Oldest Living Men in the World

10 Oldest Living Men in the World

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Although the oldest living men in the world are not quite as old as the oldest living women in the world – who also happen to be the oldest living people in the world – all of them are also supercentenarians, meaning they have reached 110 years of age! Unlike the oldest women, the world’s oldest men have not had their ages validated by Gerontology Research Group, which tracks the world’s supercentenarians and verifies their birth dates. However, all of these men have been heavily featured in the news for their longevity and are often recognized by their countries’ governments.

For this list, we listed the 10 oldest living men who have public information available. For this reason, a few men who are older have been omitted from this list. As of February 2019, this list is accurate and will be updated as needed.

10. Bob Weighton (March 29, 1908 – Present)

Current Age: 110 years, 315 days
Birthplace:  Kingston-upon-Hull, England
Current Location:  Alton, Hampshire, England
Previous Occupation(s):  Teacher and Airplane Factory Worker during World War II

photo source: gerontology.wikia.com

Bob Weighton currently shares the title of the United Kingdom’s oldest living man with Alf Smith as the two have the same birthday. Smith is from Scotland while Weighton is from England. Although the two have never met in person, they have become quite close in recent years because of their shared connection and they have been exchanging birthday cards for the past few years.

Weighton has lived a very cosmopolitan and interesting life. As a young man, Weighton traveled to Japan for school and ended up teaching at a missionary school in Taiwan. Weighton married a fellow teacher from England in Hong Kong and had decided to move back to England, but had to go to Canada instead because of the Second World War. During the war, Weighton moved to the U.S. and worked in a factory that made planes for the British. After the war, Weighton moved back to England and has resided their ever since.

Did You Know?

Bob Weighton worked with the American Secret Service during World War II when he was employed by the British Political Warfare Mission in Washington, D.C.

9. Alf Smith (March 29, 1908 – Present)

Current Age: 110 years, 315 days
Birthplace:  Invergowrie, Perthshire, Scotland
Current Location:  St. Madoes, Perthshire, Scotland
Previous Occupation(s):  Farmer and Soldier during World War II

photo source: gerontology.wikia.com

Alf Smith is tied with Bob Weighton, who were both born on the same day, as the oldest men in the United Kingdom. Smith is 110 years old and just became a supercentenarian last year. Both he and Weighton will soon be celebrating their 111th birthday along with a few of the other men on this list.

Smith immigrated to Canada with his brother in 1927, but came back to Scotland when his father died. Smith came back to help run the family farm and he also served with the British Home Guard during World War II. Isobel Harper was married to Smith until her death in 2003 at the age of 97. The couple had two children, Irene and Allan.

Did You Know?

Following his wife’s death, Alf Smith was strong enough enough to live on his own until he suffered a hard fall in August 2016. Smith now lives with his daughter Irene.

8. Roger Auvin (March 20, 1908 – Present)

Current Age: 110 years, 325 days
Birthplace:  Vienne, France
Current Location:  Limalonges, France
Previous Occupation(s):  Grocery Store Owner

photo source: gerontology.wikia.com

Roger Auvin is the oldest living man in France at 110 years of age. Auvin is one of a few supercentenarians on this list, who will be celebrating his birthday in a few weeks if nothing happens to him. Auvin was born in Vienne, France in 1908 and is the oldest of seven children.

Auvin was married to his wife for 75 years before she passed away in 2007. The couple owned a grocery store in Limalonges, France, where Auvin still resides in his own home. Auvin only has mild health problems, such as being slightly hard of hearing and needing a wheelchair to move around.

Did You Know?

Roger Auvin had two sons and only one is still alive and lives a few houses down from his father.

7. Carl Mattsson (March 7, 1908 – Present)

Current Age: 110 years, 338 days
Birthplace:  Stenkyrka, Tjoern, Sweden
Current Location:  Stromstad, Sweden
Previous Occupation(s):  Furniture Maker; Designer; and Caretaker

Carl Mattssonphoto source: gerontology.wikia.com

Carl Mattsson is currently the oldest person in Sweden as well as all of the Scandinavian region. In about a month, Mattsson will be celebrating his 111th birthday. Mattsson was born in 1908 in a small village called Stenkyrka on the island of Tjoern in Sweden. Today, Mattsson lives in a retirement home in Stromstad, Sweden.

When he was a young man, Mattsson worked as a furniture maker before becoming a designer. After this, Mattsson became a caretaker for 10 years before he retired in 1973. Mattsson was married twice and has one child from his first marriage.

Did You Know?

Carl Mattsson took up a new hobby, golfing, when he was 76 and continued to play until he was 100.

6. Qin Hanzhang (February 19, 1908 – Present)

Current Age: 110 years, 354 days
Birthplace:  Wuxi, Jiangsu, Qing dynasty (now China)
Current Location:  Wudian Lu, Daxing District, Beijing, China
Previous Occupation(s):  Engineer and Food scientist

Qin Hanzhangphoto source: gerontology.wikia.com

Qin Hanzhang is the only supercentenarian on this list who is known for more than just his old age. In his home country of China, Qin is quite famous for his contributions in the field of food science. Qin worked for several decades in the field of food science technology and made a number of contributions to China’s food industry development.

Qin has an extensive educational background and after graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1931, Qin studied abroad in France, Belgium, and Germany. After returning to China in 1936, Qin began teaching at various colleges. Eventually, Qin was appointed as a counselor of the Ministry of Food Industry and the Ministry of Light Industry. Qin retired when he was 82 years old.

Did You Know?

Qin Hanzhang was the very first director of the Institute of Food Fermentation Industry of the Ministry of Light Industry.

5. Fumio Rikiishi (November 25, 1907 – Present)

Current Age: 111 years, 75 days
Birthplace:  Japan
Current Location:  Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Previous Occupation(s):  Unspecified

Fumio Rikiishiphoto source: gerontology.wikia.com

Fumio Rikiishi is one of several Japanese supercentenarians and the third oldest living man in Japan. Currently, Rikiishi is the oldest man in Hokkaido Prefecture at 111 years of age. Although there haven’t been more recent reports on his physical fitness, at the age of 101, Rikiishi was still practicing traditional dancing.

When he was 102, Rikiishi performed a traditional Japanese dance routine for the Chinese dignitaries at the Japan-China Friendship New Year’s Exchange held in January 2010. According to Rikiishi, his long life is because of his sense of humor and eating whatever he likes without feeling guilty.

Did You Know?

Besides traditional Japanese dancing, Fumio Rikiishi has also practiced woodworking as a hobby for his entire life.

4. C.P. Crawford (August 25, 1907 – Present)

Current Age: 111 years, 167 days
Birthplace:  Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Current Location:  Lansing, Illinois, USA
Previous Occupation(s):  Various agricultural work (picking cotton, plowing fields, and gardening); dishwasher; and employee of the Southland Oil Refinery and the Illinois Central Railroad

C.P. Crawfordphoto source: The Lansing Journal

C.P. Crawford is the second oldest American man, just over a month younger than Henry Tseng. Crawford was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but currently resides in Lansing, Illinois. He is the oldest citizen of Lansing and is the second oldest living person in Illinois, behind Louise Schaaf, who is a year older.

For his 111th birthday, Lansing officials came out to the Tri-State Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, where Crawford, lives to congratulate him on making it this far. Over his life, Crawford held many jobs, including picking cotton, plowing fields, tilling gardens, washing dishes, and working for the Southland Oil Rifinery and the Illinois Central Railroad.

Did You Know?

C.P. Crawford is the youngest of six siblings, who were all separated and raised by aunts and uncles after their mother died when Crawford was an infant.

3. Henry Tseng (July 12, 1907 – Present)

Current Age: 111 years, 211 days
Birthplace:  Yokohama, Japan
Current Location:  Los Angeles, California, USA
Previous Occupation(s):  Entrepreneur

Henry Tsengphoto source: Los Angeles Times

At nearly 112 years old, Henry Tseng is the oldest living man in America following the death of Richard Overton in December. Tseng was born in Yokohama, Japan, but moved to Los Angeles in 1975 after living in Hong Kong for a few years.

Tseng has been physically active his entire life and still regularly works out at his local YMCA for at least 30 minutes every day. Despite his activity, Tseng does need to use a wheelchair to get around. According to Tseng the secrets to longevity besides remaining physically active are: maintaining a well balanced diet, spending time outdoors, always staying positive, and helping others.

Did You Know?

Henry Tseng’s wife, Annie, lived to be 100 and passed away in 2013.

2. Chitetsu Watanabe (March 5, 1907 – Present)

Current Age: 111 years, 340 days
Birthplace:  Urakawara, Japan
Current Location:  Joetsu, Niigata, Japan
Previous Occupation(s):  Sugarcane company worker and civil servant for Urakawara Prefecture

Chitetsu Watanabephoto source: gerontology.wikia.com

Following the recent death of Masazo Nonaka, Chitetsu Watanabe became the oldest living man in Japan and the world’s second oldest man. Watanabe currently lives with his son and his family in Joetsu, Niigata, Japan. For the most part, Watanabe is still able to do many tasks on his own, but needs aid when walking.

Watanabe was born in Urakawara prefecture to farmers and followed in his family’s footsteps. After attending agricultural school, Watanabe moved to Taiwan to work for a sugarcane company. When he moved back to Japan, Watanabe worked as a civil servant for Urakawara Prefecture until retirement.

Did You Know?

Chitetsu Watanabe said that the secret to longevity is to laugh, not get angry, and let negative things go.

1. Gustav Gerneth (October 15, 1905 – Present)

Current Age: 113 years, 116 days
Birthplace:  Stettin, German Empire (modern-day Szczecin, Poland)
Current Location:  Havelberg, Germany
Previous Occupation(s):  Shipping company and gas plant worker; Mechanic with German Air Force during World War II

photo source: gerontology.wikia.com

Gustav Gerneth is currently the oldest living man in the world as well as the oldest World War II veteran ever. Gerneth celebrated his 113th birthday in October 2018 and is Germany’s oldest living citizen. Despite his advanced age, Gerneth is still mentally and physically strong and still lives independently in his own apartment.

Gerneth was born in Stettin which was part of the German Empire and did serve with the German Air Force during World War II. During the war, Gerneth was captured by Russian forces and released in 1947. After the war, Gerneth moved to his current city, Havelberg, and worked at a gas plant until he retired in 1972.

Did You Know?

Gustav Gerneth and his wife Charlotte Grubert had three sons, but Gerneth ended up outliving his wife and all of his sons, who died in their 80s.

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