Youngest Baby to Walk

4 of the Youngest Babies to Stand/Walk in Recorded History

There’s something to be said about being present for every milestone in a child’s development. The chance to see a baby experience things for the first time is a feeling that is impossible to replace with anything else. Whether it’s their first taste of an ice cream cone, their first roller coaster, or losing their first tooth, there’s something cinematic and mystical about witnessing life’s simplest pleasures. Each baby born generally follows the same pattern in developmental milestones, and with how much research is out now, you can more or less predict when you’ll hear the first words of your baby, hear their first laugh, or see their first steps.

There isn’t a loving parent on earth that wants to miss their child’s first steps. To a mother and father, their baby’s first step is as monumental as the first steps Neil Armstrong took on the moon. It represents the first steps towards independence in a world that will ask for many more steps throughout their lives. 

But sometimes, those first steps happen when we least expect, making for the best reactions if you manage to catch it! Today, we’re going to take a look at those anomalies and learn about a couple of unique instances where these gifted babies managed to get up and get moving a little ahead of schedule, eager to explore the vast world in front of them.

4. Delilah Moore

Age: 3 months
Born: 03/21/2021
From: Radcliffe, United Kingdom
World Records: To Be Determined

Delilah Moorephoto source:

Delilah Moore is from a small town in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury in the United Kingdom. According to her parents, she’s been standing up on her own without the eager help of her parents since she was just 12-weeks-old! We understand that standing and walking are separate things, but you can’t have one without the other. Based on this young baby’s early achievement, it’s not too far-fetched to assume she’ll be marching to the beat of her own drum sooner rather than later. In our textbooks, the evidence shows that a baby will start to pull themselves up between nine and twelve months and walk between eight and eighteen months.

The family is planning a Guinness World Record entry in 2022, assuming her progress will continue at this alarming rate. That means we’ll have to check back!

Who can blame them for getting excited about the future? A standing 3-month-old isn’t something you see every day, and it’s fuel to get the creative juices going imagining what she’ll do next. The Moore parents are proud, and they should be. 

Samantha Robinson (mother) stated, “She’s really strong in her legs, and I’m just so proud and astonished.” The family hopes to snatch the world record for youngest walking baby. “It’d be great to break the world record but even if she doesn’t, it’s so cool that she’s already doing so well,” says Robinson.

Did You Know?

Delilah’s dad, Danny Moore says, “She’s a little ahead of the game and I think it would shock a lot of people. The way she’s going, she will do it once she can stand up on her own and get her balance.” 

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3. Lula

Age: 2 months
Born: 01/31/2020
From: Bristol, United Kingdom
World Records: To Be Determined

Lulaphoto source:

Lula impressed thousands online when she was pictured and videoed standing on her own when she was just eight weeks old! Her parents first had an inkling this baby was a little different when they took her home from the hospital, even though she was born at about five pounds and nine ounces. Her father says, when she was throwing a tantrum as month-old babies typically do, he tried to calm her down by placing her on his knee, but instead of succumbing to the comfort, she stood on his knee and refused to bend her legs.

This wasn’t a one-time fluke. She would do this sporadically, enough times that dad eventually figured that she could do it without the support of her dad’s knee. Dad says that even when he and Emily Derrick left the hospital with the newborn, she was controlling the weight of her head slightly. As unbelievable as it may seem, the parents also said she was pushing herself up on the floor and turning on her front. 

Dad says that her love of Strongman competitions inspired her to get up and get moving.

Did You Know?

Genetics play a huge role in these moments that seem impossible. Lula’s dad believes that perhaps the reason she’s been able to get ahead of the physical developmental curve is because for him, it was always easy to put on muscle quickly.

2. Reuben Robinson

Age: 6 months
Born: 07/23/2006
From: Essex, United Kingdom
World Records: Guinness World Records

photo source:

Reuben Robinson began crawling at only three months old. At that moment, his mother, Connie Robinson, knew that she was in for a world of trouble with this rambunctious little one. Many experts were blown away by his progress when they caught wind of this unique case of a six-month-old toddler walking. Connie says, “I couldn’t believe it. He just got up and started walking around the front room.”

Even Dame Lorna Muirhead, the former president of the Royal College of Midwives and a trustee of the Baby Lifeline charity, was astounded by young Reuben, stating that the boy was “remarkable.” 

It is truly amazing, absolutely remarkable for a baby to be on his feet so young. If he continues at that rate, he will be driving a car by the time he is five,” she went on to declare.

Connie Robinson viewed that time with her son fondly but with longing, knowing that most mothers have more than just a few months to enjoy cuddling their baby in their arms while they’re so dependent on them for their everyday needs of living. We hope Connie still got an adequate amount of cuddle time with Reuben! 

Did You Know?

Connie has had a history with early walkers in the family. Her two older children, Yazmin and Marcus, walked at around nine and ten months old.

1. Freya Minter

Age: 6 months
Born: September 2019
From: Essex, United Kingdom
World Records: Guinness World Records

Freya Minterphoto source:

Freya Minter is the youngest baby on record to walk!

Freya Minter was six months old when she took her first steps, leaving the rest of her age bracket in the dust. Her parents, Grace, and Ryan, confidently say that she was always a very alert baby, but even they didn’t expect what was to come just a few months later. You’d think a baby beating out her peers in the race to take those first steps would be enough, and little Freya would be satisfied, ready to retire off her impressive accomplishments, and live a lazy life every baby should be entitled to, but no. Freya spent her Easter Weekend one month later running around the garden, leading her parents on a wild chase. 

Grace stated: “She was super alert from day one. She has always tried to fight sleep, and she has just learned everything really quickly.” 

Freya knows how to take advantage of her unusual physical gifts and does her best to chase after her parents if she catches them eating her favorite snack, crisps! Much like every healthy baby, she has boundless energy, and if Grace and Ryan are lucky, they’ll get a 20-minute window where Freya needs to recharge her battery before getting right back to her busy day! 

Did You Know?

Grace is a school teacher, but even with her exposure to all kinds of unique children, she is still shocked that Freya is as gifted as she is. “We were completely surprised when she started walking. I knew she would be quick but not that quick. It’s unbelievable.”

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