Oldest Bears that Ever Lived

4 Oldest Bears that Ever Lived

The world is full of secrets and there is much that we don’t know. There are some animals that remain a mystery to us to this date. These animals pose a lot of questions in our minds, and we would love to know more about them. Some species of animals are not so lucky to be discovered soon after birth.

For various reasons, some animal species remain hidden for longer periods of time, and it’s only due to new developments in the field of science that we have been able to explore more about these amazing creatures.

A better understanding of these animals can help us protect them better, so here is an article on the four oldest bears that ever lived in the world.

4. Otis

Age: 27
Country: USA
Sex: Male
Deceased: No

photo source: Backpacker Magazine

Otis is a bear who was born in captivity and has been living in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve since he was a cub. He is a male American black bear. As of 2019, he is the oldest living bear in Alaska.

Otis was born in 1995, when he was just two years old. He came from the Jackson Hole wildlife park in Wyoming. Since arriving at the zoo, Otis has become a popular attraction. He is known for his friendly demeanor and his love of people. He often greets visitors to his enclosure and has been known to give hugs.

Did You Know?

Otis can be seen playing with a variety of toys, such as balls and stuffed animals. He also enjoys eating apples and playing in his habitat with other animals.

3. Grizzly 168

Age: 36
Country: USA
Sex: Male
Deceased: No

photo source: cowboystatedaily.com

Grizzly 168 is a grizzly bear who lives in Wyoming’s Yellowstone region. He was born in 1986 and is about 2 meters in length. He has a tail that is almost as big as his body. His fur color is black with some white patches on it. His eyes are brown and he has two black stripes down his back.

Grizzly 168 is one of the oldest bears known to have lived in the area since he was born.

Did You Know?

Grizzly 168 has a very distinctive personality: he loves to play with his favorite toy—a tennis ball—and can be seen playing fetch with it nearly every day.

2. Bear No. 56

Age: 39
Country: USA
Sex: Male
Deceased: Yes

Bear No. 56photo source: MessageMedia.co

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the world’s oldest bear in the wild passed away in northern Minnesota at the age of 39.

The female black bear, designated Bear No. 56, was given a radio collar by biologists eager to keep an eye on the state’s bear population and was first spotted by the DNR in 1981, when she was seven years old.

Over the course of her 32-year study, Bear No. 56 gave birth to 23 pups. She outlived the other 360 bears the DNR researchers tracked by almost 20 years, and was nearly six years older than the second-oldest bear in scientific literature.

Did You Know?

She came to the attention of scientists after she made an appearance in a video posted online. The video shows her walking through a forest, munching on leaves as she goes.

1. Debby

Age: 42
Country: USA
Sex: Female
Deceased: Yes

photo source: Wikimedia

Debby, a female American black bear who lived at the age of 42 is considered the oldest bear that ever lived. During her lifetime, she mostly stayed at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg. She was born in 1966 and is one of the park’s most popular animals, often being featured in news stories and photographs.

Debby is known for her friendly nature and has been known to approach humans, although she is typically shy around them.

In addition to her amazing physical abilities, Debby is also known for her love of human interaction. She has been known to approach people in a friendly manner and has even been known to give hugs! Debby is a truly special bear, and is sure to bring a smile to everyone she meets. She died in 2008 of natural causes.

Did You Know?

Debby’s diet consists primarily of fruit and vegetables. She often eats apples, strawberries, carrots, and other vegetables from her garden on the zoo grounds.

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