LisaRaye McCoy’s Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Everything You Need to Know About LisaRaye McCoy and Her Sister

LisaRaye McCoy is a multi-talented actress and fashion designer. She is the daughter of Chicago business magnate David McCoy and former professional model Katie McCoy. LisaRaye inherited the best of both worlds as a successful businesswoman and fashion mogul best known for her role as Diana “Diamond” Armstrong in The Players Club. 

LisaRaye isn’t alone in her venture to climb up the Hollywood entertainment ladder. Shawntae Harris-Dupart, better known as Da Brat, joins LisaRaye as the only two siblings of David and McCoy, but pretty soon, we’ll find out how two goal-driven entertainers are more than enough for the McCoy family! 

So join us while we take a closer look at LisaRaye and her little sister as we rank them from oldest to youngest!

2. LisaRaye McCoy (September 23, 1967 – Present)

Age (as of August 10, 2022): 54
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Actress, Fashion Designer
Known For: The Players Club


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LisaRaye McCoy was born on the south side of Chicago to a businessman and professional model. Though she grew up with above-average means, LisaRaye built her foundation the same way any struggling actor or actress would when looking to break into one of the most selective industries in the world – through small-time guest spots in shows like “Moesha” and “In the House.” 

Her big break came in the independent film Reasons in 1996, which starred Bernie Mac.

McCoy has become best known for her role as “Diamond” in The Players Club, written and directed by acclaimed rapper Ice Cube of N.W.A fame. It was a 1998 comedy-drama thriller that marked Ice Cube’s feature film directorial debut. Even though LisaRaye’s debut as a lead in a feature film was met with a disappointing 5.20/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, the film grossed over $23 million domestically. 

LisaRaye has also appeared in The Wood, All About You, Go for Broke, and Single Ladies. She hasn’t embraced a music career like her little sister, but LisaRaye is no stranger to guest appearances in popular music videos. You might have recognized her in Lil Kim’s “Download” video, Ginuwine’s “Last Chance” video, or Jamie Foxx’s hit “Unpredictable.” 

Diving headfirst into the world of fashion, LisaRaye got her first taste of life as a designer in 2005 when she launched two lines simultaneously: Luxe & Romance, a lingerie line that premiered during New York’s Fashion Week, and Xraye, a jeans line catered to women.

She made headlines again in 2011 with her follow-up to her jeans line with The LisaRaye Collection and a hair care catalog, LisaRaye Glamour.

Did You Know?

In 2006, she married Michael Misick, who was a politician elected as the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Because the title was previously known as Chief Minister, this earned LisaRaye the fancy title of “First Lady of Turks and Caicos.” That is until the couple divorced in 2008 before allegations surfaced of Misick selling off public land to fund his private investments in 2009. 

1. Shawntae Harris-Dupart (April 14, 1974 – Present)

Age (as of August 10, 2022): 48
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Rapper, Actress
Known For: Funkdafied


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Shawntae “Da Brat” Harris-Dupart is the only and youngest of LisaRaye’s siblings at 48-years-old!

Shawntae “Da Brat” Harris-Dupart is the daughter of David Ray McCoy and Beverly Calloway, a former city bus driver, making her the paternal half-sister of actress and fashionista LisaRaye McCoy. Growing up, she split her time between her father and mother’s house but still developed a strong bond with her older sister during their childhoods. 

Da Brat’s success began in 1992 when she was around 18-years-old landing her big break after winning a local rap contest sponsored by Yo! MTV Raps. The prize was a meet and greet with the hottest rap duo of the time, Kris Kross. 

It turned out to be far more valuable than any cash prize because it also led to an encounter with acclaimed artist and producer Jermaine Dupri, who signed her to his label – So So Def.

Da Brat confirmed what people already knew about Dupri and his keen eye for talent because Brat’s debut album, Funkdafied, ranked on the rap album chart at number 11. It touched number one on the rap singles chart, six on the Billboard Hot 100, and went platinum.

It made her the first female solo rapper to sell a million copies. Funkdafied is home to hit singles like “Give It 2 You,” “Fire It Up,” and “Fa All Y’all.” Just from the titles alone, you can tell the album was unapologetically hip-hop and encapsulated the classic 90s instrumentals and flow that launched the entire genre to heights that would eventually eclipse rock & roll. 

During the late 90s, Da Brat took a step back from her solo act and started to gain acclaim as a guest on tracks for other world-renowned artists like Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, Kris Kross, Destiny’s Child, and TLC.

At the start of 2000, she ushered in the new decade with her third full-length album, Unrestricted. She didn’t clear the bar she set with her first platinum-selling album, but Unrestricted produced singles like “That’s What I’m Looking For” and “What’chu Like,” which reached numbers 56 and 26, respectively. 

Away from the recording studio and onto the film set, Da Brat appeared in the infamous cult classic, Kazaam, which featured Shaquille O’Neal as a 5,000-year-old wish-granting genie. It earned abysmal reviews from critics and fans, but that’s no indictment on Da Brat.

In 2017, she joined the cast of Growing up Hip-Hop: Atlanta. After a few scattered releases of new singles here and there, Da Brat took on a full-time position at the Rickey Smiley Morning show as its co-host in 2015, which she is still a part of today. 

Did You Know?

Shawntae garnered national media attention when she was tied to Philadelphia 76ers hero Allen Iverson in the late 1990s. But in an interview with Variety magazine in March 2020, Da Brat gave a bombshell confession to her fans, revealing her homosexuality. When asked why it took 25 years for her to come out and speak her truth, she said: 

“I’ve always felt like being private is the better way to go because then you don’t have so many people in your business.” She continues, “I was fine staying quiet, but my partner is a social media mogul – that’s how she became who she is. And when you get with somebody, you have to meet in the middle. So to me, the middle was just letting everybody know: ‘Hey, she’s the one.” 

The partner she’s referring to is Jesseca Harris-Dupart – a successful entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. This year in February, the couple married in Georgia.



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