Bryce Young’s Siblings Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Everything You Need to Know About Bryce Young

We’ve seen plenty of talent come through the collegiate football circuit turn heads, leave jaws dropped and had expert pundits proclaim a college freshman the next best thing since sliced bread and Tom Brady. To a New England fan, they’re the same!

The pinnacle of solo achievement in college football is the Heisman Trophy, awarded to the most outstanding player and is a symbol of talent, perseverance, and dedication.

Bryce Young, the QB for the Alabama Crimson Tide, was the 2021 winner of the prestigious award. For a school with a reputation for excellence, a Heisman Trophy-caliber athlete is a prerequisite to donning the crimson and white.

Young is an exceptional talent, but not all talents, or even Heisman winners, adapt to the NFL. As a sophomore, time will tell whether or not he can buck the trend, but in the sea of uncertainties in sports, the only certainty is his potential.

Join us as we learn more about Bryce and his family while ranking the Young siblings from oldest to youngest! Reportedly, Bruce has a younger sister, but public information is not available. 

1. Bryce Young (July 25, 2001 – Present)

Age (as of July 5, 2022): 20
Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: College Football Quarterback
Known For: Heisman Trophy Winner


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Bryce Young is the only publicly known sibling of the Young family!

Bryce Young is the 6’0, 194 lb (88 kg), 20-year-old, Pennsylvania-born Sophomore QB phenom for the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

Young was born in Philadelphia, but his heart belongs to California, where he moved as a young boy and stayed for most of his childhood. 

Young attended Cathedral High School in Los Angeles for two years before transferring to Mater Del High School in Santa Ana, where he played out the last two years of his college career.

Coaches and scouts knew from the beginning that he possessed a football intellect coupled with a composure you don’t typically see in the high school circuit. 

Theories and expectations were justified when Young won the Los Angeles Times Player of the Year and California’s Gatorade Football Player of the Year his senior year, off the heels of registering an incredible stat line of 4,528 yards and 58 touchdowns.

Senior year marked the year where the physical attributes, the veteran leadership, and football savvy all synchronized to culminate in a high school career that ended with 13,520 yards and 152 touchdowns.

In a hotly contested battle over the future superstar, the University of South California won over Bryce for a brief shining moment. USC fans collectively jumped for joy at the prospect of their adopted son playing for the hometown team.

However, Young de-committed from USC to play for championship coach Nick Saban and his championship-decorated team at the University of Alabama. It was a rare, controversial move for a player of Young’s caliber, and it undoubtedly soured the relationship between him and his home.

Cut to freshman year, where Young began by learning the ropes as a backup to Mac Jones through most of 2020, who is now the quarterback meant to fill the shoes Tom Brady left in New England.

On September 26th, 2020, Young debuted in the closing time of the third quarter against Missouri, going 5-of-8, equaling 54 passing yards. Of the nine games he appeared in that year, he finished with 156 passing yards and one touchdown. It was a humble beginning to the meteoric rise that was to follow.

In September 2021, Young made his sophomore debut as Alabama’s starter and electrified the crowd and the sports world with a 344-yard, four-touchdown 44-12 win over Miami, who was ranked No. 14 at the time.

On a team full of stars, Alabama found their brightest with Bryce. Whispers of doubt were silenced after he posted a 559-passing yard performance, breaking the Alabama school record for passing yards in a game (record held by Scott Hunter previously).

To perform at that level in a college program is impressive. To do it for a school as decorated and as expectant of excellence as Alabama’s is, with the amount of talent and pressure placed on their team each year, demonstrates a level of confidence, intellect, and composure beyond physical ability, and it turned Young into the Heisman Trophy winner.

He became the first Alabama quarterback to win the award.

Did You Know?

On his Instagram – @bryceyoung, you can get an even deeper look into the life of Alabama’s star QB and first-time Heisman winner, including pictures of him and his parents and casual, day-in-the-life snapshots of the 20-year-old. 



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