Joanna Gaines’s 2 Siblings Ranked Oldest To Youngest

Have you ever watched the tv show Fixer Upper? Then you probably know who Joanna and Chips are. This couple has renovated an impressive amount of houses, giving them a new and fresh design.

Joanna is the second daughter of Jerry and Nan Stevens. She grew up in Texas with her two siblings where she’s still living to this day. But who are her siblings?

If you would like to know more about Joanna’s family, keep reading. We created a list of Joanna Gaines’ siblings ranked oldest to youngest.

3. Teresa Criswell

Age: Older Than 44 Years Old
Profession: Youtuber, Writer
Residence: Kansas


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Teresa Criswell is Joanna’s oldest sister. Unfortunately, we have no information regarding her date of birth, but considering that Joanna is now 44 years old, she must be either 45 or older.

Teresa grew up with her two sisters in Texas and Kansas. She went to high school in Texas but in 1993 decided to move back to Kansas. Here she got married and gave birth to her kids. Teresa and her partners also have a grandson called Nicholas Ray.

Teresa has a Youtube Channel called Let’s Talk TV With Teresa Ann. She posted her first video on this platform in 2017. As of 2022, the channel has a total of 873 subscribers. It is, therefore, unlikely that this is Teresa’s full-time job.

Her Youtube channel is mainly focused on faith as, according to Teresa, on March 6, 2003, she had a deeply religious experience. Since then, she’s been drawing and painting prophetically.

Did You Know?

Teresa has published several books on Amazon, such as God is Enthralled By Your Beauty.

2. Joanna Gaines (April 19, 1978 – present)

Age: 44 Years Old
Profession: Television Designer, Interior Designer, Business Woman
Residence: Waco, Texas


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Joanna Gaines became known after participating in the tv show Fixer Upper, together with her partner Chip. The two were in the program for a total of five years, creating designs that changed houses all over America.

Similarly to her older sister, Joanna was born in Kansas but grew up in Texas. She attended Baylor University and studied communication. After graduation, Joanna moved to New York for an internship with 48 Hours, but she soon realized that broadcast journalism wasn’t the right career path for her.

Joanna decided to move back to Texas and started to work in her dad’s Firestone tire shop. Here she met her future husband, Chip. The two soon began to date and got married in 2003.

The same year, Joanna opened her business, Magnolia Market, but then closed it, after giving birth to two kids.

She then decided to open the shop again in 2014. During these years, she took care of her blog and designs. Luckily, an HGTV executive found the site and fell in love with Joanna’s skills. As soon as they started to participate in the show, the couple became famous all over the US.

Did You Know?

Chips and Joanna have five kids, Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and Crew.

1. Mary Kay McCall (1983 – present)

Age: 39/40
Profession: Unknown
Residence: Unknown


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Mary Kay McCall is Joanna Gaines’ youngest sister, as she was born in 1983.

Mary is married to David McCall, a medical professional and surgeon. Together they have a total of five kids, five daughters, and a son.

Mary is active on Instagram and has two accounts. Her personal one has the username @mikeymccall. This is a small Instagram page with only 376 followers, as of 2022. Mary also has a professional account with the username @fernysretroplantshop. This one is quite successful and has a total of 82 k followers.

Mary likes to keep her life private and for this reason, we don’t have much information about her.

Did You Know?

Mary’s nickname is Mikey.



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