60 Vintage & Antique Desks for Sale (Budget options included)

From the 19th century’s grand executive desks to their space-economic secretaries, to the mid-century modern advent of industrial steel in the designs—desks have been a changing and yet consistent piece of furniture over the last 150 years. What follows is a small taste of the different options available to you as you search for an antique desk …

Antique Desk Styles

  • Executive desks: originally this style was made of solid carved wood (oak or mahogany were favored) but the materials used spread through the mid-20th century so that now an executive desk is a designer statement piece.
  • Secretary: This is particular to the 19th & early 20th century, designed as small hutches where the fold-down cover was also the writing surface. They were designed to take up minimal space while providing a writing space, usually for the lady of the house.
  • MCM: Mid-Century Modern, a style that made an impact on everything from architecture to frames/mirrors to desks. Mid-20th century, a focus on geometrical designs and improving access to a wider range of man-made materials changed the face of design.
  • School Desk: Usually an attached seat and desk with storage built-in under either, these are child-sized desks frequently well-used by generations of children.
  • Computer Desk: This is a bit more of a blurry category because it is primarily what the modern person needs from a desk—but it’s a new addition in the last few decades. This category often contains desks that can be used well with a computer, not so much designed to be used with one.

What to Look for When Buying One

The basics and specifics of searching for your new desk:

  • Designer name: this can either be an important part of your search, or something to eschew because it can add quite a bit to the price.
  • Wear: especially around the bottom edges and drawer openings are where desks tend to accumulate dents and dings
  • Structure: is the desk still sturdy? Is it in need of repair? Does it look like it’s going to rattle every time you touch it (that could be inconvenient…)?
  • Drawers: most desks have drawers, but you’ll want to make sure they a) work and b) ideally, work smoothly. Another point here is if there is a lock on one or more drawers, are the locks functional and is the key included?

I) Inexpensive vintage desks

1. Small Roll-top

Period: 1930s
Material: Wood
Features: Roll-top opens to reveal storage hutch
Price: $249

Small Roll-top

This is a small secretary-style roll-top desk. It is being sold from the estate of its first owner. It has been well used and loved, it is in functional condition but needs some surface care and refinishing.

Buy this desk here.

2. French Style

Period: 1960s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 40“W x 26“D x 30.5“H
Features: Single center drawer, no handle
Price: $275

French Style

With cabriole legs and carved detailing around the desk and brace, this is an elegant piece of furniture in excellent repair. Minimal signs of wear to the finish.

Buy this desk here.

3. French Provincial

Period: 1970s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 42“W x 21“D x 29“H
Features: Seven drawers to maximize storage!
Price: $249

French Provincial
This desk could also be used as a vanity, either way it is a darling piece in good condition. The seller offers to stain/paint it any colors you want, so there is an option of customization as well!

Buy this desk here.

4. Small Writing Desk

Period: 1970s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 30“W x 20“D x 30“H
Features: Single drawer
Price: $250

Small Writing Desk
Beautifully detailed in a nice dusty green color, this piece would make a great side table or writing desk. There are no outstanding damages.

Buy this desk here.

5. Hummingbird Lap Desk

Period: 1980s
Material: Wood
Size: 13.25“W x 15“D x 4.5“H
Features: Storage compartment under desk-top
Price: $40

Hummingbird Lap Desk
A quaint little piece decorated by hummingbirds and flowers along the side, this lap desk is in good vintage condition!

Buy this desk here.

6. Magnolia Shabby Chic

Period: 1980s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 29.5“W x 14.5“D x 39“H
Features: Three full-sized drawers & storage inside the hutch
Price: $379

Magnolia Shabby Chic
This desk has been hand-painted in a cream color to feature a magnolia branch across the top of the piece. Overall, it is in good vintage condition; ready for storage and/or writing uses!

Buy this desk here.

7. Geometric Styling

Period: 1980s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 40“W x 18“D x 30“H
Features: Six drawers for plenty of storage
Price: $199

Geometric Styling
A mid-century modern design with sharp angles and geometric lines is highlighted by double drawer pulls and a carved panel over the seating area of this desk. This piece is in great condition with minimal scratches or nicks.

Buy this desk here.

II) Vintage executive desks

1. Cowan Furniture Co. Carved Mahogany

Period: c. 1900
Material: Mahogany wood
Size: 61“W x 30“D x 37.5“H
Features: Three drawers & two cabinets, each has a smaller drawer & three cubbies
Price: $1695

Cowan Furniture Co. Carved Mahogany
Mahogany legs rest on brass casters, for ease of movement with this heavily carved and sturdy desk. The styling is gorgeous; the table features the wear of a century’s existence but is in good condition.

Buy this desk here.

2. Business Furniture Co. Steel

Period: 1950s
Material: Steel & linoleum
Size: 60“W x 67“D x 29.5“H
Features: Desk & return together, making this an L-shape with five drawers all together
Price: $1999

Business Furniture Co. Steel
This executive desk, featuring a return to create an L-shape, is made of steel with a linoleum top surface. It is in good condition for its age, although the paint does seem to be original as it is chipping around the edges.

Buy this desk here.

3. Gunni Omann Floating Desktop

Period: 1960s
Material: Teak wood & metal
Size: 57.25“W x 27.5“D x 29.25“H
Features: Four drawers: two with locks, one of which is file-sized
Price: $2995

Gunni Omann Floating Desktop
Carefully refinished with a European hard wax finish, this mid-century modern teak desk is fully functional and ready for use. The two locking drawers function smoothly, the original key is included.

Buy this desk here.

4. Carlo Ratti Mahogany

Period: 1960s
Material: Mahogany ply & steel
Size: 66“W x 32“D x 31“H
Features: 6 drawers accessed from front of desk + a drop-down bar cabinet accessed from back
Price: $18,500

Carlo Ratti Mahogany
This is a unique Italian designer piece. From the atomic legs to the bent mahogany ply drawers to the solid desk surface—this is the essence of 1960s style. It’s not your antique steal-of-a-deal, but it is a find!

Buy this desk here.

5. Jens Quistgaard Flip Top

Period: 1960s
Material: Rosewood & brass fittings
Size: 64“W x 28.75“D x 29“H
Features: Four drawers & storage cubbies
Price: $6495

Jens Quistgaard Flip Top
The top storage cubbies on this desk can flip over so that their bottom extends the writing area of this desk. The piece was specifically designed for one Peter Lovig Nielson.

Buy this desk here.

6. Carved Wood Horses

Period: 1970s
Material: Wood
Size: 82“W x 37.5“D x 30“H
Features: Large center drawer & two pull-out writing surfaces
Price: $5700

Carved Wood Horses
This desk rests on a center base with a caned design … and two carved horseheads to either side! This is a unique desk, in good structural condition and good overall condition. (A leather office chair is included in the listing.)

Buy this desk here.

7. Burlwood Desk

Period: 1980s
Material: Burlwood, Birdseye wood, & brass
Size: 55“W x 26“D x 30“H
Features: Nine drawers & two pull-out writing surfaces
Price: $2300

Burlwood Desk
This stunning executive desk is constructed of burlwood—a type of wood with a very different, mottled grain. The construction is simple and yet the wood gives the desk a refined edge. There is wear around the edges, but the desk is in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

8. Solid Oak Desk

Period: Pre-2000
Material: Oak wood & bronze
Size: 85.5“W x 45“D x 31“H
Features: Eight drawers & two pull-out surfaces (one to either side of seating space)
Price: $3300

Solid Oak Desk
This is a classic piece: a solid double-pedestal desk constructed of oak wood, with detailed carving along the edges and drawer fronts. Some of the drawers lock but a key would need to be made. The desk is in excellent vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

9. Hekman Tooled-Leather Top

Period: Pre-2000
Material: Blonde wood, tooled leather, & metal
Size: 61“W x 31“D x 30.25“H
Features: Twelve drawer fronts open into five drawers: two on either side and one in the center
Price: $800

Hekman Tooled-Leather Top
This blonde wood desk is in excellent condition, with only minimal wear. The key for the center locking drawer is included.

Buy this desk here.

III) Antique writing desks

1. Victorian Travel Secretary

Period: 19th century
Material: Mahogany, Mother of Pearl, & Brass
Size: 14“W x 11.5“D x 4“H
Features: Raised piece lifts to reveal compartments for ink & quills
Price: $131

Victorian Travel Secretary
This is a portable desk, to allow for use either in bed or on a sofa or else while travelling in a carriage. This particular secretary would have been quite the expense even during its heyday with the inlaid mother of pearl & brass trim work. It is in excellent vintage condition, although the key is missing.

Buy this desk here.

2. Tin Campaign Desk

Period: 19th century
Material: Tin & wood
Size: 14.25“W x 6“D x 10.25“H
Features: This “desk” is designed for ease of wartime movement
Price: $250

Tin Campaign Desk
This campaign desk is similar to ones tied to the US Civil War, there is no certain tie for this one but at least the era is known! It is in worn condition but nonetheless functional, with three small drawers and a hutch divided in two compartments.

Buy this desk here.

3. Oak Campaign Desk

Period: 1920s
Material: Oak wood & shellac
Size: 32.25“W x 18.25“D x 28.5“H
Features: Single small drawer to right on desk
Price: $300

Oak Campaign Desk
This classy 1920s piece has been fully restored: restabilized legs and the finish resealed. There are slight marks of its age, but overall, it is in fine condition.

Buy this desk here.

4. DC Paris Exotic Woods

Period: 1940s to 50s
Material: Various exotic woods & metals
Size: 43“W x 20“D x 31“H
Features: Five drawers, two to each side & one centered
Price: $418

DC Paris Exotic Woods
The highlight of this desk is in the inlay work featuring a variety of woods. The top feature a metallic edging as well. This piece is beautifully designed, but it has seen a bit of wear.

Buy this desk here.

5. Curved-Back Kittinger

Period: 1960s
Material: Mahogany/Oak wood & metal
Size: 42“W x 21“D x 29.75“H
Features: Three drawers
Price: $2650

Curved-Back Kittinger
A Kittinger desk in mahogany wood has been beautifully restored. The back of the desk features curved corners, while the front has an inset in the seat space. It is in excellent surface & structural condition.

Buy this desk here.

6. Kimball Chrome-Edged Walnut

Period: 1980s
Material: Walnut wood, laminate, & chrome
Size: 47.5“W x 30“D x 29“H
Features: Two drawers & one pull-out file cabinet.
Price: $350

Kimball Chrome-Edged Walnut
This walnut desk is finished on the back (chrome accent as well), allowing for it to be placed anywhere in a room. It is in good condition, with only the normal wear-and-tear you’d expect from a vintage piece.

Buy this desk here.

7. Reclaimed Teak Doors

Period: 1980s
Material: Teakwood & metal
Size: 60“W x 30“D x 31“H
Features: Two drawers & two doored compartments, as well as an under-desk shelf
Price: $3000

Reclaimed Teak Doors
This desk is handmade from reclaimed teak doors, the back and sides are finished (in the sense that they are also reclaimed wood). This desk is a great statement piece for your office!

Buy this desk here.

8. Moroccan Berber Carved Cedar

Period: Pre-2000
Material: Cedar wood
Size: 59“W x 31.5“D x 29“H
Features: Six drawers, three to either side
Price: $4646

Moroccan Berber Carved Cedar
This is an amazingly intricate carved piece of art—that is also a fully functional desk! There is some wear to the surface, with scratches here and there but it is stunning overall. (Glass on the top might be a good idea…)

Buy this desk here.

IV) Vintage computer desks

1. ACME Visible Records

Period: 1940s
Material: Maple wood & steel
Size: 43“W x 23.5“D x 31“H
Features: Two individual pull-out surfaces
Price: $995

ACME Visible Records
The maple wood top on this table is new, but the forest green frame is original. This table was used at a Detroit National office in Machesney Park, IL. It is in good condition.

Buy this desk here.

2. Black & White & Script

Period: 1950s
Material: Wood
Size: 42“W x 22“D x 30“H
Features: Drawers down both sides & one in center for plenty of storage!
Price: $420

Black & White & Script
This vintage desk has been refinished in a black-and-white theme: stripping along the sides and back & white script on black on the drawer faces. The top has been finished to a nice walnut color, while new brass knobs have been installed as drawer pulls. This piece is salvaged, hence in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

3. Ethan Allen Secretary

Period: 1950s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 26.75“W x 24“D x 41“H
Features: One drawer & lockable hutch (original skeleton key included!)
Price: $475

Ethan Allen Secretary
This lovely piece in French Blue and peach rose interior in in excellent vintage condition. A metallic stencil inside adds to the theme.

Buy this desk here.

4. Woven Rattan

Period: 1970s
Material: Rattan
Size: 44.5“W x 20.25“D x 30.75“H
Features: Two file drawers & a small drawer over seating area
Price: $349

Woven Rattan
A woven rattan desk in good condition, minimal breaks in the rattan. The back is not finished, but the sides are!

Buy this desk here.

5. Henry Link Wicker Desk & Chair

Period: 1980s
Material: Wood, wicker, & glass
Size: 46“W x 19.5“D x 30.5“H
Features: Four drawer … and a chair!
Price: $395

Henry Link Wicker Desk & Chair
This desk is completely finished in woven wicker. It has minimal discoloring and is in overall excellent condition. The top is covered in glass for ease (and comfort) of use. The included chair is entirely wicker as well.

Buy this desk here.

V) Antique school desks

1. Country Oak School Desk

Period: 19th century
Material: Oak wood
Size: 47.25“W x 30.25“D x 32.5“H
Features: Seats two children, with individual storage compartments for each
Price: $2000

Country Oak School Desk
With solid oak construction & space for two children, this is an antique piece with quite a bit of versatility and usability left to it!

Buy this desk here.

2. Buffalo NY Cast Iron

Period: Late 1800s
Material: Cast iron & wood
Size: 18”W x 25”D x 25”H unfolded, 18”W x 20”D x 25”H seat folded
Features: Folding chair on front of desk
Price: $224

Buffalo NY Cast Iron
The classic epitome of the 19th century schoolhouse. This folding chair & desk is in excellent condition–considering it has been well-used by student and bears the marks to prove it.

Buy this desk here.

3. Cast Iron & Maple

Period: c. 1910
Material: Cast iron & maple wood
Size: 13“W x 10.5“D x 25“H
Features: Lift-up desktop for storage
Price: $280

Cast Iron & Maple
This is a gorgeous cast iron piece finished with maple seat and desktop. It has been completed restored by the seller and is ready to be used to displayed!

Buy this desk here.

4. Mid-Century Envoy

Period: 1940s
Material: Metal & wood
Size: 18“W x 25“H
Features: Cubby underneath chair for storage
Price: $125

Mid-Century Envoy
This school desk has probably seen better days—it’s on the more worn end of vintage items. However, it is structurally sound and a great mid-century design. It would make either a great project or display item!

Buy this desk here.

5. Atomic Era Red

Period: 1940s to 50s
Material: Steel & wood
Size: 24“W x 28“D x 26“H
Features: Lift-up desk with storage cubby
Price: $375

Atomic Era Red
This classy red school desk has been refinished to excellent condition. The structural condition is solid as well.

Buy this desk here.

6. Restored American Seating Company Desk

Period: 1950s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: n/a
Features: New handcrafted desktop lifts to reveal original storage cubby!
Price: $275

Restored American Seating Company Desk
A 1950s school desk freshly restored and looking shiny! This piece has a new desk top matched to the older wood, it’s a good-looking piece of furniture!

Buy this desk here.

7. Oak Half-Desk

Period: 1950s
Material: Oak wood
Size: 20“W x 21“D x 29.5“H
Features: Small platform under seat for light storage
Price: $75

Oak Half-Desk
There are actually around 20 matching chairs available through this seller, at $75 each. They have been recently refinished; they’ve been used by children before and after, so they do show wear signs.

Buy this desk here.

8. Old West Style Desk

Period: 1990s
Material: Wood & steel
Size: 29“W x 17.5“D x 30.5“H
Features: The desktop folds down for compact storage … or alternate use as a stand
Price: $185

Old West Style Desk
This bright red desk has been refinished and is ready for use as either a flat desk or easel-tilt display! It is in overall great condition.

Buy this desk here.

9. Oak Side-Drawer

Period: Pre-2000
Material: Oak wood & metal
Size: 12.5“W x 24.25“D x 25.25“H
Features: Drawer under seat for storage & adjustable (albeit sticky) desk height
Price: $150

Oak Side-Drawer
This school desk is a bit of an unusual design with a drawer underneath the seat to allow for an adjustable desktop. It has some surface wear and scratching, but structurally it is functional; overall, it is in good vintage shape.

Buy this desk here.

VI) Antique secretary desks

1. Queen Anne Farmhouse

Period: 1900s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 29“W x 16“D x 39“H
Features: Three drawer and small storage cubbies inside hutch
Price: $495

Queen Anne Farmhouse
This is a more rustic piece, well-loved through the years with the surface and interior wear to show for it. It features grain sack striping on the front face.

Buy this desk here.

2. Art Nouveau Davenport Desk

Period: 1900s
Material: Wood & brass
Size: 27.5“W x 23.5“D x 46“H
Features: Three drawers on left side and a cabinet on the right, as well as a lift-up tabletop—all of which are lockable with the (included) original key.
Price: $650

Art Nouveau Davenport Desk
This lovely Davenport desk features the drawers and storage cabinet on the sides of the desk instead of the typical front access. It’s a charming design in a beautiful Art Nouveau style. The piece is in excellent condition.

Buy this desk here.

3. Tiger Oak Slim

Period: 1910s
Material: Tiger Oak Wood
Size: 30“W x 12.5“D x 43.5“H
Features: Ultra-slim design for easy fit while maximizing storage with three shelfs & five cubbies
Price: $537

Tiger Oak Slim
This secretaire was constructed especially slim, even for this desk style! It is barely over a foot deep, but nonetheless featuring plenty of storage capacity. This desk is a lovely Arts & Crafts piece in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

3. Tiger Oak Slim

Period: 1910s
Material: Tiger Oak Wood
Size: 30“W x 12.5“D x 43.5“H
Features: Ultra-slim design for easy fit while maximizing storage with three shelfs & five cubbies
Price: $537

Tiger Oak Slim
This secretaire was constructed especially slim, even for this desk style! It is barely over a foot deep, but nonetheless featuring plenty of storage capacity. This desk is a lovely Arts & Crafts piece in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

4. Hand-Painted Secretary

Period: 1930s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 32“W x 15.5“D x 40.25“H
Features: n/a
Price: $970

Hand-Painted Secretary
This vintage secretary has been hand-painted in a beautiful green & blue color scheme with gold detailing and interior. It is in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

5. Secretary Bookcase

Period: Early 20th century
Material: Oak wood, glass, & metal
Size: 38“W x 13.5“D x 67“H
Features: Full height bookcase/curio cabinet to side of secretary desk & mirror
Price: $1200

Secretary Bookcase
This furniture piece is a side-by-side bookcase (or curio cabinet) and secretary desk in one. The piece is in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

6. Shabby Chic Floral

Period: 1960s
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 29.5“W x 14“D x 39“H
Features: Three full drawers & seven organization cubbies inside the hutch
Price: $390

Shabby Chic Floral
This secretary is painted a deep blue on the exterior & a light blue inside the hutch, both accented by painted flowers inspired by Moroccan Majorelle Garden. This piece has been loved into shape for continued use: resurfaced & painted. It appears to be in good condition structurally.

Buy this desk here.

7. Swedish MCM by Bröderna Gustafsson

Period: 1960s
Material: Teak & veneer
Size: 35.5“W x 17.75“D x 39.5“H
Features: Three dresser-style drawers plus two smaller & several cubbies
Price: $673

Swedish MCM by Bröderna Gustafsson
Mid-century modern design and angles highlight this teak dresser/secretary desk. The piece is in good repair.

Buy this desk here.

8. Danish “Model 37”

Period: 1960s
Material: Teak
Size: 33.5“W x 17.5“D x 43“H
Features: Three large drawers & several cubbies for storage
Price: $2175

Danish “Model 37”
Sleek curves and inset drawer handles, creating a smooth front look, set this piece firmly in mid-century modern styling. It was designed by Arne Wahl Iversen. This piece is in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

9. Two-Tone Blue with Inlay

Period: Pre-2000
Material: Wood & metal
Size: 36“W x 22“D x 45“H
Features: Single drawer with 6 compartments inside hutch
Price: $1650

Two-Tone Blue with Inlay
This is a beautiful secretary desk with inlayed natural wood, spring flowers, and gold highlighting over a two-toned blue base. The storage areas and overall usability of the piece are both functional, in good condition. (The matching chair is included!)

Buy this desk here.

VII) Mid-century desks

1. Orna Skyliner Steel

Period: 1950s
Material: Steel
Size: 60“W x 34“D x 29.5“H, 19” seating area
Features: 4 drawers (one w/ lock), filing cabinet, & 2 pull-out writing areas
Price: $1799

Orna Skyliner Steel
This desk is only available for local pick-up only, but it is an amazing find. The blend of Mid-Century Modern & Streamline Moderne styles creates a fantastic design. The desk is in stunning condition for its age, only minor wear here and there.

Buy this desk here.

2. MCM World Map

Period: 1960s
Material: Laminate & wood
Size: 35.5“W x 23.25“D x 28“H, 17”W seating area
Features: Four drawers with pulls
Price: $199

MCM World Map
Splayed “cigar” legs support this mid-century desk that sports a vivid world map on the desk surface. The four drawers all function smoothly; the piece is in good condition though there is some scratching on the wood surfaces.

Buy this desk here.

3. USSR Dark Walnut

Period: 1960s
Material: Walnut wood
Size: 51“W x 29.5“D x 31“H
Features: Full-length storage shelf + bank of three drawers
Price: $590

USSR Dark Walnut
This desk in dark walnut originated in the USSR, a rare find. It is in great condition, with a fantastic mid-century modern styling.

Buy this desk here.

4. Broyhill Saga Walnut

Period: 1960s
Material: Walnut wood & metal
Size: 50.5”W x 22.25”D x 30”H
Features: Six drawers, “three” to either side and one non-handle pullout in center
Price: $999

Broyhill Saga Walnut
This is a utilitarian desk in excellent condition, with no outstanding scrapes or dings to the surface. The front edge features a slight angling into the center that adds a bit of unique charm to this piece!

Buy this desk here.

5. Sligh Lowry Old-World Map

Period: 1960s
Material: Wood, leather, & metal
Size: 46“W x 22.75“D x 30“H
Features: “Nine” drawers: five smaller & two file-size
Price: $1195

Sligh Lowry Old-World Map
Leather-topped & featuring old-world mapping on the drawer fronts, this Sligh Lowry brand desk is a class piece resting on its metal footings. It is in great vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

6. Gianfranco Frattini Wooden

Period: 1960s
Material: Oak/walnut wood & brass
Size: 124“W x 68“D x 75“H
Features: Two drawers, one to either side, with center cubby & pull-out tray to side
Price: $2042

A designer piece by Gianfranco Frattini, this desk was produced by Bernini (authentic number under the desk). The desk is in excellent condition.

Buy this desk here.

VIII) Vintage desks with hutch

1. Quartersawn Oak Roll-top

Period: 19th century
Material: Oak wood & metal
Size: 51“W x 63.5“H
Features: Eight desk drawers + a mix of smaller drawers and cubbies in the hutch
Price: $2250

Quartersawn Oak Roll-top
This desk features a beautiful carved design plus high functionality with all the storage space available between the drawers and hutch. The roll-top releases smoothly as well.

Buy this desk here.

2. Plantation Hutch Desk

Period: 19th century
Material: Cherry/pine wood & metal
Size: 38“W x 16“D x 69“H
Features: One full-sized drawer, two smaller drawers + storage compartments inside desk, & storage cabinet above gives plenty of storage space for all your desk needs!
Price: $1400

Plantation Hutch Desk
This is on the older end of the desks on this list, it is in superb condition for its age. A good cleaning and polishing will have it looking fabulous and ready for use one again!

Buy this desk here.

3. Oak Roll Top

Period: 1930s
Material: Oak wood
Size: 54“W x 34“D x 51.5“H
Features: Plenty of storage: four drawers & plenty of cubbies between the hutch and lower cabinet
Price: $975

The desk space and cubbies can be covered by a fully-function oak tambour (withdrawn in the picture). This is a nice piece for a full-functional desk that can be left messy and yet hidden away! It is in good vintage condition.

Buy this desk here.

4. Queen Anne Highboy

Period: 1940s
Material: Wood & brass
Size: 30.5“W x 19.5“D x 72“H
Features: Plenty of storage in drawers and cubbies
Price: $620

A lovely piece of antique furniture, resurfaced in a nice robin egg’s blue. This piece features a large amount of storage, while also functioning as a desk thanks to the swing-down secretary desk.

Buy this desk here.

5. Colonial Maple Wood

Period: 1960s
Material: Wood
Size: 28“W x 20“D x 70“H
Features: A drawer, two shelfs, and a hidden storage compartment under the tabletop give plenty of storage space on this piece!
Price: $1295

This colonial style hutch desk is in good repair, with only minimal surface damage. It’s a classic-looking piece that will add character to any room.

Buy this desk here.

6. Sun Cabinet JM-501

Period: 1990s
Material: Teak & leather
Size: 35.5“W x 21.5“D x 44.25“H
Features: Three full-width drawers (bottom one designed for hanging files) plus several smaller drawers and compartments in the hutch
Price: $1300

Sun Cabinet JM-501
Designed by Danish Jon Mortensen, this piece was produced by Sun Cabinet in Thailand. It is in excellent condition; the sliding tambour is fully functional and ready to use.

Buy this desk here.

7. Cabinet Hutch Secretary

Period: Pre-2000
Material: Wood, metal, & glass
Size: 31.5“W x 17“D x 79“H
Features: Glass cabinet hutch allows for storage of glassware or other display items, four drawers below allow for hidden storage as well.
Price: $465

Part dresser, part secretary table, & part glass cabinet—this piece allows for all sorts of usability in a very elegant and smooth design! It is in vintage good condition; the bottom has seen quite a bit of surface scrapping.

Buy this desk here.



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