Oldest Italian Restaurants in the US

14 Oldest Italian Restaurants in the US

For food lovers, there’s nothing quite like a taste of Italy. From the aroma of freshly baked bread to the sizzle of pasta being cooked to perfection, Italian cuisine has a special place in the hearts of many. In the United States, there are a number of Italian restaurants that have stood the test of time, serving up classic dishes for generations.

From bustling cities to small town communities, the oldest Italian restaurants in the US have become cultural institutions, revered for their longevity and commitment to authenticity. These restaurants have seen the country change and grow, but their passion for the culinary traditions of Italy remains unchanged.Grab a fork and join us as we delve into the rich history of Italian cuisine in the United States.

14. DeLaurenti Food & Wine

Year Built: 1946
Location: 1435 1st Ave, Seattle, WA
Founder/Owner: Pete DeLaurenti
Status: Operational

DeLaurenti Food & Winephoto source:  wikimedia.org

DeLaurenti Food & Wine is a historic specialty food store and wine merchant that has been a staple in the Seattle community since 1946. As the business grew, De Laurentiis expanded the store’s offerings to include an extensive selection of wines from around the world, as well as other gourmet food items from France, Spain, and other countries.

As Seattle has grown and changed over the years, DeLaurenti Food & Wine has remained a constant, offering a connection to the city’s rich history and a commitment to providing the best possible products and shopping experience.

Did You Know?

Louie DeLaurenti, the son of DeLaurenti, took over management of the business in 1972 and relocated it to its current, successful site at the intersection of First Avenue and Pike Street.

13. Patsy’s

Year Built: 1944
Location: 236 W 56th St, New York, NY
Founder/Owner: Pasquale “Patsy” Scognamillo
Status: Operational

Patsy'sphoto source: forbes.com

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, located in New York City, is a historic Italian eatery that has been serving classic Italian dishes to diners since 1944. The restaurant was founded by Patsy Scognamillo, an Italian immigrant who arrived in New York City in the early 1900s.

The audience of Patsy’s Italian Restaurant is diverse and includes a devoted following of regular customers, lovers of Italian cuisine, tourists, and famous people. There have only ever been three cooks at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant: the late Patsy, his son Joe Scognamillo, who has been there since he was just seven years old, and Joe’s son Sal Scognamillo, who has been in charge of the kitchen since 1988.

Did You Know?

Since Frank Sinatra made Patsy’s Italian Restaurant famous, it has been a fixture in the community. In fact, whenever they visit, his family still likes dining there.

12. Caffè Vittoria

Year Built: 1929
Location: 290-296 Hanover St, Boston, MA
Founder/Owner: Gerald and David Riccio
Status: Operational

Caffè Vittoriaphoto source: wikimedia.org

Caffe Vittoria is a historic Italian café and bar located in the heart of Boston’s North End neighborhood. Established in 1929, Caffe Vittoria is one of the oldest Italian coffeehouses in the United States and has been a staple of the Boston community for nearly a century.

Caffe Vittoria serves a variety of traditional Italian coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and lattes, as well as a range of pastries and light bites. Caffe Vittoria is not only a café, but also a piece of history. The café’s decor, including its stained-glass windows, vintage espresso machines, and antique cash registers, have been carefully preserved, giving diners a glimpse into the past and a sense of the café’s storied history.

Did You Know?

After a syringe was removed from the Caffè Vittoria’s foundation, the supposed ghostly activity halted. Caffè Vittoria still attracts some paranormal aficionados who are interested by its intriguing background, despite the haunting not being a proven part of the cafe’s history.

11. Totonno’s

Year Built: 1924
Location: 1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Founder/Owner: Louise Ciminieri
Status: Operational

Totonno'sphoto source: bkmag.com

Totonno’s was founded by Antonio “Totonno” Pero in 1924, and it has been serving up delicious Neapolitan-style pizza ever since. The pizzeria has a storied history, and it is widely regarded as one of the best pizza places in the United States.

Totonno’s is famous for its thin-crust pizza, which is made with fresh ingredients and cooked in the pizzeria’s original brick oven. The pizzeria offers a limited menu of classic toppings, including mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil, and it is known for its simple, yet delicious pies.

Did You Know?

Totonno’s was temporarily closed in 2012 due to damage from Hurricane Sandy, but it reopened a few months later and continues to be a popular destination for pizza lovers.

10. Angelo’s Civita Farnese

Year Built: 1924
Location: 141 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI
Founder/Owner: Angelo Mastrodicasa
Status: Operational

Angelo's Civita Farnesephoto source:  bryant.edu

Angelo’s Civita Farnese is a traditional Italian restaurant located in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. The restaurant serves a variety of classic Italian dishes, including pasta, seafood, and steak, and is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere and friendly service.

From the pasta dishes, seafood, and steak, there is something for everyone at Angelo’s Civita Farnese. The restaurant has been praised for its adherence to tradition and the quality of the food that is served. The pasta dishes are particularly noteworthy, as they are made fresh daily and are cooked al dente, giving them the perfect texture and flavor.

Did You Know?

Despite the Great Depression, the little diner persisted. At that time, Angelo’s practice of offering french fries and meatballs started, giving customers a cheap option to fill their bellies without breaking the bank.

9. Jeveli’s

Year Built: 1924
Location: 387 Chelsea Street, East Boston, MA
Founder/Owner: Wayne and Teddy Jeveli
Status: Inactive

Jeveli’sphoto source: 4sqi.net

Old Italian cuisine is served at Boston institution Jeveli’s Restaurant in a lovely, fine dining setting. There are chicken and veal entrees on the menu in addition to appetizers like soups and antipasti. The menu of Jeveli’s Restaurant has fresh seafood and Italian favorites in addition to barbecued meats including steak, lamb, and other items.

In addition, Jeveli’s has a carefully curated wine list that perfectly complements the food on offer.At Jeveli’s, the emphasis is on providing guests with a truly authentic Italian dining experience. From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be transported to the heart of Tuscany, with warm colors, rustic furnishings, and a welcoming ambiance.

Did You Know?

When the pandemic forced it to close for the season in November of 2020, many people wondered what would become of it.

8. Defonte’s

Year Built: 1922
Location: 379 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY
Founder/Owner: Nick Defonte
Status: Operating

Defonte'sphoto source: staticflickr.com

The long history and heritage of Defonte’s are well recognized. Defonte’s has served the Brooklyn neighborhood for more than a century, and generations of families have dined there and made lifelong memories there.

The restaurant is known for its classic American and Italian dishes, including its famous hero sandwiches, which have been a staple on the menu for over 90 years. The warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with friendly service, has made Defonte’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Did You Know?

Defonte’s is known for its rich history and tradition. The restaurant has been a part of the Brooklyn community for over a century, and generations of families have dined at Defonte’s and created memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Gargiulo’s

Year Built: 1907
Location: 2911 W 15th St, Brooklyn, NY
Founder/Owner: Michael, Nino & Victor Russo
Status: Operating

Gargiulo'sphoto source: wikimedia.org

Gargiulo’s restaurant in New York is a true gem in the heart of Coney Island, Brooklyn. Established over a century ago, this historic Italian restaurant has become a staple in the local community and a must-visit destination for anyone who loves Italian food.

At Gargiulo’s, the menu is a celebration of classic Italian cuisine, featuring a wide range of pasta, seafood, and meat dishes that have been expertly crafted to perfection. Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes include the linguine with white clam sauce, the veal parmesan, and the shrimp scampi. Each dish is expertly prepared using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, resulting in a menu that is both delicious and nutritious.

Did You Know?

The New York Times’ Mimi Sheraton, a culinary reviewer, rated Gargiulo three out of four stars, which marked a turning point in their history. An enormous buzz was generated and guests waited hours in line to eat at Gargiulo’s because this distinction was typically given to Manhattan eateries.

6. Barbetta

Year Built: 1906
Location: 321 W 46th St, New York, NY
Founder/Owner: Sebastiano Maioglio
Status: Operating

Barbettaphoto source: wordpress.com

Barbetta Italian Restaurant, established in 1906, is one of New York City’s oldest and most iconic Italian restaurants. It is located in the heart of Manhattan and has been a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike for over a century. Sebastiano Maioglio bought the townhouses erected between 1874 and 1881 from the Astor family, who had built them with no money spared and adorned them with gorgeous doors and woodwork.

The outstanding Piemonte wines, many of which were unknown to Americans in the 1960s, were introduced by Barbetta’s wine list, which has likewise been at the vanguard of the business.

Given how highly regarded and well-liked Italian wines have become recently, it is difficult to imagine that in 1962, when Ms. Maioglio took over Barbetta, there was only one Barolo imported into the United States and that Barbaresco and Gattinara were not imported at all.

Did You Know?

The oldest restaurant in New York still owned by the original founders is Barbetta, which opened its doors in 1906.

5. Lombardi’s

Year Built: 1905
Location: 21 Bellwether Way Suite 112 Bellingham, WA
Founder/Owner: Diane Symms
Status: Operating

Lombardi'sphoto source:  tripcdn.com

The first Lombardi’s closed in 1984, but was resurrected a block away at 32 Spring Street ten years later by Gennaro Lombardi III, the late Gennaro Lombardi’s grandson, and John Brescio, a buddy from their youth. Papa’s Tomato Pies in Trenton, New Jersey, which debuted in 1912 and has continuously served pies since, now holds the distinction of being America’s oldest pizzeria as a result of this break and shift in location.

Lombardi’s has a rich history and has been serving delicious pizza for over a century. The pizzeria is well-known for its traditional coal-fired pizzas, which are made with simple, high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection in a brick oven. Lombardi’s has become a staple in the local community and a must-visit destination for anyone who loves pizza.

Did You Know?

The founder of Lombardi’s is Gennaro Lombardi, an Italian immigrant who is credited with popularizing pizza in the United States.

4. Ralph’s Italian Restaurant

Year Built: 1900
Location: 760 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA
Founder/Owner: Francesco Dispigno
Status: Operating

Ralph’s Italian Restaurantphoto source: 4sqi.net

Ralph’s is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the city, and has a rich history that spans over a century. Over the years, Ralph’s has become a staple of the Philadelphia culinary landscape, and a beloved institution among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant is known for its menu of classic Italian dishes, made with the freshest ingredients and prepared using time-honored recipes.

Withstanding the Great Depression, Prohibition, two World Wars, and 19 American Presidents—including Theodore Roosevelt, who dined there—has Ralph’s outlasted the competition in a sector where a five-year run is considered successful. In reality, while he was the senator from Delaware, Joe Biden frequented Ralph’s for meals.

Did You Know?

The family has always been the foundation of Ralph’s, and when the children of Ralph and Mary got older, they learned how to manage the company based on the same principles that had made the brand so popular. The flame is still being carried from one generation to the next.

3. Dante and Luigi’s Corona di Ferro

Year Built: 1899
Location: 762 South 10th Street Philadelphia, PA
Founder/Owner: Michael DiRocco
Status: Operating

Dante and Luigi’s Corona di Ferrophoto source: byoblikeaboss.com

Dante and Luigi’s Corona di Ferro is not only a restaurant, but a piece of history in itself. Its menu features a variety of classic Italian dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring authenticity and quality in every dish served.The restaurant is known for its menu of traditional Italian dishes, made with only the freshest ingredients and prepared using time-honored recipes.

The menu includes classic favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, veal parmesan, and fettuccine alfredo, as well as daily specials that showcase the chef’s creativity and mastery of Italian cuisine.

Did You Know?

Iron crown is how the restaurant’s name, Corona di Ferro, is translated. Italian immigrants made this place their first stop after getting off the boat. They would head right to the corner of 10th and Catherine to locate a work in the kitchen and a place to stay in the boarding home upstairs.

2. Ferrara Bakery and Cafe

Year Built: 1892
Location: 195 Grand St, New York, NY
Founder/Owner: Enrico Scoppa and Antonio Ferrara
Status: Operating

photo source:  pinimg.com

Ferrara Bakery and Café is a historical institution that has been a staple in the New York City culinary scene for over 140 years. Established in 1892, it is one of the oldest Italian bakeries and cafes in the city, and has become a beloved landmark for both locals and visitors alike.

Ferrara Bakery and Café is known for its traditional Italian pastries, cakes, and espresso, as well as its authentic Italian cuisine. The bakery uses time-honored recipes passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that each and every product is made with care and precision.

Did You Know?

Ferrara Bakery and Café has become an iconic symbol of Italian-American culture and tradition, and is widely recognized as a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the rich history and cuisine of Little Italy.

1. Ristorante Fior d’Italia

Year Built: 1866
Location: 2237 Mason St, San Francisco, CA
Founder/Owner: Angelo Del Monte
Status: Operating

Ristorante Fior d'Italiaphoto source:  pinimg.com

Ristorante Fior d’Italia, established in 1886, holds the title of the oldest Italian restaurant in the United States and is a testament to the enduring popularity of Italian cuisine. With its rich history, charming atmosphere, and delicious cuisine, Ristorante Fior d’Italia is a true gem in the heart of San Francisco.

The restaurant’s menu features authentic Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods, ensuring a true taste of classic Italian cuisine. On the floor level of the famed San Remo Hotel, the Fior d’Italia now offers Northern Italian cuisine. Following the earthquake in 1906, A.P. Giannini constructed this as the first hotel built after the disaster.

Did You Know?

In order to provide food for the wandering gold miners and fortune seekers along the Barbary Coast, Angelo Del Monte established Fior d’Italia.



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