Encanto Family Tree from Oldest to Youngest

Encanto Family Tree – 11 Members Ranked Oldest to Youngest

Encanto is one of the latest to join the long line of Disney theatrical masterpieces. The Byron Howard and Jared Bush-directed musical fantasy comedy was released in November 2021 and received an overwhelmingly positive reaction. The Encanto refers to a charming place hidden within the mountains of Colombia. And here is where the Madrigal family lives, with nearly each blessed with mystical power, some fantastical and some more practical. 11 members make up this divinely gifted family that live harmoniously in an equally wonderful town.

However, when the magic that lives in the town is under threat and in imminent danger, it’s up to Mirabel, an ordinary daughter with no mystical powers, to rescue the day and protect the home they love. Join us as we learn more about this charmed family while discovering where they rank from oldest to youngest!

11. Alma Madrigal

Age: 74
Power: Overseer of Family’s Magic
Voice: Maria Cecilia Botero (speaking) & Olga Merediz (singing)
Nickname: Abuela

photo source: disney.fandom.com

Alma Madrigal, known as Abuela, is the matriarch of the huge Madrigal family and 74-years-old. Along with undertaking the enormous task as the head of the massive family, she is the overseer of the family’s magic and leader of the Encanto village despite possessing no magic herself. She takes care of the magical candle that bestows the mythical power to her kids and grandkids.

Her husband, Pedro, only seen in flashbacks, was the father to Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. When trouble came to the village they lived in as a couple, young and in love, he sacrificed his life to save Alma and his family.

Did You Know?

Alma means “soul” or spirit in Spanish, which refers to Alma as the soul of the family that keeps them together.

10. Julieta Madrigal

Age: 50
Power: Healing via Food
Voice: Angie Cepeda
Nickname: The Caretaker

Julieta Madrigalphoto source: disney.fandom.com

Julieta Madrigal is the eldest daughter of Alma and Pedro. At 50-years-old, she is the mother of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel. Like the many wonderful mothers out there, she is blessed with the power to heal through her cooking. That’s as much a fact of motherhood as it is a superpower! Nevertheless, it is truly a gift.

Julieta makes up one of three of Alma’s triplets, with the other two being Pepa and Bruno. As you’d expect, Julieta is a loving mother and nurturer to those with injuries or illnesses.

Did You Know?

Julieta” is the Spanish and Portuguese version of Juliet, meaning “youthful.”

9. Bruno Madrigal

Age: 50
Power: Precognition
Voice: John Leguizamo
Nickname: Tío Bruno

photo source: disney.fandom.com

Bruno Madrigal is the black sheep of the family, thanks to his bleak visions for the future. The 50-year-old triplet was gifted and cursed with the ability of precognition. In other words, he can see the future.

Bruno became estranged from his family because of his visions, odd behavior, and pet rats. He wasn’t exactly a fan favorite in his community, but ultimately he won over the hearts of the townsfolk after they realized he had a fierce love for his family.

Did You Know?

Bruno spent ten years in isolation in Casa Madrigal. That seclusion had a profound effect on him and as a result, created separate identities known as Hernando and Jorge.

8. Pepa Madrigal

Age: 50
Power: Weather Manipulation
Voice: Carolina Gaitán
Nickname: The Emotional One

Pepa Madrigalphoto source: disney.fandom.com

Pepa Madrigal is the 50-year-old triplet and daughter of Alma and Pedro. In line with her nickname, she’s described as “overly emotional.” For Pepa, she turned what could be a weakness into a great strength, able to control the weather according to her emotional state.

Pepa is married to her husband, Felix. They have three children – Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

Did You Know?

If Pepa feels extreme frustration, she can even conjure up a snowstorm or hurricane! 

7. Agustin Madrigal

Age: 50
Power: None
Voice: Wilmer Valderrama
Nickname: The Accident Prone One

photo source: disney.fandom.com

Agustin Madrigal has no powers because he isn’t an original Madrigal. However, he was lucky enough to marry into the family, thanks to winning over Julieta’s heart. He unintentionally serves a great purpose for the family as the accident-prone in the bunch, allowing his wife to sharpen and master her power to heal. Thanks to Agustin, he’s always keeping her busy.

Agustin is father to Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela. He’s a loving father and devoted husband.

Did You Know?

Agustin was born in the capital of Colombia – Bogotá.

6. Isabela Madrigal

Age: 22
Power: Chlorokinesis
Voice: Diane Guerrero
Nickname: The Golden Child

photo source: disney.fandom.com

Isabela Madrigal is 22-years-old and the eldest daughter of Agustin and Julieta. Her special powers are on-brand with her moniker as “Señorita Perfecta,” as referred to by her siblings. She’s able to create picture-perfect flowers and plants at will. And judging by that proud posture, it’s not hard to imagine that she knows she’s the golden child.

Isabela is a loving sibling and wants to make her family proud. So much so that she would be willing to sacrifice her happiness for the benefit of her loved ones. No wonder why she’s also called “Our Angel!

Did You Know?

Some of Isabela’s interests include all things colorful, coffee with milk, gardening, and spending time with her sisters.

5. Dolores Madrigal

Age: 21
Power: Enhanced Hearing
Voice: Adassa
Nickname: The Oddball One

Dolores Madrigalphoto source: disney.fandom.com

Dolores Madrigal is the only daughter of Pepa and Félix Madrigal. Therefore, that entitles her to at least a little preferential treatment! Thanks to her enhanced hearing, she gets the scoop on all the drama and dirty details of her family. Thankfully for them, she’s not one to do much gossiping.

Dolores is a little quiet and not so quick to show her emotions. She doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention, unlike her younger brother, Camilo.

Did You Know?

Dolores knew Bruno’s dark secret of how he lived within the walls of their home because of the fear others had of him and his power but always kept it a secret.  

4. Luisa Madrigal

Age: 19
Power: Superhuman Strength
Voice: Jessica Darrow
Nickname: The Rock of the Family

photo source: disney.fandom.com

When Luisa is called “the rock of the family,” it’s meant in more ways than one. That’s because Luisa has the much sought-after, highly enviable power of superhuman strength. She puts her strength to use as a bodybuilder.

Along with being the rock means being the most reliable. Her family and her town rely on her strength, and she takes her role in the community very seriously.

Did You Know?

Luisa enjoys donkeys, unicorns, and hummingbirds. Despite her intimidating appearance, she’s not one to say no to a loving hug or other signs of affection from her family.

3. Mirabel Madrigal

Age: 15
Power: N/A
Voice: Stephanie Beatriz
Nickname: The Left Out Child

photo source: disney.fandom.com

Mirabel Madrigal is the 15-year-old main character of Encanto and the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustin. Among a family of unique, super-powered individuals, she stands alone and unique in her own way as the only one in the Madrigal family (by blood) without any superpower.

Mirabel doesn’t need a power to make a difference for her family and the town in which they live. When the magic begins to disappear, she grows the courage to set out and save the magic to save the ones she loves.

Did You Know?

Despite no official power, Mirabel has the tenacity, an unwavering drive, and happens to be pretty good at singing, dancing, and sewing.

2. Camilo Madrigal

Age: 15
Power: Shapeshifting
Voice: Rhenzy Feliz
Nickname: Theatre Kid

photo source: disney.fandom.com

Camilo Madrigal is the 15-year-old family prankster and son of Pepa and Félix. The teenage Madrigal is immediately relatable as a young boy who’s unsure of himself and falling in and out of different fads on his way to self-discovery.

Camilo is a natural-born entertainer, and thanks to his ability to shape-shift, he takes his pranks and teenage hijinks to some pretty dramatic levels. He may come off as an overly rambunctious kid who has a knack for getting under his family’s skin, but he’s a loving brother who cherishes his family.

Did You Know?

Camilo enjoys dancing, mocking relatives, singing, acting, and being the entertainer of the bunch.

1. Antonio Madrigal

Age: 5
Power: Communicates with Animals
Voice: Ravi-Cabot Conyers
Nickname: The Introvert

Antonio Madrigalphoto source: disney.fandom.com

Antonio Madrigal is the youngest Madrigal in Encanto at 5-years-old!

Antonio Madrigal is the baby of the bunch, and any babies in the family know that comes with pinched cheeks and adoration from the rest of the gang. Unlike Camilo, he is shy around strangers and prone to stage fright. The kind-hearted son of Pepa and Félix has a warm and generous disposition.

Since Antonio is the animal whisperer, his room is packed with different wildlife. He speaks to animals like capybaras, toucans, hummingbirds, and jaguars.

Did You Know?

Antonio’s name is a reference to Saint Anthony the Great, who was known as the Patron Saint of Animals.


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