Oldest Families in America

10 Oldest Families in America

Exploring the lineage of America’s oldest families unveils a fascinating glimpse into the nation’s formative years. These families have not only witnessed but also shaped historical events, contributing to the political, economic, and cultural fabric of the United States.

Here, we delve into ten of these enduring lineages, detailing their historical significance and lesser-known facts.

10 Oldest Families in America

10. The Du Pont Family

Age: Since 1800
Location: Delaware

The Du Pont FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Du Pont family, originally from France, established themselves in America in the early 19th century. They founded E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, initially a gunpowder mill, which quickly became a major force in the American explosives industry.

This venture laid the groundwork for the family’s immense wealth and influence, which has since expanded into various sectors, including chemicals and high-performance materials.

The Du Ponts are known not only for their industrial impact but also for their philanthropic efforts and contributions to science and innovation.

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Beyond their industrial achievements, the Du Ponts have made significant contributions to scientific research, leading to the development of numerous innovative materials, such as nylon and Teflon.

These inventions have profoundly impacted daily life worldwide, revolutionizing industries from fashion to cookware.

The family’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by their early investment in research and development, a legacy that continues to influence global technology and science.

9. The Astor Family

Age: Since 1783
Location: New York

The Astor FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

John Jacob Astor’s arrival in America marked the beginning of what would become one of the nation’s most storied dynasties. Astor, who started his journey in the fur trade, quickly diversified his interests into real estate, becoming one of the wealthiest men in the country.

The Astors have since been synonymous with New York society and real estate, playing a critical role in the development of the city’s architectural and cultural landscape. Their strategic marriages and social maneuvers also helped cement their place in American aristocracy.

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The Astor family’s name is perhaps most famously connected to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, an emblem of luxury and elegance in New York City.

The hotel’s establishment was inspired by the family’s vision for a grandiose space reflecting their status and urban America’s burgeoning sophistication.

The hotel has hosted countless celebrities and dignitaries, reinforcing the Astor name as synonymous with luxury and high society.

8. The Livingston Family

Age: Since 1673
Location: New York

The Livingston FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Livingstons, who hailed from Scotland, quickly rose to prominence upon their arrival in America, becoming pivotal figures in New York’s social and political arenas.

The family’s influence was particularly notable during the American Revolution, where they played crucial roles, both on the battlefield and in the corridors of power.

Beyond their revolutionary zeal, the Livingstons were known for their contributions to the legal framework of the new nation and their early advocacy for independence.

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Philip Livingston, a significant figure within the family, left a lasting mark on American history as one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Other family members who also held revolutionary roles mirrored his commitment to the American cause.

This dedication to public service is a hallmark of the Livingston lineage, which includes several other prominent politicians and social reformers.

7. The Roosevelt Family

Age: Since 1649
Location: New York

The Roosevelt FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Roosevelts are among America’s most distinguished families, with roots stretching back to the Dutch settlers of the New Netherland colony.

Their influence spans from business and politics to humanitarian efforts, with two family members, Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, serving as Presidents of the United States.

Their leadership during critical times in American history, including the Great Depression and World War II, underscored the family’s commitment to public service and progressive governance.

Did You Know?

The Roosevelts’ legacy is unique in that it bridges both major American political parties. Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, was known for his progressive policies and charismatic leadership, while his fifth cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, led the country through the Great Depression and World War II with policies that fundamentally transformed the American government’s role in society.

Their respective presidencies reflect the breadth and depth of the family’s impact on American political and social life.

6. The Beekman Family

Age: Since 1647
Location: New York

The Beekman FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Beekman family’s American saga began with Wilhelmus Beekman, who emigrated from the Netherlands to what was then New Amsterdam, now New York City, in 1647.

Wilhelmus quickly established himself as a key figure in the burgeoning colony, serving in various capacities, including mayor and alderman.

The Beekmans were integral in shaping early New York through significant economic and civic contributions, influencing the development of the city’s infrastructure and social fabric. Their legacy continues to be prominent in New York’s cultural and philanthropic scenes.

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The Beekman name has been immortalized in New York City through various landmarks, most notably the Beekman Mansion, which stands as a testament to the family’s long-standing influence in the region.

This mansion, often referred to as Mount Pleasant, was built in the 1760s and has served various roles through history, from a private residence to an institutional headquarters, each iteration adding layers to the rich tapestry of the Beekman family’s legacy.

5. The Lee Family

Age: Since 1641
Location: Virginia

The Lee family of Virginia is synonymous with Southern aristocracy and has been a fixture in American historical narratives due to their extensive involvement in military and political affairs.

The Lees have produced several iconic figures, most notably General Robert E. Lee, who played a critical role in the American Civil War.

The family’s legacy, however, extends beyond their military endeavors, having been influential landowners, legislators, and diplomats since their early days in colonial America.

Did You Know?

General Robert E. Lee, perhaps the most famous Lee, remains a controversial figure. Despite opposing secession, his decision to join the Confederacy was driven by his deep loyalty to his home state of Virginia.

This allegiance led him to become the Confederate Army’s commanding general, a role that defined his legacy and made the Lee family name synonymous with the American South’s history.

4. The Lowell Family

Age: Since 1639
Location: Massachusetts

The Lowells are a quintessential example of New England’s elite. After settling in Massachusetts in 1639, the family branched out into various influential roles, contributing to the cultural and intellectual life of the region.

The Lowell family has been especially prominent in academia and literature, with several members becoming notable Harvard professors and distinguished poets. Their influence extends beyond education into the realms of business and industry, particularly during the American Industrial Revolution.

Did You Know?

The city of Lowell, Massachusetts, named after Francis Cabot Lowell, is a testament to the family’s enduring impact on American industry. Francis was instrumental in bringing the Industrial Revolution to America by revolutionizing the textile industry.

His innovative approach to mill operations transformed Lowell and set the standard for industrial practices throughout the United States.

3. The Adams Family

Age: Since 1638
Location: Massachusetts

The Adams FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Adams family has been a cornerstone in American political history, most notably through John Adams and John Quincy Adams, both of whom served as U.S. Presidents.

Their advocacy for independence and governance shaped the early policies of the United States, setting a precedent for democratic leadership.

The family’s political involvement began in colonial Massachusetts, where they were staunch advocates for colonial rights and governance, playing significant roles in the events leading up to the American Revolution and beyond.

Did You Know?

The Adams National Historical Park in Quincy, Massachusetts, preserves the legacy of this remarkable family.

The site includes the birthplaces of both John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, offering insights into the early days of American governance and the personal lives of these key historical figures. Their dedication to public service and governance is a defining feature of the family’s multi-generational legacy.

2. The Carter Family

Age: Since 1635
Location: Virginia

The Carter FamilyPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Carter family, originating from England, is among Virginia’s earliest settlers and became one of its most influential lineages. The Carters amassed significant wealth and power through strategic marriages and astute land acquisitions.

They were deeply involved in the economic and political spheres of colonial Virginia, contributing to the development of its legal and legislative systems. Their vast estates became centers of political power and social gatherings, reinforcing their status among colonial America’s elite.

Did You Know?

Robert “King” Carter, an illustrious member of the family, was known for his vast holdings and political influence, earning him the moniker “King.” At one point, he controlled over 300,000 acres and held numerous colonial offices, including acting Governor of Virginia.

His legacy includes not only his contributions to Virginia’s growth but also his extensive progeny, many of whom continued to influence the state’s and nation’s affairs.

1. The Bradford Family

Age: Since 1620
Location: Massachusetts

The Bradford family’s American roots trace back to the Mayflower, with William Bradford serving as a leader and governor of the Plymouth Colony. Under his guidance, the colony survived the harsh early years through his effective governance and negotiation skills, particularly with the local Native American tribes.

His writings, most notably “Of Plymouth Plantation,” provide invaluable insights into the Pilgrims’ experiences and the early challenges of colonial life. The family continued to influence Massachusetts’ development through subsequent generations.

Did You Know?

William Bradford’s account of the Pilgrim’s journey, “Of Plymouth Plantation,” is considered one of the most important documents of early American history.

This detailed narrative covers everything from their departure from England to their first decades in the New World, offering a unique glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of the early settlers.

Bradford’s leadership and his efforts to document their journey have made him a pivotal figure in the understanding of America’s founding stories.


The histories of America’s oldest families offer a rich insight into the nation’s development, showcasing how deeply personal legacies can influence broader historical narratives. These families, with their diverse origins and enduring impacts, illustrate the multifaceted nature of American identity and heritage.

Their stories remind us that history is shaped by individuals whose contributions extend beyond their lifetimes, influencing successive generations. By examining these families, we not only revisit the foundational moments of American history but also understand the continuous thread of leadership, resilience, and vision that binds the past to the present.

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