9 Oldest Characters in One Piece

9 Oldest Characters in One Piece

One Piece is a manga series that has captivated readers for over two decades. Its unique characters and world-building make it one of history’s most popular and longest-running series. As the story progresses, new characters are introduced, each with their own distinct personality and backstory.

However, a select few have been around since the beginning and have survived many battles and adventures.

In this article, we will examine the 9 oldest characters in One Piece and explore their significance in the series. From their role in the plot to their impact on the characters around them, we will delve into why these characters have managed to remain relevant in a story that has spanned over 1000 chapters.

9. Saul

Age: 127 years old
Debut: Chapter 392, Episode 275
Affiliation: Marines (defected)
Origin: South Blue

Saulphoto source: Sportskeeda

Saul is a character in One Piece who appears in the Water 7 arc. He is a giant who was a former Vice Admiral in the Marines, and he helped Robin escape from the organization when she was a child. Saul’s appearance is distinctive due to his large size and long, white beard.

When Robin recounts her past to the Straw Hat crew, Saul’s backstory is revealed. He was tasked with destroying Ohara Island and its inhabitants, who were considered a threat to the World Government due to their extensive knowledge of the Void Century.

However, when he saw the kindness and innocence of the island’s inhabitants, including a young Robin, he refused to carry out the mission and aided them in their escape. As a result, he was labeled a traitor by the Marines and eventually died, but not before he passed on a message to Robin about the true history of the world.

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Saul’s character plays a significant role in the Water 7 arc, as he serves as a symbol of redemption for the Marines and provides insight into the deeper workings of the world government.

8. Kureha

Age: 141 years old
Debut: Chapter 134, Episode 80
Affiliation: Sakura Kingdom, Isshi-100
Origin: Grand Line (Drum Kingdom)

Kurehaphoto source: Absolute Anime

Kureha is known for her eccentric personality, reflected in her fashion sense and tendency to speak bluntly and straightforwardly. Despite her age, she is shown to be physically fit and able to fight with her staff when necessary. Kureha’s role in the Drum Island arc is to help cure Nami, who has fallen ill due to the island’s harsh climate.

She provides valuable medical knowledge and supplies to the Straw Hat crew and reveals important information about the history of the island and its former king. Kureha’s character is significant because she represents that age does not necessarily equate to weakness or lack of usefulness. Kureha’s memorable and larger-than-life personality has made her a fan-favorite character in One Piece.

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Kureha also mentors Chopper, the reindeer who is also a doctor, and teaches him valuable lessons about medicine and life.

7. Oimo

Age: 153 years old
Debut: Chapter 377, Episode 265
Affiliation: World Government (defected), Giant Warrior Pirates
Origin: Grand Line (Elbaf)

Oimophoto source: Comicon.com

Oimo is initially shown as a loyal follower of the World Government, willing to do whatever it takes to carry out their orders. However, after being betrayed by the World Government and suffering a great loss, he questions his loyalty and eventually joins forces with the Straw Hat crew.

Oimo’s character arc is significant because it explores questioning authority and choosing based on one’s beliefs and values.

He also contrasts his partner, Kashi, who remains loyal to the World Government until the end. In terms of his physical abilities, Oimo is incredibly strong due to his size and ability to control and manipulate stone.

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Oimo fights alongside the Straw Hats in their battle against the World Government’s forces in Enies Lobby and is a valuable ally.

6. Kashii

Age: 156 years old
Debut: Chapter 377, Episode 265
Affiliation: World Government (defected), Giant Warrior Pirates
Origin: Grand Line (Elbaf)

Kashiiphoto source: One Piece Wiki

Kashii is a character who appears in the Enies Lobby arc. He is also a giant who works as a gatekeeper for the World Government’s judicial island, Enies Lobby, alongside his partner Oimo. Kashii is portrayed as a loyal follower of the World Government, willing to do whatever it takes to carry out their orders. He remains steadfast in his loyalty even when faced with the betrayal of the World Government and the loss of his partner Oimo.

Kashii’s character is a foil to his partner Oimo, who eventually questions his loyalty to the World Government and joins forces with the Straw Hat crew. Kashii’s unwavering loyalty to the World Government highlights the danger of blindly following authority without questioning its motives or actions.

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In terms of his physical abilities, Kashii is incredibly strong due to his giant size and ability to control and manipulate stone, much like Oimo.

5. Morley

Age: 160 years old
Debut: Chapter 904, Episode 880
Affiliation: Revolutionary Army (West Army)
Origin: West Blue

Morleyphoto source: Dunia Games

Morley is a giant and a former revolutionary imprisoned in Impel Down. His abilities are related to his Devil Fruit, the Oshi Oshi no Mi, which allows him to manipulate and control the land. He can create sinkholes and fissures and even move entire islands. As a former revolutionary, Morley is shown to have strong beliefs in freedom and justice.

He joins forces with the Revolutionary Army again after being released from Impel Down by Luffy and his allies.

Morley’s character is significant because he adds to the diversity of the Revolutionary Army’s members and their abilities. He also serves as a reminder of the continued presence and influence of the Revolutionary Army in the world of One Piece and their ongoing fight for freedom and justice against the World Government.

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Despite being imprisoned in Impel Down, Morley used his Devil Fruit powers to create a network of tunnels and secret passageways throughout the prison.

4. Dorry and Broggy

Age: 160 years old
Debut: Chapter 115, 116, Episode 71
Affiliation: Giant Warrior Pirates
Origin: Grand Line (Elbaf)

Dorry and Broggyphoto source: Youtube

Dorry and Broggy are two characters in One Piece, known as the “Giant Warrior Pirates.” They are giants who have been friends and crewmates for over a century. Dorry and Broggy were first introduced in the Little Garden arc of One Piece.

They were initially enemies, fighting a never-ending battle on the island of Little Garden. Still, after learning that a misunderstanding had fueled their fight, they became fast friends and allies to the Straw Hat Pirates.

They are known for their immense strength and size, even among the other giants in One Piece. They are also known for their unique weapons: Dorry uses a giant axe, while Broggy wields a massive spear. Dorry and Broggy’s loyalty to each other is one of their defining characteristics.

They have been willing to risk their lives to protect each other, and their crew and bond have even been compared to blood brothers.

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The two giants are also known for their boisterous and jovial personalities, making them popular characters among One Piece fans.

3. Hatcha

Age: 188 years old
Debut: Chapter 981, Episode 987
Affiliation: Beasts Pirates
Origin: Punk Hazard

Hatchaphoto source: Robert

Hatcha is a minor character in One Piece who appears in the Amazon Lily arc. He is a member of the Kuja tribe, a group of warrior women who live on the island of Amazon Lily. Hatcha is portrayed as a skilled warrior and a loyal follower of the tribe’s leader, Boa Hancock. He participates in the tournament on the island, fighting against other contestants to win the prize of becoming Hancock’s husband.

Despite his fierce loyalty to Hancock and the Kuja tribe, Hatcha is ultimately defeated in the tournament by Luffy, the main protagonist of One Piece. However, Hatcha respects Luffy’s strength and acknowledges him as a worthy opponent. After the tournament, Hatcha remains on the island of Amazon Lily and continues to serve the Kuja tribe.

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He appears briefly later in the series during the Marineford War, fighting alongside the other members of the Kuja tribe to support Luffy and his allies.

2. Jarul

Age: 408 years old
Debut: Chapter 866, Episode 836
Affiliation: Giant Warrior Pirates, Elbaf
Origin: Grand Line (Elbaf)

Jarulphoto source: Pinterest

Jarul is a minor character in One Piece who appears in the Enies Lobby arc. She is a member of the World Government’s Cipher Pol No. 9, a secret intelligence agency that operates in the shadows. Jarul is first introduced as a member of the CP9 agents sent to Enies Lobby to retrieve Nico Robin, one of the main characters in One Piece.

She is portrayed as a cold and ruthless character, willing to do whatever it takes to complete her mission. However, despite her loyalty to the World Government, Jarul’s true motives are more complex than they initially seem. She secretly works with another character, Spandam, to further her interests and gain power within the organization.

Jarul is a skilled fighter capable of using the Rokushiki martial arts techniques unique to members of CP9. She primarily uses the Tekkai technique, which allows her to harden her body to the point where she can withstand attacks from even the strongest opponents.

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Her betrayal of CP9 is also significant, as it highlights the corruption and self-interest that can be found even among those who are supposed to be working for the greater good.

1. Zunesha

Age: 1000+ years old
Debut: Chapter 802, Episode 751
Affiliation: Not Applicable
Origin: Grand Line

Zuneshaphoto source: Exmanga

Zunesha is a giant elephant that appears in the One Piece manga and anime and is considered the oldest character in One Piece due to its incredibly long lifespan. Zunesha is first introduced in the Zou arc of One Piece, where it is revealed to be a massive elephant roaming the New World’s seas. It is so large that it can support an entire civilization on its back, where the Mink Tribe lives.

What makes Zunesha unique is its age. It is revealed that Zunesha has been alive for over a thousand years and has been roaming the seas for as long as anyone can remember. Zunesha’s longevity is not fully explained, but it is suggested that it may have something to do with its connection to the ancient history of the One Piece world.

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Zunesha is also unique in that it can speak and communicate with certain characters in the One Piece world through a special ability called “Voice of All Things.”


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