Ronnie Turner’s Siblings Ranked Oldest To Youngest

Ronnie Turner’s 6 Siblings Ranked Oldest To Youngest

If you’re a fan of Tina Turner and Ike Turner then you surely know that the couple only had one child in their tumultuous 16 years of marriage. His name is Ronnie and he grew up together with his many step-siblings while his parents were often on tour.

Plenty of articles have been written about the disastrous marriage of his parents however not much is known about Tina Turner and Ike Turner’s many sons and daughters.
If you would like to know more, keep reading. We created a list of Ronnie Turner’s siblings ranked oldest to youngest.

7. Linda Trippeter (1949)

Age: 73 Years Old
Profession: Unknown
Parents: Ike Turner and Velma Davis

Linda Trippeter is Ronnie’s oldest stepdaughter. She was born in 1949 and is now 73 years old.

Linda likes to keep her life private and for this reason, we couldn’t find much information about her.

However, in 1999 she became the center of a dispute when her father declared in his autobiography, Takin’ Back My Name, that Linda’s mother was already pregnant when he met her. Despite this, Velma seems to be sure that Ike is Linda’s father.

Did You Know?

Linda was previously called Linda Turner Bullock.

6. Ike Turner Jr (1958 – present)

Age: 64 Years Old
Profession: Musician and Actor
Parents: Ike Turner, Tina Turner, Lorraine Taylor

Ike Turner Jr was born in 1958 to Ike Turner and Lorraine Taylor. Unfortunately, his parents separated a few years after his birth. In 1962, Ike married Tina Turner and Ike went to live with the new couple. After a few years, Tina decided to officially adopt Ike, becoming his stepmother.

Ike started to assist his parents in their recording studio from a very young age and for this reason he did not attend higher education.

Because of this, Ike declared he had a difficult relationship with his dad when growing up. According to some reports, his father forced him to quit school to help him in his studio and hit him in the head with a nickel-plated .45 when he heard that he was working for Tina after their divorce.

Ike has a great bond with all his siblings and half-siblings and was often photographed with them.

Similarly to his parents, he decided to pursue a career as an actor and musician. He started to play several instruments when he was 13 and also joined his parents’ band. Ike is also good as a sound technician and worked as a sound engineer for his stepmother.

In 1987, Ike released his first album called Hard Labor. Roughly 20 years later, in 2006, he received a Grammy Award for his work on his father’s record Risin’ With The Blues.

In 2017, Ike started his own band called The Love Thang.

Did You Know?

Ike is not a big fan of social media and, at the moment, he doesn’t have any public accounts.

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5. Raymond Craig Turner (August 29, 1958 – July 3, 2018)

Age: Died At The Age Of: 59 Years Old
Profession: Real Estate Agent
Parents: Tina Turner, Raymond Hill

Raymond Craig Turner was born in 1958 when his mother, Tina Turner, was only 18 years old. His dad, Raymond Hill, was a saxophonist playing in Kings of Rhythm. The group was pretty successful and used to serve as a backing band for Ike Turner.

Tina’s relationship with Raymond didn’t last long as she soon realized he was not the right man for her and started to date Ike. The two got married a few years later, but the marriage tourned out to be tumultuous as Ike was often violent and aggressive towards his wife.

As a kid, Raymond often witnessed his stepfather beating his mother. According to Tina, on these occasions Raymond: “Always look(ed) down in sadness. One day when Ike was fighting me, Craig knocked on the door and said, ‘Mother, are you all right?’”

Craig died in 2018 at the age of 59 years old. His body was found in his home in Studio City, California.

Did You Know?

Raymond died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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4. Micheal Turner (1959 – present)

Age: Died At The Age Of: 63 Years Old
Profession: Unknown
Parents: Ike Turner, Tina Turner, Lorraine Taylor

Micheal Turner came into the world in 1959 and is currently 63 years old. He was born to Lorraine Turner and Ike Turner. After the two separated, he was raised by his stepmother Tina Turner. Michael is a very private person and this is why we don’t have any additional information about his life.

3. Twanna Turner Melby (1959)

Age: 63 Years Old
Profession: Unknown
Parents: Ike Turner and Margaret Ann Thomas

Twanna Turner was born in 1959 to Ike Turner and Margaret Ann Thomas. Her mother worked as a backup singer for Ike’s band. During her pregnancy, Ike started to date Tina Turner. This is why Ike and Margaret never got the chance to become a proper couple, even following Twanna’s birth.

Did You Know?

According to records, when she was young Twanna loved to spend time at her grandma’s house in Bakersfield, California. Here she learned to play piano and took dancing lessons.

2. Ronnie Turner (October 27, 1960 – present)

Age: 61 Years Old
Profession: Actor, Real Estate Broker
Parents: Ike Turner, Tina Turner

Ronnie Turner was born in 1960 and is currently 61 years old.

He decided to pursue a career in acting despite both his parents working in the music industry. Being born into a famous family didn’t help Ronnie progress quickly in his career. In fact, it took him years before getting his first serious role.

This happened in 1993 when he got a part in What’s Love Got To Do With It. After the movie was released, he continued to play small roles in Hollywood films.

Ronnie enjoys music and even though this is not his full-time career, he has played for both his father and mother after their divorce. In particular, Ronnie played the bass guitar in his mother’s band.

Did You Know?

Ronnie lives in Beverly Hills with his wife, the French-American singer Afida Turner. The two married in 2007.

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1. Mia Turner (January 1969 – present)

Age: 53 Years Old
Profession: Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker
Parents: Ike Turner, Margaret Ann Thomas, and Tina Turner


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Mia Turner is Ronnie’s youngest sibling, as she was born in 1960 and is currently 53 years old.

Ronnie’s youngest sibling grew up with her stepmother Tina Turner and her father, Ike Turner. Even though she admitted that there was domestic violence in her house, she also declared that Ike never raped her mother.

In fact, Mia became known in 1993, following the release of What’s Love Got To Do With It, a drama based on the life of Tina Turner. After watching the documentary, she took her father’s side, declaring that he was falsely depicted as a rapist.

Mia declared: “That rape did not happen. Obviously, I wasn’t there that night… but after I saw the movie I called Tina’s sister Ailene and said: ‘What in the world?’ She then called Tina and confirmed to me that it never happened.”

Despite this, Mia seems to have a great relationship with her step-mom as she declared: “Tina was like a second mother to me. I have a lot of love and respect for her, I still do. I was like the daughter she never had, we did everything together. Tina will always have a very special place in my heart because she’s my other mother. If I saw her today, I would hug her and say, ‘I love you and I miss you.”

Did You Know?

Mia is married and seems to have kids. However, she never talked about them in the media as she prefers to keep her family life private.



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