Oldest Great Danes in the World

6 Oldest Great Danes in the World

Great Danes are some of the biggest dogs in the world and due to their massive size have a fairly short lifespan, only about 8 to 10 years, compared to smaller breeds. Because of their short lives, there aren’t very many records of Great Danes’ ages. Instead, Great Danes are often notable for their heights. In fact, nearly all of the Great Danes on this list held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s tallest dog at one point.

While these Great Danes may not have lived that long, they are some of the only Great Danes who have a record of their ages. There are unverified claims of Great Dane’s living between 14 to 17 years, but none of these claimants have strong proof for their dogs’ longevity. So this list only features dogs who were notable enough to make note of all their statistics, including age.

6. Major (c.2013 – June 2018)

Oldest Age Reached: 5 years old
Location:  South Wales, United Kingdom
Owner(s):  Brian and Julie Williams
Weight:  168 lb (76.2 kg)
Height:  42 in (106.68 cm)

Majorphoto source: The Sun

Major is the only Great Dane on this list who did not receive a Guinness World Record – he was in the running for world’s tallest in 2018 before he passed away. Before he died, Major’s owners, Brian and Julie Williams from South Wales, said that he weighed 168 pounds (76.2 kilograms) and was 42 inches (106.68 centimeters) tall.

Although Major never got his world record, he did appear on Good Morning Britain and was a local celebrity. At the time of his death, Major’s Good Morning Britain video had been viewed a few hundred thousand times.

Did You Know?

Major had a very large appetite and ate six eggs, two kilos (4.4 pounds) of minced meat, and three pints of milk every day.

5. Titan (c.2005 – March 2010)

Oldest Age Reached: 5 years old
Location:  San Diego, California, USA
Owner(s):  Diana Taylor
Weight:  190 lb (86 kg)
Height:  42.25 in (107.3 cm)

Titanphoto source: Guinness World Records

Titan was named the world’s tallest dog in 2009 about a year before he died at five years of age. Unfortunately, Titan had several health problems, including being epileptic, deaf, and partially blind – these health issues are commonly associated with white Great Danes.

Guinness World Records measured Titan at 42.25 inches (107.3 centimeters) and 190 pounds (86 kilograms). After Titan received his title, his owner, Diana Taylor had hoped to use Titan’s fame to raise awareness about Great Dane’s health issues and other charitable work for pets.

Did You Know?

Due to Titan’s white and black spotted coloring and size, he was often mistaken by children for a horse or cow.

4. Zeus (November 22, 2008 – September 3, 2014)

Oldest Age Reached: 5 years old
Location:  Otsego, Michigan, USA
Owner(s):  Kevin and Denise Doorlag
Weight:  155 lb (70.3 kg)
Height:  3 ft 8 in (111.8 cm)

photo source: Guinness World Records

Although a few of the dogs on this list have taken over the title of world’s tallest living dog from Zeus, no dog has yet unseated him as world’s tallest dog ever. Zeus was given his title in 2011 and was measured at 3 feet 8 inches (111.8 centimeters) tall and 155 pounds (70.3 kilograms).

Zeus died of old age in 2014, about two months before his sixth birthday. In addition to being an international celebrity, Zeus was well-known in his community for his visits to schools and hospitals because of his work as a therapy dog.

Did You Know?

Zeus was so massive that he ate about 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) of food every two weeks.

3. Gibson (April 26, 2002 – August 7, 2009)

Oldest Age Reached: 7 years old
Location:  Grass Valley, California, USA
Owner(s):  Sandy Hall
Weight:  180 lb (82 kg)
Height:  42.2 in (107 cm)

Gibsonphoto source: Wikipedia

Like nearly all of the dogs on this list, at one time Gibson was officially the world’s tallest dog. Gibson died in 2009 at the age of seven, following a struggle with cancer that had spread to his lungs and spine. The cancer initially started in his bones and Gibson had one of his legs amputated.

Gibson’s owner, Sandy Hall claimed that he was 42.6 inches (108 centimeters) tall, but Guinness World Records official measurement put Gibson at 42.2 inches (107 centimeters). Not only was Gibson famous for his height, he was a working therapy dog.

Did You Know?

Gibson could “speak” and often said “I love you!” He spoke during his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

2. Giant George (November 17, 2005 – October 17, 2013)

Oldest Age Reached: 7 years old
Location:  Tucson, Arizona, USA
Owner(s):  David Nasser
Weight:  245 lb (111 kg)
Height:  43 in (109.2 cm)

Giant Georgephoto source: The New York Post

Giant George held the Guinness World Record as world’s tallest dog from 2010 to 2012 until he was unseated Zeus. Like most Great Danes, George had a rather short life and died just a month shy of his eighth birthday.

While there was some controversy over just how tall George was, according to Guinness World Records, George was 43 inches (109.2 centimeters) tall and 7 feet 3 inches (220.98 centimeters) from nose to tail. George was also a very heavy dog, weighing 245 pounds (111 kilograms). Due to his status as world’s tallest dog, George became a celebrity and was often featured on talk shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show.

Did You Know?

According to George’s owners, the Nasser Family, although George was a gentle giant, he didn’t know his own strength and once wagged his tail so hard that it put a dent in the wall.

1. Freddy (c.2012 – Present)

Oldest Age Reached: 7 years old as of 2019 (based on news from 2016)
Location:  Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Owner(s):  Claire Stoneman
Weight:  196 lb (88.9 kg)
Height:  3 ft 4.75 in (103.5 cm)

Freddyphoto source: freddygreatdane.co.uk

Freddy is currently the oldest Great Dane on record in the world at around 7 years old. In addition to being one of the oldest known Great Danes, Freddy is the tallest living dog in the world according to Guinness World Records. Freddy received his title in December 2016 when he was 4 years old.

When Freddy received the record for world’s tallest dog, he was measured at 3 feet and 4.75 inches (103.5 centimeters) tall and weighed 196 pounds (88.9 kilograms). If Freddy stands on his hind legs, he is 7 feet and 5.5 inches (227.33 centimeters) tall. Although there have been no current updates about Freddy in the news, his official Instagram page is still active and the massive Great Dane appears to be doing well.

Did You Know?

Freddy’s height and weight are especially impressive because he was actually the runt of the litter and was sickly because he would not feed off his mom.


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