Oldest Chihuahuas

8 Oldest Chihuahuas to Ever Live

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), there are 190 different dog breeds in the United States. The smallest of them? The Chihuahua!

Living up to the saying “tiny but mighty,” Chihuahuas are known for having a large bark and a small bite – though don’t kid yourself! If angered or threatened, this little pooch can get just as aggressive and mouthy as a Doberman. The difference, however, will be nearly two feet of height!

All in all, if Chihuahuas are properly socialized, they ultimately make for loving, warm, and friendly animals who love people, and are fiercely loyal to their owners. Let’s take a look at some of the oldest Chihuahuas to have ever existed!

8. Tommy

Sex: Male
Age: 7
Born: 2014
Still living: Yes

Tommyphoto source: hobokengirl.com

Tommy is a 7-year-old Chihuahua who was listed earlier in 2021 as looking for his “forever home!” Sadly, his original family left him at a municipal shelter when they found they no longer had time to take care of him.

Fostered in the Hoboken area as of March, 2021, Tommy weighs only six pounds, but is officially a “senior” at the age of 7 years old! He loves snuggles, and is the perfect loyal companion and lap dog, though he certainly has a spunky side that comes out when he’s in a playful mood!

Tommy is hesitant with strangers at first, but would quickly adjust to life with a new, loving family.

Did You Know?

The breed name, “Chihuahua,” is derived from the area of Mexico where the first traces of the dog were discovered.

7. Lola

Sex: Female
Age: 9
Born: 2004
Still living: No

Lolaphoto source: Pinterest

In 2013, singer and actress’s beloved Chihuahua, Lola, passed on from this Earth to doggie heaven. She was 9 years old.

Lola had been with Duff through many life milestones, including her continual success in the industry, her first marriage, and the birth of her baby boy, Luca. Upon her son’s birth, Duff posted about Lola, “…my first baby.”

By the time Lola passed, she had been treated for an eye infection, seizures, and had undergone brain surgery to mitigate the severity of the seizures. Though she recovered well at the time, no dog can live forever (we wish)!

Duff has always been a lover of Chihuahuas. Her other dog, Coco, was 15 when Lola was 9, and was also a Chihuahua!

Did You Know?

Many cities in the U.S.A hold Chihuahua races each year in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

6. Betty

Sex: Female
Age: 10 (at the time)
Born: 2005
Still living: Unknown

Bettyphoto source: abc7.com

This little pooch, Betty, was named after actress Betty White (which becomes even more ironic when coupled with the fact that the dog is white in color)!

At 10 years old in 2015, Betty was looking for a home at the time. She was described as “nice” and “mellow,” and it shows.

Though it’s probably likely that this little Chi has probably passed on by now, we hope she found love and kindness with new owners! There were no follow-up news updates about Betty’s adoption status after her feature on ABC.

Did You Know?

While their tiny stature may occasionally put them at a disadvantage, the Chihuahua actually lives longer than any other dog breed. For some reason, the smaller the dog size, the longer the life they are projected to live.

5. Alfie

Sex: Male
Age: 12
Born: 2009
Still living: Yes

Alfiephoto source: Instagram

Any XHIT or Rebecca Louise Fitness fans out there?

British fitness instructor, Rebecca Louise, has been a YouTube and Instagram sensation for years, accompanied in her videos by her beloved companion, Alfie. Her followers have come to refer to the pair as, “Ralfie!”

Alfie, the now-12-year-old Chihuahua, has been battling cancer over the last few months, but has been strong in the fight despite his old age! His coat may be a little less shiny, and he may have lost some weight, but he’s still going strong.

Did You Know?

Alfie’s personal Instagram page has over 4,600 followers – nothing to sneer at for a little Chihuahua!

4. Tinkerbell

Sex: Female
Age: 14
Born: 2001
Still living: No

Tinkerbellphoto source: latimes.com

When you think “Paris Hilton,” you honestly might not think of much besides a blonde socialite and her little dog (pictured above). That pup’s name was Tinkerbell, and she was practically attached to Hilton’s hip at all times. She sadly passed in 2015 at the age of 14. Hilton described herself as “heartbroken” over the dog’s death.

Tinkerbell lived quite the life of luxury. Her biggest adventure was when she went missing for several days back in 2004, resulting in her face being plastered all over West Hollywood. The reward money for finding and returning “Tink” was $5,000. Sure enough, she turned up after a week.

Today, Hilton has a “Teacup Pomsky” – a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mix – but Tinkerbell will always hold a special place in the socialite’s heart.

Did You Know?

As of July, 2020, Paris Hilton has five dogs who have their own doghouse…or “dog mansion,” we should say! The structure cost $320,000 to build. Her pups are truly living the good life!

3. Moonie (aka “Bruiser”)

Sex: Male
Age: 18
Born: 1998
Still living: No

Mooniephoto source: Seventeen

If you’re a product of the 90s, you probably know something about the 2001 film, Legally Blonde (even if you didn’t love it)! The two main characters? Elle Woods, and her adorable Chihuahua, “Bruiser” Woods.

In real life, Bruiser’s real name was Moonie, and he was three years old at the time of filming. Sadly, Moonie died in 2018 at the age of 18. Actress Reese Witherspoon posted the unfortunate news on her Facebook page to share with Legally Blonde fans, expressing how much she enjoyed working with the Chihuahua.

Dogs can’t live forever – though we wish they could! – so Moonie’s ripe old age of 18 was quite a life well lived for the pooch.  

Did You Know?

The Legally Blonde movies weren’t Moonie’s only acting gigs. The dog made in appearance in one of Cher’s music videos, starred in various commercials, and also had guest roles on shows such as Three Sisters and Providence.

2. Megabyte

Sex: Male
Age: 20 years
Born: 1994
Still living: No

Megabytephoto source: chihuahuawardrobe.com

Megabyte the Chihuahua is commonly believed to be the oldest known Chihuahua to have existed; however, a bit of additional research proves that, in fact, Megabyte has a rival (and probably more than just one) for the title!

Megabyte lived until the age of 20. Though details about his life are few and far between, we do know that he was born in 1994 and passed on New Year’s Day, 2014.

It is fairly common for the Chihuahua to live until 10-15 years of age, but anything beyond this range is old – even for a breed that is known for longevity!

Did You Know?

The age of 20 is roughly 93 in dog years! Check out this interesting chart with all dog ages and corresponding “human” years.

1. Maverick

Sex: Male
Age: 22 years (at the time)
Born: 1995
Still living: No

Maverickphoto source: YouTube

Maverick is the oldest known Chihuahua to have lived. Though he’s not formally on record as such, he is one of the few examples of very old Chihuahuas out there!

Maverick’s owner is Dermot Mulroney, who acted in The Wedding Date and Griffin and Phoenix, among many other major motion pictures. The star is a fan of Chihuahuas, and in fact recently got two more puppies to make the transition easier once Maverick passes.

Given that this interview was posted in 2017, we’re willing to bet that little Maverick has joined the ranks in doggie heaven!

Did You Know?

Chihuahuas don’t have one coat color or type. They can be short-haired or long-haired, and virtually any color combination, from solid to multicolored.



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