Omarion’s Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Omarion’s 6 Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

For those who grew up inspired by the classic 2000s R&B sound, aesthetic, and dance culture, there’s no doubt Omarion found his way on several of your playlists. He provided the soundtrack to teenage heartbreaks with singles like “Icebox” and supported our self-choreographed dance routines in the mirror with “Touch.” 

Omarion has six siblings that have been with him every step of the way, from their beginnings in Inglewood to the Grammy Awards stage.

So if you feel like taking a trip down R&B memory lane, join us while we rank Omarion and his siblings from oldest to youngest!  

7. Amira Grandberry 

Personal and professional details about Amira Grandberry’s life are unknown.

6. Ukil Grandberry 

Personal and professional details about Ukil Grandberry’s life are unknown

5. Arielle Grandberry 

Personal and professional details about Arielle Grandberry’s life are unknown.

4. Kira Grandberry 

Personal and professional details on Kira Grandberry’s life are unknown.

3. Omari “Omarion” Grandberry (November 12, 1984 – Present)

Age (as of July 12, 2022): 37
Born: Inglewood, California
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer
Known For: B2K


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Omarion is a multi-talented, total package when it comes to pop stars and entertainers. Born in 1984 in Inglewood, California, Omarion, who was just Omari back then, began his career appearing in commercials for popular brands like Kellogg and McDonald’s. 

Omari broke into the industry as a backup dancer for an all-girl group called Before Dark, appearing in a few of their music videos. The trio only lasted from 1998 to 2001, but Omari absorbed their influence like a sponge, and it wasn’t long before he joined a boy band called B2K (Boys of The New Millennium). 

B2K, with Omari at the helm as the lead singer, became the vehicle that put him on the map and set the stage for a successful solo career. Their debut album, B2K, was released in 2002 and skyrocketed to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart. 

The group parted ways in 2004, but by this point, fans of the genre knew who he was and anxiously awaited his first project as a solo act. A year later, fans got their first taste of the fruits of his labor with his debut album, O. It didn’t disappoint and debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

He’s released four more albums since 2005 with positive reception, but he hasn’t quite reached the same standard he set before. 

Outside of music, Omarion has dabbled in acting. One of his most notable roles was in the film You Got Served.  He has also appeared in Fat Albert, Somebody Help Me, and The Proud Family Movie

Did You Know?

 Omarion’s album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album in 2006. 

2. Tymon Grandberry 


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Not much is known about the personal and professional life of Tymon Grandberry. However, he does have a social media presence on Instagram, where he shares pieces of his life with 300+ followers.

He took to the social media platform to wish his brother a happy birthday. As any brother would, he made sure to remind him just how old he was getting.


1. O’Ryan Browner (February 12, 1987 – Present)

Age (as of July 12, 2022): 35
Born: Inglewood, California
Occupation: Singer
Known For: O’Ryan (album)


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O’Ryan is the youngest sibling whose age is listed in the Omarion family!

Despite the uncanny resemblance between O’Ryan and Omarion, O’Ryan is the only half-sibling in the family, born to Leslie Burrell and Vic Browner. As far as sibling love goes, it looks like he and his big brother are the closest in the family. 

Though he hasn’t come close to the level of acclaim Omarionhas, O’Ryan has experienced modest success with his self-titled 2004 album O’Ryan, which reached #75 on the U.S. chart and #21 on the U.S. R&B chart.

That album produced a single titled Take It Slow,” which made it to #110 on the U.S. R&B chart. His second album came six years later with Ocean’s O, but it never received major recognition.  

Did You Know?

O’Ryan’s other claim to fame came through his three-year relationship with award-winning, critically acclaimed musician and singer Jhene AikoCoincidentally, she saw her initial break in the industry as a vocal contributor in several B2K music videos in which she also made appearances. 


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