List of Ancient Greek Names

List of 122 Ancient Greek Names (Boys and Girls)

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If you are looking for a unique and meaningful baby name, look no further. Ancient Greek mythology is full of incredible characters with immeasurable strength and power.

Dedicating your child’s name to one of these figures or ideas is a fun and creative way to give your baby’s name some meaning. Not to mention, the names are beautiful and often uncommon.

Ancient Greek Names for Girls

  1. Acantha – Acantha means ‘prickle’ or ‘thorn’. It was the name of a nymph who was loved by Apollo in ancient Greek mythology
  2. Alala– Alala was the name of Polemos’ daughter. Polemos was the daemon of war, and soldiers would call out her name as they entered a battle, making her the goddess of war-cry
  3. Althea – This means a person with the power to heal. It is used often in Greek poetry and mythology
  4. Arete – Arete was a goddess of excellence, courage, and intelligence
  5. Calliope – Calliope is the name given to the muse of beautiful music or poetry. It translates directly to ‘beautiful voice’
  6. Cassandra – Cassandra was a Trojan princess who was given the gift of prophecy from Apollo but was never believed
  7. Cybele – This is a name meaning ‘the mother of all gods’
  8. Daphne – Meaning ‘laurel tree’, Daphne was a nymph daughter of Peneus, the god of rivers. Peneus saved her from getting transformed into a laurel tree
  9. Echo – Echo was a nymph who loved Narcissus but was not loved in return. She eventually faded until only her voice was left
  10. Eos – Eos is the Greek word for ‘dawn’
  11. Gaia – Gaia is the Greek goddess and universal mother
  12. Halcyon – This is the Greek mythology term for the ‘kingfisher bird’
  13. Hero – hero meant ‘demi-god’ and was the woman who Leander swam across the waters to be with each night
  14. Lanthe – Lanthe was Oceanus, who ruled the sea, daughter. Her mother was a woman so beautiful that when she died, purple flowers sprouted from her grave. Lanthe in greek means ‘purple flower’
  15. Iris – Iris is the rainbow goddess and the messenger of Zeus, who rode a rainbow between Earth and Olympus
  16. Kore – Kore means ‘maiden’ and was another name for Persephone, who was the goddess of the underworld
  17. Leda – Leda means ‘happy’ in Greek. It was also the name of the mother of Helen of Troy
  18. Maia – Maia means ‘mother’ and was the name of Atlas’ daughter
  19. Pallas – Pallas was the goddess of arts and wisdom, and the word translates into ‘wisdom’
  20. Pandora – Pandora means ‘all gifted’. She was a girl who opened the forbidden box that unleashed evil into the world
  21. Penelope – Penelope was Odysseus’ wife and means ‘weaver’ in gree,
  22. Phoebe – Phoebe, the goddess of hunting and the moon, means ‘shining and radiant’ in greek
  23. Rhea – Rhea was the earth mother of all Greek gods. The name means ‘running stream’
  24. Selene – The greek moon goddess was the sister to Helios, the Greek sun-god
  25. Xanthe – Xanthe is the goddess of agriculture and harvesting, and the word means ‘yellow or golden’

Ancient Greek Names for Boys

  1. Adonis – Adonis was a brave Greek shepherd who loved to hunt. The word Adonis means ‘lord’ in Greek
  2. Angelino – Angelino means ‘the messenger’ and was the name of the messenger of the gods. The word ‘angel’ was derivative of Angelino
  3. Brontes – This was the name of one of the three Cyclopes. The word means ‘thunderous’ in Greek
  4. Castor – Castor was Zeus, son and was the twin brother of Pollux
  5. Cephalus – Cephalus, in Greek mythology, was a very loyal husband to Procris and remained faithful even when the beautiful goddess Eos pursued him.
  6. Damon – Damon was the god of loyalty and trust in Greek mythology
  7. Dionysius – Dionysius was the god of partying and festivities
  8. Endymion – In ancient Greek, Endymion was a handsome hunter and king who ruled over Olympia in Elis. He was visited each night by the beautiful moon goddess Selene
  9. Eryx – in Greek mythology, Eryx was the son of Poseidon and Aphrodite and a king in Sicily. The word Eryx translates into ‘Boxer’
  10. Evander – The word Evander translates to ‘good hearted’ or ‘good man’. In Greek mythology, he was the Arcadian hero during the Trojan War
  11. Georgios – Georgios is a Greek form of the name George. It means ‘someone with incredible strength’ and is an occupational name for a farmer
  12. Hermes – Hermes was the Greek god of trade and travel. His name is derived from the word ‘herm’, meaning a heap of stones
  13. Icarus – Icarus was the son of Daedalus. He tried to escape prison by creating wings out of wax, but they melted, and he fell to the sea and drowned when he flew too close to the sun
  14. Janus – Janus was the king of gates, beginnings, passages, time, duality, endings, and frames
  15. Kosmos – The name Kosmos means ‘order’ and ‘beauty’
  16. Leander – Leander means ‘lion of a man’. He swam across the waters every night to be with his love
  17. Okeanos – This boy name means ‘body of water and was named after a Titan who personified water in greek mythology
  18. Odysseus – Odysseus is the husband of Penelope and is known for his intellect, versatility, and brilliance
  19. Orpheus – Orpheus was a prophet and renowned musician known for his poetry and song.
  20. Paris – Paris was a man in the greek legend who married Helen of Troy and who led the Trojan War
  21. Pegasos – The name is derived from Pegasus, which is a legendary winged horse that was the son of Gorgon Medusa and Poseidon. It translates to ‘born near a page’, which is a spring, well, or another water source
  22. Theseus – Theseus was the name of the King of Athens, and when translated, the word means ‘to set’
  23. Troy – Troy was not a person but rather an ancient Greek city, known for being the location of the Trojan War
  24. Troilus – Troilus was a young Trojan prince who died in the Trojan war and came to embody youthful male beauty
  25. Zephyr – Zephyr was the Greek god of the west whined, which was considered the warmest and most refreshing wind

Ancient Greek Surnames/Last Names

  1. Adamos – Adamos is a Greek surname meaning ‘The Son of Adam’
  2. Agathangelou – Agathangelou is a patronymic surname that was assigned to Greeks who were thought to be descendants of Agathangelos. Agathangelos was a historical figure thought to have written the life of the first apostle of Armenia, Gregory the Illuminator
  3. Bakirtzis – a Greek last name meaning ‘coppersmith’ that was derived from a Turkish word
  4. Calimeris – Greek surname originating from the work for ‘good morning’, which is ‘Kalimera’
  5. Diakos – Dakios is the work for deacon in Greek, which is the name of a clergy member
  6. Economos – This surname derives from ‘oikonomos’, a Greek word for ‘steward’. This last name is given to stewards or property managers as an occupational name
  7. Filo – Filo derives from the Ancient Greek word for ‘friend’ or ‘beloved’
  8. Galanis – This greek surname means ‘someone who has pale blue eyes’
  9. German – German was the surname assigned to immigrants from Germany. It was also assigned to people who worked with people in German areas
  10. Hasapis – This occupational surname is for the butcher, derived from the Greek word for butcher, which is ‘chasapi’
  11. Hatzi – also spelled Chatzi, this name is derived from an Arabic word for someone who has completed a successful pilgrimage, ‘Hajji’
  12. Iraklidis – Iraklidis is the surname for the ‘son of Herakles’
  13. Kazan – Kazan is another occupational surname, derived from the work ‘Kazanidis’, meaning ‘the maker of cauldrons’. People who distill alcohol in cauldrons were given this last name
  14. Laskaris – This is an occupational last name that means a ‘type of soldier’. It is derived from the Persian word ‘lashkar’ meaning ‘army’
  15. Manikas – Manikas is also an occupational surname given to people who produce handles. It is derived from the Greek word ‘maniki’, which means ‘sleeves or handles’
  16. Moralis – Moralis comes from the Spanish word for ‘mulberry trees’, which is ‘moreras’. It was taken from the Spanish surname ‘Morales’
  17. Onasis – This Greek surname means ‘the favored one’ or ‘lover’
  18. Pachis – The last name of Pachis is a Greek word for ‘large’ or ‘fat’
  19. Panagos – This is an ancient Greek word that means ‘all holy’
  20. Rousopoulos – This is a surname given to people of Russian descent or people who immigrated from Russia
  21. Sarris – Sarris is a Turkish word that means ‘fair-colored hair’ or ‘blonde’ and was given to people who had light hair
  22. Thanos – The word Thanos means ‘son of Theodoros’. Theodoros is a Greek phrase that means ‘gods gift’ or ‘heaven-sent’
  23. Voulgaropoulos – This is a last name given to people of Bulgarian descent. It is derived from the Greek word ‘Voulgaris’, which translates to ‘Bulgarian’
  24. Zafeiriou – The surname Zafeiriou  means ‘son of Zaferiris’. The word originates from the Greek word ‘Zafeiri’, which means ‘sapphire’ or ‘gemstone’
  25. Zika – The surname Zika comes from the Greek phrase ‘nazissis’. This is a hopeful term for one who lives or survives something

Ancient Greek God Names

  1. Aether – Aether was the god of the ‘upper sky’ or the upper air that gods can breathe and the rest of the world cannot
  2. Alastor – Alastor was the God of family feuds and bloodshed. He was also known as the avenger of evil deeds and was a warrior
  3. Apollo – Apollo was one of the most important gods in ancient Greek mythology. He was the god of music, dance, archery, prophecy, poetry, truth, sun, diseases, light, and more
  4. Boreas – Boreas, one of the four seasonal wind gods, was the god of the north wind and the god of winter
  5. Chaos – Chason was the creator of Nyx and Erebus, who are the gods of nighttime and darkness. Chaos’ name comes from the word ‘abyss’, and he was the first primordial god
  6. Dinlas – Dinlas was the illegitimate son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Ares, the god of war. He became the god of chaos and hatred
  7. Glaucus – Galucus was a fisherman and diver who ate a magical herb that pulled him into the sea and changed him into a god
  8. Hermes – Hermes is considered the herald of the gods and is a soul guide to the afterlife. He is the god of merchants, travelers, thieves, and more. He is also able to fly between the mortal and the god world with his winged sandals
  9. Hypnos – Hypnos is the god of sleep. He is the son of Nyx, the god of night, and Erbus, the goddess of darkness. His brother is the god of death, and they both live in the underworld
  10. Heracles – Hercules was known as the greatest of the Greek heroes. He personified strength, courage, and attraction
  11. Kratos – Kratos is the god of strength. His siblings include Nike (victory), Zelus (zeal), and Bia (force)
  12. Morpheus – Morpheus is the God of sleep and dreams. He shapes dreams and can appear to mortal people in any form he choses through their dreams
  13. Nereus – Nereus was the sea god who was known for prophecy, wisdom, and shapeshifting abilities. He was the son of Gaia, goddess of the earth, and Pontus, god of the sea
  14. Oceanus – Oceanus was the father of the river gods. He was also the source of all rivers and all water, fresh and salt. He was also the son of Uranus and Gaia
  15. Pan – Pan was the god of the wild, rustic music, mountains, nature, flocks and shepherds, fields, groves, and more. He had the hind lades and horns of a goat and the upper body of a human
  16. Pollux – Pollux and his twin half-brother are the gods of horsemanship and sailing
  17. Pontus – Pontus was a pre-Olympian ancient Greek sea god
  18. Poseidon– One of the twelve Olympians, Poseidon was the god of the sea known for being violent and hot-headed
  19. Tartarus – Tartarus was another pre-olympian primordial deity and was also the name for a place below Hades known as the worst prison
  20. Thanatos – Thanatos was the god of death. He was the son of Nyx, the night goddess, and the brother of Hypnos, who was the god of sleep
  21. Triton – Triton was a demigod of the sea. He was Poseidon’s son, and he married Amphitrite
  22. Uranus – Uranus was the god of heaven. He was also the father of Aphrodite.
  23. Zelus – Zelus was the personification of dedication, eagerness, rivalry, jealousy, emulation, envy, and zeal
  24. Zeus – Zeus was the king of all gods. He was the god of thunder and of the sky

Greek Mythology Names

  1. Alec – Alec means someone who defends mankind and who is helpful and supportive
  2. Ajax – Ajax led the Greeks in the Trojan War. The word derives from ‘Aias’, which means ‘mourner of the earth’
  3. Agamemnon – Agamemnon led the Greeks to Troy, and the work means ‘loyal’ and ‘steadfast’
  4. Atlas – Atlas was a Greek god who had to support the entirety of the sky on his back. The word means ‘to carry’
  5. Calix – Calix means ‘handsome in greek
  6. Demetrius – This name comes from the word ‘Demeter’, which was the Greek goddess of the harvest. The name Demetrius translates into ‘lover of the earth’
  7. Deo – This word means ‘godlike’ in ancient greek
  8. Eros – Eros was the son of Aphrodite and caused people to fall in love with him when he shot them with his arrow. He represents love, fertility, and passion
  9. Helios – Helios is Hyperion and Theia’s son. He was the god of the sun, and the word helios translates into ‘sunshine’
  10. Idalia – Idalia it was an epithet of Aphrodite, and the word translates into ‘work or labor’
  11. Lole – In greek, lole means ‘violet’
  12. Irene – Irene was the Greek goddess of peace. The word is derived from the Greek word ‘Eirene’, which means peace
  13. Jason – Jason comes from the Greek word ‘lason’, which translates into ‘healer’. He was the leader of the Argonauts in ancient greek mythology
  14. Kallisto – This name means ‘most beautiful and comes from the Greek word ‘kallistos’. It was also a nymph who changed into a she-bear
  15. Maia – Maia means ‘good mother’ or ‘foster mother’
  16. Medusa – medusa was one of the three ugly women who had snakes for air. The word derives from ‘medousa’, which means ‘to rule over and protect’
  17. Neoptolemus – meaning ‘new war’, Neoptolemus was also Achilles son and was brought to the Trojan War because it was said the greeks couldn’t win without him
  18. Niobe– Niobe was Tantalos daughter, and her 14 children were all called by Apollo and Artemis poison arrows
  19. Phineus – This means to be uncertain and comes from the word ‘phene’, meaning ‘vulture’. Phineus was a king of Thrace in greek mythology
  20. Psyche– The ancient work for ‘the soul’ and the embodiment of the breath
  21. Sarpedon – Sarpedon was the son of Zeus and helped fight against the Greeks to defend Troy. He was also the Lycians king
  22. Tisiphone – This is the name of a town in Boeotia in ancient Greece. She killed herself after discovering that her lover Pyramus and killed himself when he thought she was dead. Their blood is thought to be the reason why mulberry fruits are red
  23. Tyche – Tyche means ‘luck’, ‘fortune’, or ‘good chances’ in ancient greek. It was also the name of the Greek goddess of luck and fate

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