Oldest Navy Museum in the World

Oldest Navy Museum in the World

The Navies from different countries have been conducting military operations at sea for a very long time. Navies across the globe have a  long history with a lot of weaponry and badges to display in their museums and heritage centers.

These museums are an opportunity for any patriot to connect with their protectors and war heroes. These navy museums help in understanding the evolution of the maritime military. 

So, if you want to go further in history to learn about heroes in the sea, here are the 8 oldest navy museums in the world. 

8. The Museum of the Polish Navy (Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej)

Founded: 1961
Location: Gdynia, Poland

The Museum of the Polish NavyPhoto Source: gdynia

The Naval Museum in Gdynia was founded in 1945 when it organized an exhibition on the “Defence of our Coast in 1939.” In 1953, the museum officially established itself and initially resided in a pre-war villa.  Due to poor conditions, they closed the villa in 1969 and set up a temporary exhibition in a cinema building.

In 1975, they opened a new and expanded Exhibition Hall of Naval Weapons and Armaments on Seaside Boulevard. In 1976, they replaced ORP Burza with the destroyer ORP Błyskawica as a museum ship, some aircraft carriers parts, featuring a small exhibition. In 1998, they established the foundation “A Roof for our Navy’s History” to formalize preserving naval history.

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In 1960, they transformed the destroyer ORP Burza into a museum ship, which drew over 3.7 million visitors during its 15 years as a museum.

7. The United States Navy Museum

Founded: 1961
Location: Washington, D.C., USA

The United States Navy MuseumPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The National Museum of the United States Navy is located in Washington, D.C., and was established in 1961. The museum is the flagship museum of the United States Navy, situated in the former Breech Mechanism Shop at the Washington Navy Yard. Its mission is to collect, preserve, display, and interpret historic naval artifacts and artwork for both naval personnel and the public.

The museum’s collection dates back to 1800 and features remarkable artifacts, including the USS Constitution’s fighting top and the Trieste submersible. 

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Nearly 94,000 people visit annually, with free admission, and the museum is architecturally accessible.

6. The Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre

Founded: 1916
Location: Sydney, Australia

The Royal Australian Navy Heritage CentrePhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 2005, the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre serves as the maritime museum of the Royal Australian Navy. It’s located at the northern end of the Garden Island naval base in Sydney. The need for such a museum was recognized as early as 1922, with Vice Admiral Sir William Creswell suggesting the creation of a museum to showcase the rich heritage of the Australian Navy.

The center’s mission is to make the Naval Heritage Collection (NHC) accessible to the public. The NHC contains over 250,000 individual items, showcasing the Australian naval experience.

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The museum features several thematic displays, including “The Professions of Navy,” “The Periscope,” “Naval Technology and Ordnance,” “The Battle of Sydney,” “In Which We Serve,” “Boats and Dockyards,” “A Sailor’s Life For Me,” and “The Bridge.”

5. The Royal Norwegian Navy Museum (Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum)

Founded: 1853
Location: Horten, Norway

The Royal Norwegian Navy MuseumPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

Founded on August 24, 1853, the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum (Marinemuseet) is situated in Horten at the former main naval base of Karljohansvern.In the 1980s, the Royal Norwegian Navy Library became a part of the museum.  Additionally, the museum has preserved the navy’s ship log books spanning from 1814 to the present. These archives span from around 1750 to the present and include approximately 4,500 volumes.

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With its origins dating back to 1805, the library’s book collection currently stands at approximately 25,000 volumes.

4. The United States Naval Academy Museum

Founded: 1845
Location: Annapolis, Maryland, USA

The United States Naval Academy MuseumPhoto Source: USNA

The United States Naval Academy Museum is situated within the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. This museum is situated overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, where the future of the U.S. Navy is shaped. It highlights legendary naval figures, like Admiral Chester Nimitz and John Paul Jones, sharing their heroic tales. 

The museum was established in 1845 as the Naval School Lyceum. 

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The museum is home to one of the oldest collections, with President James K. Polk directing the Navy’s historic flags to be sent here in 1849.

3. The National Maritime Museum (Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum)

Founded: 1830
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The National Maritime MuseumPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The National Maritime Museum, known as “Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum,” is situated in Amsterdam, a city closely connected to maritime trade and exploration, the museum’s location is steeped in history. 

Consider the life-sized replica of a Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship, the “Amsterdam,” and learn about the Golden Age of Dutch maritime dominance. The museum is all-ages friendly, with educational programs, family-friendly activities, and engaging displays. 

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The National Maritime Museum has a unique glass roof, designed to resemble water, in the central courtyard.

2. The Royal Dutch Navy Museum (Het Marine Museum)

Founded: 1830
Location: Den Helder, Netherlands

The Royal Dutch Navy MuseumPhoto Source: WMSM

The Royal Dutch Navy Museum, known as Het Marine Museum in Dutch, was founded in 1923. The Royal Dutch Navy Museum is located in Den Helder, a city serving as the primary Dutch naval base. The authentic submarine ‘Tonijn’ helps to gain a firsthand understanding of Dutch submariners’ lives. 

Did you know?

The Royal Barge, the royal Dutch badge used in significant state events, is one of the main displays here.

1. The Royal Danish Naval Museum (Orlogsmuseet)

Founded: 1685
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Danish Naval MuseumPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Royal Danish Naval Museum was established in 1685 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.  This oldest navy museum in the world is known for its impressive collection of ship models. These models represent the evolution of naval vessel design over centuries. This museum houses the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, which has been used by the Danish royal family since 1931. They also display maritime weaponry and navigation tools.  

Did you know?

The Royal Danish Naval Museum has a well-preserved uniform worn by the Admiral of the Danish Fleet on display.


The Navy, in any nation, is one of the most respected insitutions. They protect the country and serve the nation. The Navies across the globe work tirelessly to keep their country safe, and most of their levis, they are surrounded by endless water. They are highly trained officers and sacrifice a lot for their country. 

This maritime branch of armed forces deserves to be known, especially its history and evolutions. So, head over to one of these museums and have a whiff of the life of armed forces in the maritime. 

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