Oldest Golden Retrievers

8 of the Oldest Golden Retrievers Ever

Originating from Scotland, goldens are some of the most lovable pets on the planet, known for their friendliness, loyalty, and their happy disposition.

Golden retrievers are amongst America’s most popular dog breeds. They are often great with children and make a wonderful family pet. On top of all that, goldens are exceptionally smart and compassionate, which allows them to become guide dogs, service dogs, and emotional support dogs.

Golden retrievers are a medium to large breed. This means that the average life expectancy of these pups is anywhere between 10 and 12 years. However, some golden retrievers beat that statistic by a mile.

Do you want to know all about the world’s oldest golden retrievers? Read about these beautiful senior pups down below!

8. Pudding

Sex: Female
Age: 15 years
Born: 2003
Still living: No

Puddingphoto source: YouTube

Pudding was a female golden retriever living in Taiwan. At 15 years old, she was one of the oldest golden retrievers recorded.

Pudding was a loving pup whose owner documented her final walk without knowing it would be the last one. Being a senior dog, Pudding had various health issues, and walking was made difficult because of them. She suffered from bone spurs that pressed on her nerves and made walking painful. However, she still refused to come back inside, loving the sunshine.

She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge two days after the video her owner filmed. Li Yi, Pudding’s human mom, wrote her a heartfelt and touching letter to say goodbye once the pup has passed.

Did you know?

Bone spurs are rather common in golden retrievers. They are also known as osteophytes. Bone spurs are growths that form on top of normal bones, often the spine.

The formation of these on top of a dog’s spine often affects their movement, making them limp, walk unsteadily, or in worst cases, not be able to stand up at all.

Bone spurs are diagnosed through a visit to the vet, who often prescribes an x-ray for the pet in question.

7. Bronte

Sex: Female
Age: 17 years
Born: 2004
Still living: No

Brontephoto source: reddit

Bronte, a female golden retriever from Oakville, lived to be 17 years old, surpassing a golden’s life expectancy by five to seven years.

Bronte loved the sun, stealing mittens, and eating human foods such as pasta and chicken. She enjoyed lounging in the garden and observing passersby. People often stopped by just to greet her, and she was always grateful for the attention. She also liked snow, although her owners kept her warm and wrapped up to ensure she would stay healthy.

Despite having a stroke at 15 years of age, Bronte lived on, enjoying the sunshine in her favorite spots, until she was put to sleep in May of 2021. She lived to be 17 years old.

Did you know?

Golden retrievers are amongst the friendliest breeds. Much like Bronte loved greeting strangers, many goldens are overjoyed when meeting someone new. This friendly disposition can get them in trouble, which is why dog trainers stress the importance of teaching dogs how to recall.

6. Princess

Sex: Female
Age: 17-18 years
Born: 2000
Still living: No

Princessphoto source: reddit

Princess was a golden retriever who reached the age of at least 17 years.

Princess lived out her life with her human family on the east coast of the United States. Although she was allowed inside the garage, Princess was mainly an outdoor dog. According to her owner, this allowed her to have plenty of exercise and contributed to her longevity.

She enjoyed getting treats off the table, running around, and loving on her humans. She had a beautiful, long coat that required frequent grooming.

Did you know?

Some people view grooming dogs as a vanity choice, but it’s closely tied to their health. Some breeds, including golden retrievers, require trips to the groomer every so often. A groomer takes care of not just their coat to keep them comfortable, but also their nails, ears, and more.

5. Reese

Sex: Male
Age: 17-18 years
Born: 1994
Still living: No

Reesephoto source:  imgur

Reese was a male golden retriever who lived an exceptionally long life. Although his exact age is not known, he lived to be at least 17, but maybe even 18 years old.

Reese’s advanced age never stopped him. His owner said that Reese, like most goldens, was more resilient than one would think. He still acted like a puppy at the age of 17 and tried to run around the dog park to the best of his ability.

His resilience manifested not just through his playful disposition. At 11, Reese was diagnosed with heartworms and given 6 months to live. He beat the odds and lived out the rest of his life in happiness, going on to live much longer than expected.

Did you know?

Although Reese’s diagnosis was grim, heartworms in dogs are usually treatable. The problem with senior dogs is that the older a pup is, the riskier the treatment. Veterinarians recommend yearly checkups for senior dogs in order to catch the disease at an early stage.

4. Lucky

Sex: Male
Age: 19 years
Born: 2001
Still living: Yes

Luckyphoto source: reddit

Lucky is one of the oldest golden retrievers ever, but also one of the oldest still living golden retrievers in the world. He is currently 19 years old.

According to his owner, Lucky is quite the fighter. He survived a stroke when he was 16, and despite the odds being stacked up against him, he is still alive and well today. He’s curious and lovable.

Pictured above is Lucky on a video call with his human parent during a time when they were separated by a 12-hour flight. His owner remarked on the fact that Lucky, despite being a senior, was still very curious and interested throughout the call.

Did you know?

Video calls with a dog are a great way to soothe both the pet parent and the pet during separation. Studies confirm that dogs can recognize voices over a phone or a tablet, and even on still photographs. However, video is trickier. The dog will still likely recognize the person’s voice, but the visual recognition will be limited due to flicker sensitivity.

3. Rusty

Sex: Male
Age: 19 years
Born: 1994
Still living: No

Rustyphoto source: reddit

Rusty, a golden retriever who had a beautiful red coat, is amongst the world’s oldest reported golden retrievers.

Despite being a pure-bred golden, Rusty’s bronze coat made him stand out. According to his human parent, he was the only one out of his whole litter who had such a unique coloring.

Dogs who reach such an advanced age tend to deal with health issues — so did Rusty. By the end of his life, he had hip problems that limited his mobility. However, the treatment that his vet prescribed helped him stay happy throughout his life.

He lived with his human family and three other dogs, including his senior golden retriever sister Lexi, who was 14 at the time of Rusty’s death in 2012.

Did you know?

Rusty, along with his family, loved swimming and sailing on the family’s boat. Swimming helped him overcome his hip issues, which in turn meant that he could stay active until his last days. Golden retrievers are notorious for loving water and often enjoy a good swim.

2. Brandy

Sex: Female
Age: 19 years
Born: 2001
Still living: No

Brandyphoto source: reddit

Brandy was a female golden retriever who reached the age of 19, making her one of the oldest goldens out there.

She had a cheerful, sweet disposition and enjoyed spending time in the sunshine. Despite her advanced age, she enjoyed walks and hikes. Her owner took the above photo of her at over 18 years old, clearly delighted to be out on a walk.

Even on warmer days, she liked wearing her snowman sweater. Many dogs enjoy wearing sweaters or thundershirts as it makes them feel cozy and safe, and Brandy was no exception.

Brandy lived a long life alongside her human family. She was helped over the Rainbow Bridge in July of 2020.

Did you know?

Senior dogs often benefit from wearing sweaters and may need additional warmth in order to stay healthy. As a dog ages, its immune system grows weaker, and its circulation may also not be as good as it once was. If you have a senior dog, it’s a good idea to ask your vet whether they might benefit from a sweater just like Brandy’s favorite snowman outfit.

1. August (Augie)

Sex: Female
Age: 20 years, 11 months
Born: April 24, 2000
Still living: No

August (Augie)photo source: IHeartDogs

August, also known as Augie, was a female golden retriever who lived to be 20 years and 11 months old. This makes her the oldest golden retriever in history.

She was born in April of 2000. Her early years were not easy. She was rehomed twice before finding her forever home with Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt in Oakland, Tennessee. When she was adopted by Jennifer and Steve, Augie was already a senior pup who surpassed her life expectancy. She was 14.

In her forever home, Augie found a lot of love and care, as well as three golden retriever siblings — Sherman, Belle, and Bruce. She celebrated her record-setting 20th birthday with a dog-friendly cake, balloons, and a lot of cuddles.

Her parents said that she was still in good health at 20 years of age, with her mobility somewhat limited, but in good spirits. Unfortunately, just a month short of her 21st birthday, Augie crossed the Rainbow Bridge and passed away.

Did you know?

August was not only the world’s oldest golden retriever, she was also most likely the 19th oldest dog ever. The oldest dog ever recorded was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey. Bluey lived to be almost 30 years old. She was put to sleep in 1939 at 29 years, 5 months of age.


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