5 Youngest Presidents in the World

5 Youngest Presidents in the World

Age is a big factor in leadership roles. We often believe that the older, the better. A new generation of young leaders is changing these norms. The youngest presidents in the world are all under 40 years old. They offer fresh perspectives and dynamism in global politics.

With such young national leaders coming into the spotlight, age stereotypes are decreasing. These youngest leaders are no short of qualifications or experience. Their leadership has also been widely supported in their countries. Here are the 5 youngest presidents in the world.

5 Youngest Presidents in the World

5. Emmanuel Macron, France

Age When Became President: 39 (in 2017)
Country: France
Still Operating: Still the president

Emmanuel Macron, France

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Emmanuel Macron is the current President of France. Emmanuel Macron was born on December 21, 1977, in Amiens, France. He is a former investment banker who founded the centrist En Marche! Movement in 2016.

Macron won the presidency in 2017. He made history by being the first to win without backing from major parties. He was reelected in 2022, becoming the first French president in two decades to win a second term.

Macron’s presidency faced both domestic and international challenges, including the “Yellow Vest” protests. Despite criticism, Macron’s administration managed the COVID-19 pandemic relatively well. They have high vaccination rates and economic support.

In the 2022 presidential election, Macron secured a second term, but his party lost its majority in the National Assembly.

Did You Know?

Macron’s political career began in finance. He served in François Hollande’s administration as an economic adviser and later as finance minister.

4. Vjosa Osmani, Kosovo

Age When Became President: 38 (in 2021)
Country: Kosovo
Still Operating: Still the president

Vjosa Osmani, KosovoPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Vjosa Osmani is Kosovo’s second female president, a former law professor and parliamentarian. Osami is the first to serve as both acting president and president of Kosovo. Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, born May 17, 1982, is the current President of Kosovo. She assumed office on April 4, 2021.

After the resignation of President Hashim Thaçi, she served as the Acting President from November 2020 to March 2021. Osmani was a member of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) before founding her own party, Guxo, in 2021.

Vjosa Osmani played a major role in Kosovo’s independence and represented the country in legal matters at the International Court of Justice. In the 2019 parliamentary election, she was viewed as a potential prime ministerial candidate but lost to Albin Kurti.

Osmani’s presidency focuses on reconciliation efforts with Serbia and addressing the legacy of the Kosovo War.

Did You Know?

Vjosa Osmani has advocated for anti-corruption measures and normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

3. Nayib Bukele, El Salvador

Age When Became President: 37 (in 2019)
Country: El Salvador
Still Operating: Still the president

Nayib Bukele, El SalvadorPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nayib Bukele, born on July 24, 1981, is the 43rd President of El Salvador.  He took office on June 1, 2019. Nayib Bukele is the first Salvadoran president since 1984 who was not elected as a candidate of either the ARENA or FMLN parties.

He began his political career in 2012 as the mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán. He later served as the mayor of San Salvador from 2015 to 2018. Bukele was expelled from the FMLN in 2017. He then founded the Nuevas Ideas political party, with which he won the presidency in 2019.

Bukele’s administration has put efforts to combat corruption, promote economic development, and address issues of security.

He won re-election in February 2024, securing 85% of the vote. That too in the middle of criticism over the constitutional implications of immediate presidential re-election.

Did You Know?

Nayib Bukele’s presidency has seen controversial policies. This includes the declaration of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador and a crackdown on gangs, with accusations of authoritarian governance.

2. Jakov Milatovic, Montenegro

Age When Became President: 36 (in 2023)
Country: Montenegro
Still Operating: Still the president

Jakov Milatovic, MontenegroPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jakov Milatović is the current President of Montenegro. He entered service on May 20, 2023, after winning a landslide presidential election. Jakov Milatović is the youngest person to hold the office of President in independent Montenegro.

He previously served as the Minister of Economic Development in Montenegro’s cabinet from December 4, 2020, to April 28, 2022. Milatović co-founded and was the deputy leader of Europe Now!, a liberal and pro-European political party, until February 24, 2024.

Jakov Milatović had a successful career as an economist before entering politics. He worked for institutions like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Milatović is a supporter of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union and advocates for closer relations between Montenegro and Serbia.

Did You Know?

He is against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and supports sanctions against Russia in response.

1. Gabriel Boric, Chile

Age When Became President: 35 (in 2022)
Country: Chile
Still Operating: Still the president

Gabriel Boric, ChilePhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gabriel Boric is the current President of Chile. He was born on February 11, 1986. He became the president of Chile on March 11, 2022.

Gabriel Boric began his political career as a student leader and later served as a deputy in the Chilean Congress. He co-founded the political coalition Frente Amplio and was a major part of the Chilean social movement.

He faced challenges, including declining approval ratings. His approval ratings fluctuated, starting at 50% and dropping to as low as 25%, with factors like crime and economic instability influencing public opinion.

Boric is against the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and emphasized Chile’s commitment to peace.  Gabriel Boric’s presidency focuses on progressive policies, including gender parity in his cabinet and efforts towards a new constitution.

Did You Know?

Gabriel Boric’s government established pensions for individuals who suffered human rights violations during the 2019–2020 protests in Chile.


These 5 youngest presidents in the world have done a lot for their respective countries regardless of their age. With their fresh mindsets, energy, and commitment to change, they are shaping their nations’ paths for the better.

Apart from presidents, there are various national leaders across the globe creating history.  As the world continues evolving, such diverse, youthful leadership seems to be necessary, especially for tackling modern challenges innovatively and progressively.

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