Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy

Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy

The deity Ganesh is one of the most widely-known and worshipped gods in the Hindu faith. In the Ganpatya sect, he is considered to be the Supreme God, and portrayals of his are commonly found all over India in the form of portraits, temples, statues, and various others.  It’s also interesting to note that Lord Ganesha is widely worshipped by people belonging to the Jain and Buddhist faiths.

When choosing a baby boy’s name, many parents might want to give their child after Lord Ganesha himself, or choose one of his other names. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of Lord Ganesha’s names for baby boys. Let’s get right into it.

What is Lord Ganesha’s Oldest Name?

Lord Ganesha’s oldest known name, according to Hindu mythology, is Ekadanta, which, when translated, means One Tusked. This name refers to his single, whole tusk that did not break, unlike his other tusk. It’s interesting to note that some of the earliest descriptions of Ganesha show him holding his broken tusk, which suggests that this is where his oldest name comes from.

Now, let’s look at a list of names.

50 Ancient Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boys

  1. Amit: This means endless or limitless, and can also translate to “the incomparable lord.”
  2. Bheema: This translates to large or huge. 
  3. Achyuth: This name means “person who is indestructible.”
  4. Ameya: This means limitless or without boundaries. 
  5. Amod: This means pleasurable or delightful.
  6. Anav: This means “person that has a kind heart and who is full of humanity.”
  7. Atharv: This name is also the name of the fourth Veda, and is means knowledge. 
  8. Avneesh: This name translates to “king and lord of the Earth.”
  9. Avighna: This also translates to remover of obstacles.
  10. Balachandra: This name translates to “moon-crested Lord.”
  11. Balaganpati: This translates to little or small Ganpati. 
  12. Bhupati or Bhuvanpati: This translates to king or lord of the earth. 
  13. Dharmik: This translates to “person who is charitable and righteous.”
  14. Devavrata: This particular name means “god who accepts all penances.”
  15. Eshanputra: This name is very special, and translates to “son of Shiva.”
  16. Ekadrishta: This name’s meaning is “the focused one.”
  17. Gajanand: This is one of the more unique names on this list; it translates to “having an elephant’s face.”
  18. Ganapati: This name is one of the most famous iterations of Lord Ganesha’s name. It means “lord of all the gods.” 
  19. Gadadhara: This name means “he who has mace as a weapon.”
  20. Gajrup: This name directly references Ganesha’s avatar as an elephant, and translates to “he who has an elephant’s face.”
  21. Gaurisuta: Since Lord Ganesha is the son of Parvati, also known as Gauri, this name translates to “the son of Gauri.”
  22. Gaurik: This name means “born of the mountain.”
  23. Harsha: This name translates to “boy who is happy.”
  24. Haridhra: This particular name translates to “the boy who is golden-colored.”
  25. Indraneel: This name refers to the color blue.
  26. Karunya: This means pleasant and merciful.
  27. Kapila: This means “of a yellowish-brown shade.”
  28. Kavisha: This name is ideal for a creative child, as it translates to “king of all the poets.”
  29. Krti: This name means “lord of all music.”
  30. Kirit: When translated from Sankskrit, this name means fame.
  31. Kshipra: This means “god who is easy to appease.”
  32. Mahodhar: This means kind or generous. 
  33. Mrityuanjaya: This means conqueror of death. 
  34. Mangalamurti: This name refers to someone who is the embodiment of auspiciousness.
  35. Mundakarama: This means place or abode of happiness. 
  36. Manomay: This means someone who is a winner of hearts. 
  37. Muktidaya: This means someone who bestows eternal bliss. 
  38. Nideeshwar: This means someone who bestows tremendous wealth. 
  39. Nirmal: This means purity or spotlessness. 
  40. Nandana: This refers to someone who is an achiever. 
  41. Ojash: This means brilliant and full of light. 
  42. Omkar: This refers to someone who has taken on the form of Om. 
  43. Pramod: This means joy, prosperity, and happiness. 
  44. Prathmesh: This name is often given to the first born son and means the first among all others. 
  45. Purush: This means someone who has an omnipotent personality. 
  46. Shambutej: This translates to “he who has the power of Lord Shiva.
  47. Sarvasiddhanta: This means he who bestows knowledge and skill.
  48. Swaroop: Depending on the translation, Swaroop means both lover of beauty, and someone that has attractive looks. 
  49. Vignesh: This translates to “remover of obstacles.”
  50. Uddanda: This means someone who is the nemesis of evil.


In this article, we took you through a list of 50 different Lord Ganesha names for baby boys. While we were aware that there were several names to choose from, we did not realize that there were as many names as there are out there! We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you learned about some new names that you weren’t aware of before. Let us know in the comments which of the names on our list is your favorite!

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