty Tyler’s first and only professional win in his career came at the NGA Hooters Tour event in February 2005, where he smashed a final-round of 67.

5. Tadd Fujikawan

Age: January 8, 1991
Turned Pro: 15 years, 5 months, 7 days
Nationality: American
Current Age: 31 years

Tadd Fujikawanphoto source:

Tadd Fujikawa, an American professional golfer, is the fifth youngest pro golfer in the world. He turned pro at the very young age of 15 years, 5 months, and 7 days!

Fujikawa has had one of the most successful careers in the modern era of professional golf. However, even before he turned pro in 2007, Fujikawa was already making his name known worldwide as an amateur.

In 2006, a 15-year-old Fujikawa qualified for the US Open at Winged Foot, becoming the youngest player to achieve the honors. In 2007, Fujikawa made his second PGA Tour cut at the 2007 Sony Open in Hawaii. In the second round of the tournament, Fujikawa became the youngest-ever player to make the cut in 50 years.

Fujikawa has secured 6 professional career wins in his career so far.

Did You Know?

In September of 2018, Tadd Fujikawa became the only male professional golfer to come out as gay.

4. George Burtoft

Age: -/-
Turned Pro: 14 years, 9 months, 7 days
Nationality: American
Current Age: Deceased

photo source:

George Burtoft, an American professional golfer, is currently the fourth-youngest ever golfer to turn professional.

While some records on the internet describe how this American golfer was one of the youngest golfers ever, not much is known about his personal life. In fact, very little is known about his professional career as well. There aren’t many records of his professional wins, or even his wins at an amateur level, because he played professional golf long before PGA was ever established.

However, it is known that George Burtoft turned professional in the 1937 Utah Open event.

Did You Know?

According to some internet archives, it is believed that George Burtoft might have been the youngest professional player during his time.

3. Guan Tianlang

Age: October 25, 1998
Turned Pro: 14 years, 5 months
Nationality: Chinese
Current Age: 23 years

Guan Tianlangphoto source:

Guan Tianlang is currently the third youngest pro golfer in the world.

Despite his young age, Guan has competed in many professional tournaments around the world. In 2013, he qualified for the 2013 Masters Tournament. He became the youngest player to make the cut in PGA Tour history and play in the Masters Tournament.

Playing in the 2013 Masters Tournament changed Guan’s perspective on his budding professional career. He reflected during an interview that playing at such a high level at such a young age was a little overwhelming, even after the tournament was finished. However, Guan stated that he could go back to his normal life soon, and did not let the spotlight faze him as much as some people would have thought it would.

Did You Know?

When Guan Tianlang made the cut for the 2013 Masters Tournament, he surpassed the previous youngest ever to make the cut in a professional tournament, Matteo Manassero.

2. Michelle Wie (2004 Sony Open)

Age: October 11, 1989
Turned Pro: 14 years, 2 months, 29 days
Nationality: American
Current Age: 32 years

photo source:

Michelle Wie West, an American pro golfer, is currently the second youngest pro golfer in the world.

Michelle Wie has an extraordinary career studded with many amateur and professional career highlights. Michelle became the youngest player to qualify for a USGA amateur championship when she was just 10 years old. She also became the youngest to win the US Women’s Amateur Public Links, and the youngest to qualify for an LGPA Tour event.

Her professional career isn’t far behind, either. She turned pro at the age of 14; however, she could not compete in many professional Tour events, as the rules require players to be at least 18 to become full-time members. Michelle was granted a sponsor’s exemption from 2005 to 2008, during which time she played on a limited number of professional Tour events.

Did You Know?

While she is an accomplished golfer, Michelle has also been an overachiever in everything else in her life. In 2007, Michelle enrolled in Stanford University while playing full-time professional golf.

1. Don Dunkelberger

Age: -/-
Turned Pro: 11 years, 11 months, 10 days
Nationality: American
Current Age: Deceased

Don Dunkelbergerphoto source:

Don Dunkelberger is the youngest pro golfer of all time. He made his professional golf debut when he was just 11 years, 11 months, and 10 days old!

Since he played golf in the 1930s, not much is known about his professional game rankings, scores, or other stats. In fact, not much is known about his personal life either, due to a lack of authentic records over the internet. However, a couple of things are known to us about the seemingly youngest-ever pro golfer in the world.

Archives claim that Don Dunkelberger turned pro days before his 12th birthday when he was invited to play at a major professional tournament: the 1937 Chicago Open! This young child went on to play the tournament, only to withdraw from it after the very first round.

Did You Know?

While he may have withdrawn from his very first (and possibly the only) professional tournament, his record still stands today, and no one has been able to debut in their professional golf career at a younger age.



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