Youngest Eagle Scout

9 Youngest Eagle Scouts in History

Eagle Scout is the highest achievement in the Scouts BSA program of the Boy Scouts of America. Becoming an Eagle Scout signifies that a person is able to undertake immense responsibility and handle it with the utmost efficiency.

To become an Eagle Scout, one must take on leadership roles in their communities, obtain a minimum of 21 merit badges, and complete a large community service project. While there have been a lot of people who have been awarded this honor, few have been able to obtain this award at a young age.

Listed here are the top 9 youngest Eagle Scouts who managed to complete all the requirements to achieve this honor at a very young age.

9. Ivanna Viloria Enciso

Origin: Tucson chapter of BSA, Catalina Council.
Troop #: 129
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 14
Merit Badges: 36

Ivanna Viloria Encisophoto source:

Ivanna Viloria Enciso is starting our list of youngest Eagle Scouts ever, a 14-year-old from Mexico City.

Ivanna and her family immigrated to Tucson from Mexico City in 2018. Ivanna quickly joined the Tucson chapter of the BSA and continued with her scouting adventures in Mexico City. Ivanna was a part of the Asociación de Scouts de México, Mexico’s largest co-ed scouting organization, and even made it to the rank of a Beaver Scout there at just four years old.

Ivanna is now one of the youngest Eagle Scouts. She is also one of the first female scouts to have achieved this honor.

Did You Know?

Ivanna had a total of 36 merit badges at the time of her induction into the Eagle Scout rank, way more than the 21 required. Her community service project included building a Gaga ball pit in her brother’s elementary school, the Painted Sky Elementary School.

8. Scarlett Helmecki

Origin: Pike Creek, Delaware
Troop #: 1923
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 14
Merit Badges: 21 (at least, more unknown)

Scarlett Helmeckiphoto source:

Scarlett Helmecki from Pink Creek, Delaware, is the eighth youngest Eagle Scout ever.

At the age of just 14, Scarlett was one of nearly 1,000 girls promoted to this rank in the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts. Scarlett is one of the few girls to make history by becoming an Eagle Scout nearly 100 years after the BSA was first established.

Even though most of her family members were Scouts, Scarlett is the first female in her family to receive the honor of becoming an Eagle. As part of her final project, Scarlett replaced old telephone poles at her school.

Did You Know?

Scarlett is part of the Troop 1923, which is named after the year when the state of Delaware ratified the 19th amendment and gave women the right to vote.

7. Tyler Earnst

Origin: Jackson, MI
Troop #: 4312
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 14
Merit Badges: 21

photo source:

Tyler Earnst received the honor of Eagle Scout at 14.

Tyler received the highest honor of BSA at a ceremony in the Cornerstone Christian Church. In his speech, Tyler exclaimed that receiving this honor was incredible, especially because only 4 out of a 100 scouts actually get to become an Eagle Scout.

Before he was a Boy Scout, Tyler Earnst was also a Cub Scout and took part in many community projects from a very young age. His mandatory community project for becoming an Eagle Scout consisted of completing renovation work in three early childhood rooms in the same church where he was honored after becoming an Eagle.

Did You Know?

Tyler has been particularly active with the Cornerstone Christian Church throughout his Boy Scouts journey. Before becoming an Eagle, Tyler joined the Church delegation on a summer mission to Haiti, where he took the lead in presenting a Bible lesson to several Haitian children.

6. Amanda Bales

Origin: Sequoia Chapter of the BSA
Troop #: 60G
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 14
Merit Badges: 21

Amanda Balesphoto source:

Amanda Bales earned the highest honor in the BSA at the age of just 14.

Even more extraordinary about her journey is the fact that Amanda is the first female to receive the highest BSA honor in the Central Valley.

After earning all the required badges for becoming an Eagle Scout, Amanda Bales and her fellow troop 60G members started working on a solution to help the animals displaced by wildfires in the county. They came up with the idea to create owl and bat boxes. These boxes shelter the owl to protect them from attacking turkeys and provide bats with a place to sleep at night.

Did You Know?

Due to her exceptional community service project, Amanda Bales was honored at the City Council meeting where Mayor Drew Bessinger presented her with a City of Clover Challenge Coin.

5. Jared Washburn

Origin: Carmel
Troop #: 132
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 13
Merit Badges: 21

Jared Washburnphoto source:

Jared Washburn, a former Cub Scout and a Boy Scout, now sits at the fifth spot on our list of youngest Eagle Scouts, having received the honor at the age of just 13.

Jared was initially a member of Carmel’s troop# 576, the same troop his father was affiliated with in his younger years. Troop 576 was affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However, when the church announced that it was going to disband its relationship with the BSA, Jared had to complete all the requirements needed to become an Eagle Scout before his troop was disbanded.

Jared completed his mandatory community project by installing a 16-foot shade sail at Edison School of the Arts in Indianapolis. He quickly joined Troop 132 after completing his final project to propel forward his proceedings of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Did You Know?

Technically, Jared could have become an Eagle Scout at a much younger age. He was nearly done with all the requirements halfway through his twelfth year. However, a change of troops, the pandemic situation, and other such hassles slowed down his progression.

4. Micah

Origin: Clinton, Maryland
Troop #: 1237
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 13
Merit Badges: 42

Micahphoto source:

Micah, a 13-year-old over-achiever from Clinton, Maryland, sits at the fourth spot in our list of youngest Eagle Scouts ever.

Since he was in the second grade, Micah has wanted to be an Eagle Scout. He quickly rose through the ranks of a Boy Scout, collecting several achievements on the way to receive one of the highest awards in the BSA.

As part of his community project, Micah installed a Blue Bird House Trail to provide suitable nesting and mating occupancies for Bluebird families at the Cheltenham Youth Camp in Clinton, Maryland. Although their project was pushed back due to the pandemic, Micah and his team successfully provided housing for at least two Bluebird families before the mating season came to an end.

Did You Know?

Micah recruited so many Scouts during his Boy Scout journey that a new award was created just for him!

3. Victor Holt Jr.

Origin: Oklahoma
Troop #: 20
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 12
Merit Badges: 21 (at least, more unknown)

Victor Holt source:

Victor Holt Jr. became an Eagle Scout at the age of just 12. He takes the third spot on our list of youngest Eagle Scouts of all time.

Victor Holt Jr. became an Eagle Scout in April of 1921. While there are records stating that he was exceptionally dedicated in his Scouting journey, there aren’t many records on the internet which describe the exact details of his Scout-hood.

However, being an Eagle Scout was not the only thing Victor Holt Jr. was famous for. He was also a college basketball star, playing two seasons with the Cook Painters – a team that remained the national AAU champion of that era.

Victor Holt Jr. was also the ex-president of the Goodyear Tire Company. He lived til the age of 79 before dying of Parkinson’s disease.

Did You Know?

While he is currently on the third spot on our list, Victor Holt Jr. was the youngest-ever Eagle Scout of America at the time of his induction in 1921.

2. Adam Polly

Origin: Grass Valley, California
Troop #: 24
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 12
Merit Badges: 71

photo source:

Adam Polly received the highest BSA honor at the age of 12, and became the second-youngest Eagle Scout ever.

Adam joined the Scouts at the age of six in 2014. He quickly rose through the ranks and completed multiple achievements even before becoming a Boy Scout. Not only did he engage in almost all of the electives offered at the Boy Scouts level, but he also collected more badges than any other Eagle Scout mentioned in this list. At the time of his induction as an Eagle Scout, Adam had collected over 71 badges.

As part of his mandatory community project, Adam installed three benches along the Wolf Creek trail so that joggers could have a place to rest between their runs.

Did You Know?

Adam Polly is currently associated with Troop 24 as a Senior Patrol Leader, and wishes to pursue further opportunities to serve his community through the Golden Empire Council.

1. Kaylan Ouerbacker

Origin: Ventura, California
Troop #: 813
Age at which became Eagle Scout: 11
Merit Badges: 21

photo source:

Kaylan Ouerbacker is the youngest Eagle Scout ever. He received the honor at the age of 11.

Kaylan, a member of Troop 813 in Ventura, California, was presented with this honor at the Bible Fellowship Church in 2014. After receiving his Eagle Scout status, he was also honored at a gathering in the Ventura Hall.

His achievement sounds especially outstanding when you consider the fact that the minimum age for becoming a Boy Scout is at least one day over the age of 10.

Like all other mentions in this list, Kaylan also displayed immense dedication and courage in completing all the requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout.

Did You Know?

Kaylan Ouerbacker and his family have a longstanding relationship with the BSA. His dad is also the Scout Troop’s leader.



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